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Statistics shows that there’ll be an increase in security violations if employees at home are left free. Home workers are more prone to surf the internet and download programs and file, which may carry viruses. These viruses might destroy important files or steal company information and transmit them to a hacker. If this happens, then company secrets with financial value may be stolen and company servers would be down, resulting in low productivity.

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Any remote devices that connect to organization’s infrastructure carry a greater risk of infecting the network or becoming compromised. IM is the most susceptible to security issues. Security measures include restricted access to machines and network; hence, instant messaging becomes the easiest route for hackers to steal confidential information from their contacts. Tele-working poses more threat to company due to the lack of control when employees take sensitive company data off-site and potentially access documents online without satisfactory security and encryption.

Problems related to data security mostly arise when the employee working from home use their work computer for personal purposes. Solutions to problems arising from the issue To avoid Security breaches, that leads to financial loss, it’s best to provide staff with a computer and install anti-virus and firewall software on the employee’s computer. Company can also use password and user name to access control to their computers and to the business’s network.

BT can use ‘chip-and-pin’ technology to authenticate users and encrypt USB devices, so when they are lost, they cannot be accessed by any unauthorized person. Another solution is to have a remote desktop that doesn’t require VPN connectivity. This protects the user, while also allowing updates to be downloaded when connected to the internet. VPN should have network access control, allowing BT to isolated devices which are not up-to-date. It will allow access to systems such as e-mail, but withhold access to important files and servers.


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