India Trade Union Congress

“In today’s challenging market, Bata has performed remarkably. Our strategy of opening large format stores has been successful and we continue to invest in expanding our retail business. Along with this, we have also focused upon providing our customers with a new trendy collection and better shoe designs. Our value pricing, coupled with improved customer service, has helped us to grow. ” said Mr. Marcelo Villagran, Managing Director, Bata India Limited. 1. Bata India threatens to suspend operations at Batanagar unit-

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Shoe manufacturer Bata India Ltd has threatened to indefinitely suspend work at its Batanagar unit in West Bengal if the contract laborers did not withdraw their strike immediately. A company notice Wednesday said the management may declare suspension of work in Batanagar at any time if the strike is not withdrawn. In case of suspension of work, the responsibility would solely lie on the contract labourers and their union representatives, the statement said. Around 200 contract labourers are on strike before the company gate from Monday demanding a wage hike.

“They are demanding a wage hike. They haven’t got any wage hike for four years,” Subir Chakraborty, president of the Bata Mazdoor Union, said here. But the management said a hike is not possible keeping in view the rising competition in the market. Instead, it has asked some contract labourers to take voluntary retirement, he said. A day after threatening to suspend operations at its strike-hit Batanagar unit in West Bengal, Bata India Thursday held talks with union leaders and asked them to exhort the striking contract labourers to end the four-day-old agitation.

“The management has told us today (Thursday) that they are willing to listen to the demand of the contract workers, but they have to first withdraw their strike,” Bata Mazdoor Union president Subir Chakraborty said. A company notice Wednesday said the management might declare suspension of work in Batanagar at any time if the strike was not withdrawn. Chakraborty said the contract workers were also preventing permanent workers from entering the factory. “There is a fear in the mind of the permanent workers that the factory may shut operations because of the attitude of the contract staff which we don’t support,” he said.

The Bata Mazdoor Union is affiliated to the All India Trade Union Congress (AITUC). Conclusion- Over a period of time Bata has improved its distribution network, generated skilled manpower, integrated itself backward as well as forward, resolved problem with trade unions, lower down the input cost, create good physical infrastructure and technological advancement. It is continuously increasing its distribution network and cutting cost through manpower reduction. Looking net sale/volume and profit before tax increases significantly from 2008 to 2009.

Now, Bata has no more considered as only a production company which produces footwear. They now created an image of fashion driving, market oriented manufacturer. Positioning has been done in very passionate way to change a stable image of company over a period of time. They back their campaign through several TVC’s, print media and word of mouth. Collaboration with several big players is giving an edge to Bata India Limited. Bata successfully changes its image and repositioned itself.