Individuals at work

I believe by putting in place a bar and restaurant supervisor would solve a lot of problems in these departments. The staff in these departments seriously need leadership and direction. Douglas McGregor published examined theories in 1960 on behaviour of individuals at work. He concluded that the average human has an inherent dislike of work and will avoid it if he can. He also wrote that the average human prefers to be directed, dislikes responsibility and desires security above everything else. Concentration must be paid to our customer care standards.

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This training could be delivered to managers and cascaded down to other members of staff. This would prove more cost-effective in the long run. The Internal customer e. g. our staff will benefit significantly by good customer care. More effective management will lead to a more motivated workforce. It will also give us improved co-operation between our departments. Our staff will welcome the fact that we are willing to invest valuable time and money in them as individuals as well as a team, and will have more job security.

If our Internal customers are contented in their workplace and have good quality training they will feel more motivated and confident. Also it will lower staff absenteeism and the turnover of staff. TECHNOLOGIES Technology change constantly. More effective ways of completing tasks whether it be an up to date industrial cleaner or new state of the art kitchen instruments. By keeping up with technology and training our staff in their uses should also help motivate our staff. Other methods could be used to investigate Moral within the organisation.

QUESTIONAIRRES – These can prove a lot cheaper than face-to-face interviews. Employees fill these in and they can provide the company with information relevant to our organisation. They can provide management with in-depth information on topics that we want to find out about. To provide the organisation with a more open and honest response, questionnaires can be kept confidential by omitting the employees’ names. ATTITUDE SURVEYS- A growing number of organisations now carry out employee attitude surveys.

By seeking the view of employees and acting on their feedback, employees can benefit from a motivated workforce. Attitude surveys can also be a useful tool for assessing whether employees understand the company’s strategic priorities, and for measuring the impact of any major changes it has made. COUNSELLING INTERVIEWS- These are interviews in which open-ended questions are asked to encourage the interviewee to speak at length. It helps employees to unload problems and it’s believed that the employee benefits psychologically.

Outside agencies should be used to give the interviews to eliminate interviewer bias. EXIT INTERVIEWS- This is given when an employee is leaving the organisation. This benefits the organisation as they receive a more honest reply as the leaving employees feels he can speak more easily. This can provide essential information on moral and motivation problems throughout the hotel.


Simply by making a few adjustment in our working procedures can have great impact on others. Simply by saying please and thank you can lift a person’s spirits.

At the end of the day the loser is the hotel, as customers just wont return. It is vital to remember that all changes must be on going and monitored to judge their effectiveness. Remember that a happy customer will tell only 3 people, whereas an unhappy customer will tell nine other people. For the continued success of this organisation we cannot ignore these problems. For clarity on any aspect of this report please do hesitate to contact myself, Amanda Robinson, Assistant Personnel Manager, ext 1888.