Informal report on Work Related stress

A investigation indicates that at Terra Firma claims Department, there was a memo sent from the manager about the worrying causes of low moral in the work place, this report will show what the main causes of low moral my be and after doing research on three articles what the main causes of stress are and the different types of stress. 1) Women and stress This article stated that women are more prone to stress than men. This should be seen as a big issue to terra firma due to the fact that 68% of there employees are women.

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This article also linked to stress to a person’s occupation, office job score highly on stress rating. This could be because offices are not organised or maintained in the correct order. Heavy work loads can also be linked to stress, this is because workers are used to doing the routine job of paperwork This article makes a important point that employees need to feel valued and a credit to he organisation, if this is not given stress levels may rise due to the fact that they are not being recognised for there hard work and there contribution to the workplace.

2) Health hazards-looking at stress This article looked at the History of stress and how it can affect an individuals health, stress according to the article is seen as healthy and beneficial to a point, it is only when the level of stress rises that is harmful to an individual. The article identifies two different types of stress: 1) Chronic, stress is the type of stress, that can be related to the employees at terra firma, this is because it is when long term difficulties arise at work and at home, due to unresolved family problems and long term difficulties at work.

2) Acute stress is less serous it can be triggered by intense pressure, such as death, divorce loss of employment and serious illness. It is the pint where a individual feels that they cannot handle the pressure being placed on them. Experts argue that a lot more should be done to protect employees that is due to the fact that individuals can not only suffer psychological symptoms of stress, which deals with the feeling of hopelessness, loss of confidence and self esteem, but also physiological symptoms, such as high blood pressure insomnia and the increasing chance of coronary thrombosis there is also the possibility of heart disease due to the fact that one in four people die from this disease.

Monitor screens and work related stress This article is important to Terra firma insurance, as it connects monitor screens to work related stress. Monitor screens have bed connected stress and have bed questioned due to the effects on health such as headaches, eye strains and the risk of epilepsy. Medical evidence has shown that employees experience these symptoms after lengthy intervals at the screens.

The argument does not end at the monitor screens, due to the fact that occupational stress increases where employees work with the terminals employees can also suffer from eyestrain and headaches these symptoms are not only caused from monitor screens but also from the organisations surroundings, which are not suitable conditions to work under, for example poor lighting, inadequate chairs, lack of work space and flickering screens are all factors that can effect a persons stress level. This article also stated that employees working with monitor screens have little variety and little say in the decision making. This can be related tot eh claims department because as mentioned in article one the above factors mainly relate to women and this is because women are the majority at terra firma.