Intro to marketing

The Elevator Speech Portrays brand associations and responses for a target market. Shows how it is actually perceived. Ask consumers “What comes to mind when you think about V? ” Then brand associations are grouped into categories.

Set of abstract concepts or phrases that characterize the five to ten most important dimensions of the mental map of a brand Relate to points-of-parity and points-federation Mental map 0 Core brand values 0 Brand intra An articulation of the “heart and soul” of the brand Similar to “brand essence” or “core brand promise” Short three- to five-word phrases that capture the irrefutable essence or spirit of the brand positioning and brand values Considerations o Communicate o Simplify o Inspire Intro to marketing By Grilling the product or service or the type of experiences or benefits the brand provides.

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The descriptive modifier further clarifies its nature. The emotional modifier provides another qualifier-?how exactly does the brand provide benefits, and in what way? Used internally to guide decisions- what the brand should and should not be associated with. Brand Mantra Considerations o Communicate: define the business and boundaries; clarify what is unique about the brand o Simplify: Memorable, short, vivid, and crisp. O Inspire: Have higher level meaning from employees and consumers.