Job description

Probationary periods give new employees the opportunity to experience the tasks they are assigned to carry out. It offers them the chance to see for themselves if they are capable of undertaking appointed tasks without any hassle. Similarly it provides managers and supervisors the opportunity to find out if the new employees are really the right people for a particular job. As such the probationary period is a trial period for the employee in order to have a first hand experience of the tasks they will do in the future for the theme park.

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The probationary period of employee in Alton Towers is a 6 week duration whereby the employee will be closely examined in terms of their actions and consequences based on their decision making at highly demanding times; for instance in an emergency involving guest or dealing with complaints. Below is a flowchart representing the process of the probationary period of the theme park during the 6 weeks. Most businesses display their health and safety regulations on notices that every employee could easily recognize. For instance the need for employees to wear safety clothing in workplaces will have to emphasize in a health and safety notice.

At Alton Towers, the health and safety act work 1974 and health and safety act 1975 ensure that the theme park follows the requirements and need of a safe environment. Certain requirements have to be met in order to confirm to the health and safety act of 1974. The theme park ha no choice but to confirm and act upon the standards laid down for the benefit of employees and customers but also because inspectors are likely to pay a visit to the park to ensure that the park I confirming to standards. Health and safety at Alton Towers is of high standard -‘safety record is second to none’ and ‘way above those required by the law’.

This is due to the management’s of the theme park’s high consideration for important matter such as: * Regulations- employees of the theme park have to follow certain regulations, for instance the (HSE, HSG 175) guidance of safe practice at fairground and amusement parks to make sure that the theme park is a safe place for employees and customers. The health and safety at work act further makes sure that employees operate in a safe environment considering the fact it there are lot of dangerous ride the employees have to operate on.

Management of the theme park also has to make sure that employees confirm to other regulation such as being fully knowledgeable on how to operate on the machines. The act, which they need to confirm to, is the provision and use of work equipment regulations 1992. Also Regulation like disability and discrimination act 1995 makes sure that employers are not allowed to discriminate against disabled people when recruiting or promoting employees. Disabled applicants must therefore be given the job if they’re clearly the right person for the job.

The only exception to this Act is if there are good reasons for the employer not doing so. These reasons may include having to make huge changes to a building so that only one disabled person may do the job there. He or she may, however be prepared to make reasonable adjustments for not seriously disabled staff like secretary who suffers from arthritis and cannot drive, types slowly and may has problems holding a phone. In this case the firm may have to make little changes so that the secretary can be adapted to her job.

Within any business managers represent the interests of the owners whereas trade unions will represent the interests of employees. The term industrial relation refers to the relations between the managers and owners to that of the employees and trade unions. To some extent these two sides will always have a conflict because manager are those who are usually in control and make important decisions. Employees on the other hand are left with no choice but to confirm to those important decisions for the sake of the business. A conflict may therefore occur when employee don’t with the decision making of the manager.

They begin to challenge the manger o that they can have more of a ay in the business which is very unlike their position in the business. This type of conflict is known as industrial disputes. In other words industrial disputes may be caused when both groups have different interests even though they are working for the same aim. For example, the owners of the business will be interested in higher profits, whereas the employees will be interested in higher wages as well as improved working conditions. However they will share a common interest, which is the desire to see that the business does not close.

Therefore, it is this interest that obliges both sides to co-operate together to reach an agreement rather than an argument. The main job of trade unions within the industrial relations is to protect the interests of the employees. As a result, it is better for employees to be part of a trade union so that their issues can be raised by the trade union. The trade union will negotiate on behalf of its member rather than each employee talking to the manager individually. There are four main types of trade unions- the craft union, industrial unions, general unions, and white-collar unions.

Sometimes the talks between the managers and trade unions do not work. Therefore, industrial disputes will occur whereby employees are advised by their unions to take industrial action. Trade unions have developed a range of actions to persuade employers to agree to the demands of employees. These actions include: > Strike- this is when the employees withdraw from their work. This will result in the reduction of the business production/output. In return the employers will not pay the striking workers whilst they strike. > Work to rule- this is when the employees do exactly what their job description says.

In the dispute, the union will advise the employees to work to rule which means to observe all the workplace rules and act on them. This will slow down the business activity and bring about a fall in production. > Go slow t- this is when employees will deliberately work slowly and make productivity fall. > Overtime ban- this is when employees ban working during overtime and only work at their standard working week hours. This will result in important deadlines not to be met. Thus deigned to deliberately affect the output of the business.