Job Fair Brochure

Dry Cleaning Express A successful company is an organization of leaders who take charge by being firm, fair, industrious, friendly and cooperative”who work for the good of all. You, our supervisor, managers, and assistants, may be chosen because you can displayed these traits and have shown your ability in current or past careers to lead others. The whole secret of a successful leader is to know how to handle people. Your Job will be easier if you are fair to everyone, but firm with everyone.

Your loyalty and ride in Dry Cleaning Express will touch those around you, creating a cordial and cheerful atmosphere”a nice place to work. By being a leader of Dry Cleaning Express store, you are responsible for performance of each and every associate and for the complete operation of your store. You set the example and you determine whether or not your store will be successful, profitable and a nice place to work. Your attitude and efficiency will set the pace for your store. There are many things you must know in order to run a successful Dry Cleaning Express store.

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Learning is a continuous process and it is up to you to learn all you can. We have many resources available to you. We have people who can assist you in training, selling, hiring/firing, finance, and security and customers relations. Our goals and objects are that we will provide our customers with the largest quality garment care in the industry at a good value and with friendly service. Our associates will be trained to work effectively with the most advanced equipment and the most efficient systems and procedures in the industry.