Job role in Administration

You are likely to find a job depending on whether the company physically manufactures a product or offers a service. The store manager would operations in a supermarket. A distribution company would have a head teacher, a college has a principal and a newspaper has a editors. Job role in Administration In Administration you are likely to find differences between standard job titles and roles in administration. The job role carried out in administration can vary so much.

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There are many activities carried out in administration such as clerical work, which includes mail handling, record keeping, document production, organising meetings, dealing with enquiries. Sloppy administration is when calls are not answered, papers are mislaid and deadline are missed. Superb administration is the opposite of all these things. Most of the administration staff work to fulfil the company objectives. Customer service comes over administration. Job roles in Human Resources A Human Resources director is a senior manager in the organisation.

It is likely in a large manufacturing organisation which employs thousands of workers. A medium size company may have a human resources manager in which they may be a smaller amount of staff. Each manager is responsible for human resources. Well working in the human resources department it is likely that you will be with several staff. Human resources can also be called a personnel department. Jane MacArthur is the Human Resources Manager in Morrisons Job roles in marketing and Sales The roles will vary depending on the organisation. Market and sales are usually variable.

A large organisation will have more specialists and more promotional work. A smaller organisation will have fewer people . this will contract out much of its specialist marketing requirements. Market Research specialists and advertising consultants. Large firms do this to but hey often have a specialist person in the company. The word Legislation comes from Law . It has a very severe penalty If it is ignored. The Government can charge you for bad organisation and your business may possibly get bankrupt. Legislations a very vital part in major businesses.

Legislation has lots of different such as The Employment act since 1996 which includes most of the main employment rights, it mostly includes information about employment and how employees should be treated etc. It also contains information about The discrimination act since 1995 which mentions information about disabled employees etc. The four main acts are: This Act makes it illegal for anyone to be discriminated against grounds or gender. In Morison’s this applies to recruitment, promotion, training and the way you are treated in this job.

Direct discrimination is when one gender is excluded and indirect discrimination is where it would be difficult for a person for one sex to comply. The Race Relations Act 1976 This Act makes it against the law to be discriminated against grounds of colour, race, nationality or ethnic origin. This is a very strict rule and cannot be broken because if it does you will be dismissed. The Disability Discrimination Act 1995 Morrison’s equal opportunities of employees are safe-guarded or protected by legislation because it is illegal to discriminate against particular sections of society. E. g.

If a Muslim person went to apply for Morrisons and the manager didn’t accept this person because of their religion and he may have said to this Muslim that the reason to this is because they will have to stop their job five times and this would be a waste of time and would also lack in the number of employees whilst he went to do his prayers. Morrisons use a variety of different forms of communication within the company. The company has stores all over the country as well as fish forms, warehouses, distribution departs ; offices so effective communication is essential to the profitability of the business.