Job Seeking Report

In today’s world, people must work with others in order to accomplish almost anything. At the moment that another person becomes involved, communication must take place. However, everyone have different backgrounds then have different interpretations of certain words and expressions. (Comstock, 1985) If we do not have good communication, messages are be non-understood or misunderstood easily. In today’s business, employers may fire people who cannot follow his order. Besides, during finding the job, bad communication may lead the employer / interviewer felt the person is not suitable for the company, and then will not hire him.

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Therefore, good communicate is necessary and very important in finding and maintaining work nowadays. To find a job, you should think about what type of job you want to do and spend some time and effort looking for the job that you like and the employer willing to hire you. You also have to find out what skills employers are looking for, then use some time to develop the skills that you need. (Australia. Dept. of Employment, Education and Training, 1991) Usually, newspaper and the job search engine in the Internet are the best tools to search for a job.

However, in some cases, for example, sport players’ manager or police, and also other special occupations, it’s better to phone them to get the details and the application form. For knowledge, qualification and training, they need the applicants qualified in Computer Science, IT or Software Engineering, either alone or in conjunction with an Engineering degree, and in a credit average Knowledge of Unix and Windows environment and familiarity with either C, C++ or Java programming, and Object Oriented Design Techniques must be needed and at least to academic level. Also, commercial experience will be highly regarded.

When IBM hires graduates, we’re hiring our future leaders. So IBM’s graduate programme is not only a great start, it’s your opportunity for an ongoing partnership with one of the world’s leading organisations. The Tivoli Gold Coast Lab is one of five labs world-wide charged with the development and support of the IBM Tivoli Security products. It is currently expanding to become the IBM Centre of Excellence for Security in South East Asia. Associates work as members of dynamic teams to develop core security products and/or integration modules between /Tivoli security products and strategic 3rd party products.

Completing your degree by February 2003, you will be tertiary qualified in Computer Science, IT or Software Engineering, alone or in conjunction with an Engineering degree. Knowledge of Unix, Windows environment and familiarity with either C, C++ or Java programming and Object Oriented Design Techniques are mandatory at least to academic level. Commercial experience would be highly regarded. I am writing on applying the position of associate-software engineer (vacancy number 59343) that was advertised in The Courier Mail, 16th November 2002.

I am a fresh graduate from the Griffith University, in Bachelor of Information Technology and with Software Engineering in major. I was full trained in the Uni and prepared to start my career. I love programming and looking for challenges. The IBM is one of the world’s largest computing organisations, which sounds the perfect opportunity and will widen my knowledge. I have enclosed my resume about my experience. Please feel me to contact me on 0422 – 662 – 318. for further information. I am available for interview at your convenience.