Low Market Share of iPhone in Indian Market

This research is only based on the secondary data sources mentioned at the end of this report. Defining the Management Problem Apple is the world’s largest manufacturer of the smart phones known as ‘phones. It frequently launches its new version after every 2-3 years with much improved and latest features for the consumers every time. It is a market leader in phones and other products like ‘pads and ‘pods with almost 50% market share in US itself. Since the launch of its first version in June 2007 the sales of phone has increased from . 7 million to 31. 2 million till SQ 2013. However despite being a market leader in the smart phones market across the world, ‘phone is facing a major challenge in the Indian Market : Market share of phone is very low in India (around 3% only) : phone lies at third position in the Indian smart phones market with a market share of around 3%, followed by Android (91 and Windows phone ( 5%). We will be conducting a research with the following steps : The possible reasons for a low market share of Apple’s ‘pone in India( Exploratory research/ Situation Analysis)

To list all the Research Objectives to find out the customer behavior and psychology when buying a mobile phone Preparing the questionnaire to collect the Data from a sample of customers Collecting the Data through field surveys and interviews with the customers (face to face or on phone or through e-mails etc) Analyses the data through various statistical methods (Descriptive research) Write and submit the report with all the solutions and conclusions Situation Analysis Low Market Share of phone in Indian Market By enmeshment Market Share is defined as the ratio of sales volume generated for a particular reduce to the total sales volume generated from all the competitive products in the market for a fiscal year . It is measured in terms of the quantity of a product sold in the market over a period of time.

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Given is the list of smart phone Operating System brands with their market share in India in 2013 : Smart phone Market Share Android Windows Phone 5% Apple 3% Others 1% Possible reasons for a low market share in India : a) Number of Products in Indian Market (Variety) : Currently there are seven products of phone in Indian market . They are listed as below : Apple phone EGGS Apple phone G Apple ‘phone 4 Apple phone as Apple phone 5 Apple ‘phone C Apple phone AS So lack of variety within their models and versions in terms of price as well as specifications could be a possible reason that people don’t prefer to buy phones as much as other phones in India. Given is the list of current market prices of different phone products in India .

According to the data given below the average price of all seven products of ‘phone is around RSI. 30,000 (approximately) pence Range on RSI. ) : 11,499-63,699 Product Price (in RSI. ) 11,499 11,900 Apple phone 4 22,150 28,000 37,500 Apple phone C 39,500 63,699 This proves that phone caters to the niche audience in India as the average price is relatively on a higher side. C) Distribution Channels : There is no direct selling of phones in India as Apple doesn’t run branded stores in India because local regulations make that difficult Apple has sold the phone through Indian telecoms providers, who bundle the phones with data services. As Indian telecoms companies don’t subsidize the cost of phones, as in the U. S. Hence sales have been limited Some independent mobile phone retailers, which buy from the providers, also sell phones Distribution has been limited mainly to large towns ) Target Audience : According to the secondary data sources,