Management – A Business Plan

Primary services: Foot Massage “Fish Spa” – Foot Massage Service using Doctor Fishes, accompany with drink serving. Customer needs that our business will serve: – A quiet place with fully natural decoration to relax after hard-working hours. – Enjoy a totally new-fangled foot massage service – Fish Spa which is not only good for health but also eliminate all stress. Customer groups that our business will serve: – Office workers – Old people – Young people – Households Competitive advantages: – A totally new-fangled foot massage service which has never existed in Hanoi. It attracts people’s curiousness and this also means we have almost no competitors.

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Doctor Fish is widely used and recognized all over the world as an efficient therapy to eliminate stress. This can attract office workers and old people to visit us. – Doctor fish can completely get rid of skin smear and aging cortex. They also can make your pore unobstructed to promote blood circulation. Moreover, they have the function of protecting skin and beautifying face to make your skin healthier and more brilliant. These could attract ladies to use our service. Short-term and Long-term goals: – 1-3 Years: . Keep business stable, step by step recapture initial capital.

Liquidate all the debts . Become one of the best point of arrival of customers – 5-10 Years: . Become a strong brand in both spa and coffee service. . Gain enough profits not only to survive but also to expand the business scale. Build a new larger spa caf in the centre of Hanoi Market Analysis Identify target market: [Potential customers] – Consumer in all occupations and age ranges

Describe the people will account for most of our business: – Gender: Both Male ; Female Age range: All ranges – Income range: All ranges Occupations: All occupations Geographic area our business will serve: Urban – with many large companies and crowed residential quarters nearby. Potential customers are located in this area: – Office workers – Citizens My estimate based upon: – Seft-investigate: Visit the target area and nearby regions. Customer population expectation: Increase – The more population grows, the more potential customers we get.

Target market’s needs: – A comfortable space to relax after hard-working hours and at weekends or holidays. – A wholly new more attractive relax method to try. – An acceptable price for spa services with extra bonus. – Healthcare. Based Information: Survey Result [View Attached Survey Analysis Document]