Management and assessement centre techniques

Even though previously most of the managers and functional specialists were taken from the external labour market but Mr Deepak decided to develop its own management and HRM team in future along with the previous practise. He was looking out for graduates with skills such as good communication skills, analytical skills etc . It is important to choose the best person for the job by proper selection which is possible by short listing the candidates from the information on application form and CV, interviews, test, biographical /extended application form, reference.

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Also selection can be done by following assessment centre approach which means that a number of people are assessed together by a number of assessors using a variety of selection techniques where collection of range of information and observation and evaluation of how individuals interact with other people . The basic assumption underlying the validity of assessment centres is that the behaviour displayed will be carried over into the workplace. The range of activities that can make up the assessment centre includes work simulations, group exercises and discussions, psychological tests, interviews and peer assessment and self assessment.

In this case a list of graduate competence and skills are given where various assessment centre techniques are to be recommended . So in case of: Oral communications and personal effectiveness – The graduates have to communicate clearly and also should be aware of the impact of his own communication on others, be persuasive, motivate and inspire others. He should be able to interpret the intentions and feelings of others . For assessing the oral communication and personal effectiveness group discussion, interviews can be conducted.

Also ability test which comes under the psychologist test can be done to find out the verbal communications skills of the candidates. Written communication – The candidate should communicate clearly and succinctly . He should adopt appropriate format for the audience and topic. He should use facts to support argument. So for this a written work sample is requested along with submission of the application form. It is useful if there are a large number of applications for a particular post.

By asking the applicant a written report along with their application form a vast amount of additional evidence about the candidates capabilities is obtained such as knowledge more than just academic ,writing skills ,how the candidates presents the information and his ideas on the paper . Analytical skills – The candidate should use reasoning abilities to solve the problems, should be able to interpret complex situations and information and also evaluate alternative proposals. Also he should be able to understand, manipulate and evaluate complex numerical data.

So for this, interview is to be conducted where a situation is presented and asked situational interview question as to what would the candidate do in case of the required situation which would be similar to the situation at the time of work. Also psychologist test such as intelligence, ability ,interest ,motivation ,personality test can be conducted to assess the ability such as verbal ,arithmetical ,reasoning . Also work sample test can be performed to find out ability to work under pressure ,attributes and attitudes as to how the candidate handles the whole situation ,uses the information to solve any problem .

Planning and organisation – The candidate should use time and resources effectively to meet future objectives . Also he should anticipate problems and plan to avoid them . For assessing this, work simulations can be conducted where the candidate is engaged in performing tasks that would actually be done on the job . Under work simulations there is work samples, in- tray exercises ,role plays which is undertaken to help in finding out the ability of the candidate to manage the organisation effectively .

So with this assessment techniques a suitable candidate can be selected resulting in acquiring high performing employees . Previously the company’s employer appointed most of its managers and functional specialists from external labour market . Mr. Deepak intends to grow its own management and HRM in future but continue to take people from external market . Even for the recruitment of staff for the managers and specialists there should be equal opportunities given to the internal candidates .

On adoption of the policy of internal recruitment, the organization can increase the contribution and commitment of their employees . If suitable candidate is not obtained then the company can go for external labour market to fill the vacancy . Also for the design of the assessment centre ,relevant equal opportunities are to be implicated such as at the time of selection a particular sex, racial background ,religion or sexual orientation should not be given preference . Only in case of exceptional circumstances there may be requirement for the employees to be a of a particular sex ,religion .

These are known as genuine occupational qualification . It is necessary to operate within the spirit of the equality legislation thus having all action and document involved in the recruitment process free of any criteria that can be discriminatory within the terms of the legislation . Even in case of disabled applicants who have the required knowledge and skills are to be guaranteed an interview . The Sex Discrimination Act 1975 and Race Relations Act 1976 address the unfair discrimination at the time of assessment in case of race, sex.

The Disability Discrimination Act 1995 states that the job applicants should not be discriminated against because of a disability or be treated in a less favourable way than other applicants unless the treatment in question is justified . Employment Equality Regulations 2003 also is considered at the time of selection where there is any requirement for a particular sexual orientation specified . Employment Equality Regulations 2003 is applied where discrimination is based on religion or belief .

As in case of hotel industry there is different post where no requirement of certain level of reading ,writing and language ability is required to complete an application form . So for this the employer can assist those who have difficulty in completely application forms thus leading to an organization acquiring committed employees . With this implication of equal opportunities legislation in the assessment of candidates would lead to obtaining employees who will be productive and committed member of staff ,working and developing to their full potential .