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The Haier Group was founded in 1984 with headquarters in Qingdao, Shandong Province, PRC. Today it is one of the world’s leading white goods home appliance manufacturers. Haier has over 240 subsidiary companies, over 110 design centers, plants and trading companies and over 50,000 employees throughout the world. The global revenue of Haier for 2005 was RMB 103.4 billion.. The Haier Group is China’s largest home appliance brand and one of the world’s leading white goods home appliance manufacturers

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About Haier India Haier Appliances (India) Private Limited is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Haier Group. Haier India was launched in India in December 2003 and by August 2004 had an all-India promotion launched with over 55 products across six product categories — refrigerators, colour television/DVDs, washing machines, microwave ovens and dishwashers. Haier India has also launched its brand of mobile phones in India.

Haier’s product categories range from refrigerators, refrigerating cabinets, air conditioners, washing machines, televisions, mobile phones, home theatre systems, computers, water heaters, DVD players and integrated furniture. Haier is also a world leader in the technology domains of intelligent integrated home furniture, networked home appliances, digitalization and large scale integrated circuits. In addition to high quality home appliances, Haier is also focused on offering best-of-breed service solutions to its customers. Haier’s service system runs throughout the production process from product design, production, manufacturing, to pre-sale, under sales and after sales service

The entire range of products can be classified broadly under the following heads. General home appliances efrigerators  Haier is one of the world’s largest and most advanced refrigerator manufacturers of refrigerators and freezers Haier has also rolled out the world’s first variable-frequency refrigerator, which is made of heat insulating material designed for aerospace. Household Air Conditioners Haier uses the world’s most advanced automatic flexible production lines to ensure the delivery of large quantities of highly reliable air conditioners, which are exquisite in quality and free of defects.

Washing Machines Haier, with a mission of “customer-oriented design”, pays great attention to safety, health, and the environmental concerns of consumers in designing its products. Haier has introduced a series of new hi-tech environmentally-friendly washing machines, staying ahead of the market trend and demonstrating the technological innovation capability of the company. Freezers Haier is China’s first freezer maker to receive TUV International Safety Certification, and was the first to receive a no-fluorine certificate from the United Nations Development Programme Vacuum cleaners Developed with the Haier spirit of continuous innovation, Haier dust collectors consistently lead the trend in the dust collection market. Haier’s dust bag series are innovatively designed to collect dust from all directions. The user-friendly design includes such features as a speed-adjustment button on the handle, dust bag design, and lightweight aluminum alloy cord.

Home appliances for kitchen and bathroom Water Heaters  Haier produces water heaters in a wide range and specifications both for home and commercial use. Haier follows its “Safety-based Products” philosophy in manufacturing water heaters and leads the industry in safety technologies Kitchenware

kitchen appliances

Haier’s kitchen appliances cover 4 categories: dishwashers (see above introduction, exhaust fans, gas cookers and sterilizing cupboards Haier Kitchenware products are based on environmentally-friendly technology, with zero leakage and low radiation Microwave Ovens . Haier ovens feature both stainless steel and painted stoves, and come with top doors and side doors Haier is committed to manufacturing high-quality, high-tech and environmentally friendly products, using components made by the world’s top 500 companies.

Audio and video products Color TVs Growing at an annual rate of 141% over the last 9 years, Haier color TVs are manufactured with the application of high technology. Haier aims to provide the right products for different consumer groups, gaining high customer recognition. Haier is committed to strengthening its global competitiveness, with the creation of a global supply chain under the concept of “competitive cooperation”.

Haier’s extensive range of products, including traditional TVs, flat-panel TVs, digital TVs, wireless TVs, touch TVs and 5.1 sound system TVs, aim to bring more freedom, comfort and greater entertainment to homes and customers. DVD Players Haier offers a diverse line of DVD players of exceptional quality. Haier DVD players are favored by consumers for their performance and after sales service. The products have won a number of awards for environmental protection and energy efficiency.