Management Strategy

Again, the joint venture of Sony Ericsson was introduced in 2001. Sony Corporation and Ericsson are the two companies which formed. Sony Corporation is one of the world’s most popular brands and it is a Japanese company manufacturing large number of consumer electronics and Ericsson is a company in telecommunications field of Sweden. The two companies together decided to manufacture jointly then individually. Sony and Ericsson both stopped making their individual cellular phones after they were formed.

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Some important dates in the history of our company To know much deeply about both the companies here are some of the important dates of the history of our company: 1885 – Lars Magnus Ericsson was the first who repaired telegraph equipment in Sweden and he was the person behind the name of the company. And then from that time they are still making and repairing handsets made by them. 1958 – The name “Sony” was given to Tokyo Telecommunications Engineering Company officially.

1968 – Sony UK was founded after the huge success of Sony in the field of best customer electronic brands. 1987 -NMT network was the company for which Ericsson launched their first mobile phone. 1992 – To complete customer demand, huge numbers of mobile phones were manufactured by the Ericsson. 2001 – Establishment of Sony Ericsson. The present Mobile Phone Manufacturer “Sony Ericsson”

Over the past years, Our Company achieved to be the successful part of the huge current market. Sony Ericsson is considered as one of the most successful companies in the field of mobile telecommunication. As we manage our resources, capabilities and core competences we have a good advantage in current competitive market. The factors own by our company which we use for our controls and to create value is known as resources.

There can be tangible as well as intangible resources available with us. Our tangible assets are our finance, physical properties etc. and our intangible assets are our non-physical properties such as our service. Sony Ericsson has its major strength in Innovation. Both the companies Sony and Ericsson are good in innovation techniques from a very long time. But Sony Ericsson jointly creates the magic in the field of Innovation. As our strength is in innovation techniques we have to make it as our objective so as to fulfil our customer demands.

3) Our Stakeholders:

In the stakeholder’s category Customer are the most important of any organisation. Customers are the one by whom an organisation earns profit. All the stakeholders are important for us like shareholders, retailer, employees etc. Our employees are too important for us because they give us or complete our objectives when we need it. Our company should keep a good relationship for a longer period of time with our all the stakeholders. We have to make our employees to understand what our brand stands for.

Hatch and Schultz (2003), Balmer (2001), Knox and Bickerton (2000), as well as Ind (1997) and Kapferer (1997) state that we have to fulfil the requirement of all the stakeholders not specially the cutomers but all of them whether they are internal or external. Ind (1997) further states that to have a complete brand we must look after need of all stakeholder. 4) Corporate Governance: The way in which rights and regulations distributed to us in the manner of laws is the term corporate governance is all about. We have to keep corporate governance in our practice in order to make decisions. Corporate Governance structure of our company.


Sony Ericsson is committed corporate governance in higher standards and it must be in the way we run our business. We guide our employees in how can we keep our rules and regulation in good manner by the help of our different policies and directions. Our Company’s reputation must be very high in terms of honesty and corporate relationship by its respective, professional and preserved nature to all. Our corporate governance can be made more effective as we have to take certain measures, controls and procedure so that we get high standards.