Management Style and Culture

To be an effective manager, you need to understand the basic styles of management, and when they are or are not appropriate. What follows is one of the most common styles of management, and when it is appropriate to use this style. A ‘team player’ is someone who is comfortable working with a group of people who are working together to accomplish a common goal. This style of manager is capable of making those around them forget that they are a manager. This manager is skilful at combining the skills and ideas of his/her co-workers together to accomplish a task without anyone realizing that this is what has been done. To be a true ‘team player’, a manager must enjoy the trust and respect of the people that they work with.

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The management style that is contained in CS is the style of a democratic management. A democratic leadership style is used in CS because decisions are made as a result of a consultation process involving various members of the organisation. Ideas would be discussed and thought through collectively in CS. Within CS’s organisation we can find a democratic structure because CS tends to be found in situation were it is felt to be important for all members of the organisation to understand what they are doing, were decisions require individual initiative, and where member of staff need to work as a team. The advantage of using a democratic leadership style is because:There can be a bond between management and subordinates because this type of leadership encourages getting to know each other as individuals.

A democratic management style motivates employees because they feel part of the team. This helps CS to achieve their objectives because the employees are committed to show their full potential towards the company e.g. when CS uses a democratic management style it can motivate employees, which then they will expand the growth and income objectives. This is done by employees have to reduce the labour turnover because they are pleased with the way that CS are treating them and the conditions they are providing, a decrease in labour turnover will mean the growth will increase and a excellent chance for survival.

Motivated workers will attract outside workers to join CS, which will increase the growth and income objectives. This attraction of workers will make it harder for CS competition to compete for the best employees. Motivated employees show their full potential to their work, which will mean that they will provide high value service and quality control. This will then please the customers and suppliers who will then increase the income of CS and expand the growth because they are satisfied with the products and it persuades them to buy more of the product. The customers will also notice that CS employees are pleased and motivated to provide excellent service, which the customers find pleasant to shop in and recommend to others to ‘shop’ at CS.

This will increase growth and income objectives. Motivated workers show a developemt throughout working in CS, which CS can use this development and progress it towards CS. A democratic leadership allows workers to gain a bond with each other, which can increase the performance of the employees because they feel they are in a team effort to help CS to meet their objectives e.g. when workers and mangers gain a bond they become motivated and work as a team, which helps CS objective for quality control because the employees are all motivated to provide excellent quality products to their customers and suppliers. A democratic leadership can also get ideas from experienced, skilled, and knowledge workers to make better decisions, which can motivate the employee because they are helping CS to achieve their objectives. This shows me that a democratic leadership can help CS performance and help it meet CS objectives.

However I also think there are disadvantages for CS using a democratic leadership style because consultation can be time consuming, slowing down decision making. In this amount of time opportunities can be lost and problems can be worsened. If the management has poor communication skills to explain the duties of the employee’s participation, then the worker would feel that the approach of the leadership style might be patronizing and shameful.

The reason that CS doesn’t use autocratic management style is because the manager takes complete responsibility for decision making. These types of managers set their own objectives and tasks to the employees, which the employees are expected to, do and be carried out exactly the way that the managers have specifically said. This can cause employees to resent this type of leadership, which will cause them to be unmotivated. It can also produce a lack of teamwork and social contact because there is no reason for employees to correspond with each other.

The other type of leadership that CS doesn’t consider is the laissez-faire leadership style because there is no formal structure to decision making and the leader doesn’t force their views on others. There are disadvantages for this type of leadership because this leadership produces a relaxed atmosphere, which can sometimes cause poor productivity and a poor motivation as employee’s have little encouragement to work hard. An organisational culture is the process of describing the values and beliefs of the people who contain in CS. Organisational structures show the attitudes of the staff and the way that they interact with other people e.g. customers. Organisational structures also show the way that decisions are engaged and how the management style is used throughout CS.

Person culture in CS: Person culture places the emphasis on the individual rather than the organisation and its objectives. For example if any member of staff has any suggestions for improvement, their suggestions are taken to account and if successful they will be used e.g. the chocolate product ‘Curley Wurly’ had problems with being a ‘hit’ nationally, so to make a popular brand, one member of CS suggested that there should be advertisement on television of this product, which was a popular add at that time. This then caused customers to buy ‘Curley Wurly’ because the advertisement attracted them to the product.

This value can help CS performance because the views that the employee beliefs in to improve are taken account and might be used to solve something. This will improve the motivation of the employees because their opinions are considered by the company, which makes them feel that they are part of the team. The better performance of the employee will even give him/her more ideas that CS can use, which can influence other members of the staff to think of ideas, so that CS will be more efficient.

This helps to achieve the objectives e.g. the more information to improve the company will mean that CS will have an ideas to improve the problem, so that the customers and employees are satisfied with it. When employees and customers are satisfied it will help CS objectives for gorwht and income to increase. Also the objective to provide excellent quality products will be improved by the ideas that the employees consider and the performance of the employees to provide high standard quality products.