Managing Organisations

ABC is a Management Consultancy on the Sunshine Coast. Due to the fact that there are many competitors on the market it is important to find an individual strategy which is different and adds value to regular consultancy services. Pursuing innovation is a necessity in this dynamic environment. It requires knowledge management, flexible processes, flat organizations and an open minded management. The ABC consultancy has a flat, organic organizational structure with cross functional teams. It has a decentralized power and control and a low degree of formalisation.

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The culture of the company has an open door policy, shaped strongly by the founder. Using metaphors and rituals emphasises the core values of the company. Integrity of the person, respect, honesty and dignity are of great importance to the company. In chapter 3 the behavioural dimension analyses teams and managerial responsibilities in the organisation. To achieve the synergy for the ABC consultancy, members of the teams have to complement in skills and commit to each other in an autonomous way. Working in a team should culminate in a self managerial approach. In order to achieve that, the manager’s position has to be reconsidered.

To meet the goals and objectives of ABCi?? s strategy, supervisors should focus on their core values and learn to delegate authority. The paradox in exercising power is that “… power as a leader increases as you give it away” (Newman 2007, p. 142). To achieve changes in organization processes requires involvement of all stakeholders. Top management has to support and facilitate changes which are embedded in the whole organization. The following report represents an analysis of Management Consultancy Agency ABC. (Further to be referred to as ABC). ABC was founded eight years ago and has currently fifty employees.

It targets businesses on the Sunshine Coast. The environment is very dynamic and complex since there are many competitors and many substitute products exist on the market. To remain competitive in the market, it is essential to be innovative by continuously acquiring knowledge to keep up with development. ABC’s product (management consultancy) requires a knowledge-based strategy. ‘Knowledge production is critical to sustaining competitive advantage and organisational success’ (Kogut & Zander 1992). The essence of the strategy does not lie in the particular product or services (Stalk et al 1999) but in processes (Day 1994).