Managing Property Businesses

K&A Real Estate is North London based real estate business that offering rental and sales units for the North Londoners’ customers. K;A will relocate the business in central London targeting three type of customer. The main targets are students where the percentage is grown rapidly in the past 2 years. Professionals are second targets being based in Central London many professional seeks accommodations local to where they are staying. Third Targets are tourist where London is flooded with thousands of tourists from across the world especially during the peak time in summer.

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Strategy K; A will initially focus their efforts on buying or managing any properties where each unit bought or managed will be hard wire with internet access, art amenities will be installed and safety measures will be implemented ensuring safe environment Management Team K; A will be led by Salem Abdulla and Amir Al-Shiekh. Salem has a bachelor’s degree in Property with Business and received his MBA from the University of Westminster. Salem went to work for one of the largest property management companies in the area.

After seven years with [name omitted]. Amir brings different skills sets to the company, coming from a customer service background. At the young age of 20, Amir had already completed his undergraduate degree and went to work for Debenhams retail store after six years at Debenhams retail, Amir had been promoted as the Director of Customer Service for Debenhams, in this position Amir manages 200 staff from the customer service departments. This experience provided Amir with incredible customer attention skills that he will improve customer service for K&A.

K&A Real Estate will offers high-quality, comfortable rental units in central London (Hyde Park area) and other areas of Marylebone. Our company is dedicated to a hassle free living environment in which our customers can enjoy all of the benefits of safe, attractive, and inviting units. Unlike many other companies that are solely concerned with turning profits, our primary objective at K&A is to offering the highest level of customer satisfaction that is achievable.

Tenant safety, happiness, and comfort are our main goals. Within the company we will strive to work as a team, harmonious unit focused on our mission. Just as customer satisfaction is an important part of K&A’s success, so is employee satisfaction. That is why the founders of K;A Real Estate believe that employee satisfaction will make the company a success and will be the key to their long life. K;A Real Estate is an enterprise that is involved in numerous aspects of the industry.

Primary experience and expertise is in the development of high-quality, lower cost living for students and professionals seeking the most up-to-date technologically advanced living environment. An area of intense training and attention is the importance of strong customer service. K;A Real Estate will be created as a Limited Liability based in central London. It will be owned by its principal investors, Salem Abdulla and Amir Al-shiekh. Salem Abdulla is the CEO and owns a 40% stake in the company. Amir Al-Shiekh is the CFO and owns a 40% share of the company as well.

The other 20% is owned by silent investors1. The main advantage of creating K;A as limited liabilities is that the company, the members are separate legal entities and tax is quite often more flexible than for other types of business and Shares in the company are easily transferred without the consent of the other shareholders subject to any restrictions The total start-up expenses (including legal, stationery, brochures, consultants, insurance, rent, construction, expensed equipment, and other).

16,000 in short-term assets (mobile phone, etc). Additional cash is needed to pay all fees and governmental regulations. K;A Real Estate’s main consumer base will be primarily students at the University of Westminster who will benefit from the apartment’s incompatible level of quality, location, and technological amenities. We will also be marketing to recent graduates and local area professionals, along with faculty and staff at the University. These customers will be looking for safe, high-quality environments that can offer the type of atmosphere needed for professional success