Market Analysis of Pearland

A land company began building a new subdivision to attract embossers and within a few years, the city had begun to rebuild itself. Major weather changes soon began to hinder the growth of the primary crops that were being planted such as oranges and pears, so the farmers began working on finding new crops that could withstand the Texas weather. Figs became an obvious choice and shortly became the staple crop for fame’s. In 191 5, another hurricane blew through the city destroying all other major crops and agriculture except for the fig industry.

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By 1 917, technology began to modernize the city as telephone lines and phone booths began to emerge. By the sass’s and sass’s, Pearled was on Its way to coming a thriving community when it began construction on a water and sewer system and started appointing city officials. The population began to rise and continues to do so to this day. With quick access in to the city, and a charming, small town feel, Pearled Is appealing to families and businesses alike. Pearled has become one of the fastest growing developments In the Houston Metropolitan Area.

The population Jumped more than 142% from 2000 to 2010 and currently has 105,200 residents as of July 1, 2013. The most current information available has the city demographic at 48. 8% white, 16. 4% African American, 0. % Native Hawaiian and other Pacific Islander, 12. 4% Aslant and 20. 5% Hispanic. 51. 4% of residents are female and approximately 30% of the population is under 18 years of age. The home ownership rate is over 81 % and in 2007 the city had over 8,100 businesses. This information is important when determining what type of business has potential to become successful here.

An entrepreneur must choose wisely when considering a location to start up a business, they must ask themselves “Is there enough of my target market here? “, “Does the area have a need or want that I can fulfill with my business? , and “Are they willing to spend money on it? “. These are a few of many questions one must research and answer before they attempt to develop a successful company. The city of Pearled has recently opened up opportunities for many new, attractive businesses.

Pearled Town Center is a fairly new shopping center that is comprised of more than 80 small and big name retail stores that Includes a number of restaurant chains, I. E. , WEB, Academy, Dullard’s, Macy’s, Burlington Coat Factory, Lope Tortillas, Chill’s, Olive Garden, Gringo’s, etc. These businesses have created approximately 1 ,500 Jobs and are positioned to generate 1 OFF nonviolently outside of an upscale subdivision, Shadow Creek Ranch, with homes ranging from 150,000 to 1 million dollars.

When completed, this subdivision will offer over 7,000 new homes to future Pearled residents that will eventually create and harvest a more robust economy for the city. One is only to assume that as the population growth rate for Pearled is on a steady increase, and families continue to establish themselves, that this city will offer more opportunities for the next generation of Pearled entrepreneurs. Some of Perlman’s many geographic advantages include a quick access to the Medical Center area, Hobby Airport, and

Surefire beach. Statistics show that more and more people employed in the Medical Center continue to migrate towards Pearled because of its short commute to work. Because of this, hospitals, emergency care facilities, and primary care physicians continue to grow along with a number of qualified practitioners moving to the area. Another example of a prime locality for businesses would be near Telephone Rd and Beltway 8 intersection, and/or the Pearled Parkway and Beltway 8 intersection.

Many business professionals that require heavy travel don’t want to pay the high rice of staying in an expensive hotel or don’t feel like commuting very far Just to have to come back the following day. Because of this, hotels have a unique opportunity to cater to these people traveling in and out of Hobby airport. These hotels would be located inside the city of Pearled, which offers a much safer environment, compared to the surrounding airport areas that repeatedly report higher levels of crime. These are Just a few examples of areas in Pearled that would be good for establishing new businesses.

The Pearled Economic Development Corporation (PEED) is a non-profit organization that was established in 1995 by the otters of Pearled. Their offices are located inside The University of Houston Clear Lake, Pearled campus. This organization’s strategy is to help stimulate business growth in the city, provide investment and employment opportunities and more importantly, support newly created companies who are in their early stages of development. Two examples of services an entrepreneur can benefit from are The Workforce & Training Program and Development Services.

The Workforce & Training program encourages economic development by providing employers with the tools they need to find and hire the right staff. They also continue to make resources available to train employees, as well as keep their skill sets current by providing management training and safety preparation programs. Development Services is a liaison for investors looking to invest in the city. PEED provides a project manager (PM) who handles and facilitates all aspects of the development process.

This PM works closely and communicates with all levels of staff, with a goal in minimizing project delays, which provide accountability to all aspects of the project. Another organization that advocates growth for the city is the Pearled Texas Chamber of Commerce. This organization is the “voice of business” for Pearled. They promote an environment for trade and commerce through strategic partnerships and advocacy to enhance the economic growth for members and community. The Pearled Texas Chamber of Commerce has several strategies that help and encourage development.

A few examples are tied directly to community support. The Chamber of Commerce supports events in the community that are appropriate promote them based on their return on investment (ROI) and ability to reach their objectives. Finally, they are committed to researching Houston based events that could open the doors to future business in Pearled. In conclusion, it’s our opinion that Pearled will continue to attract new residency, exhibit growth, and provide plenty of opportunity for future entrepreneurs to build and invest within the city.