Market Commonality Case Study

Market commonality also pertains to the agree of importance each competitors give to their each market. For instance, Sony and Samsung may give more Importance to their Television line of products because it either maybe their most popular products of all or it may be due to their anticipated future market of that product. MultiMate competitors are less likely to attack each other aggressively, but will respond aggressively when they’re being attacked. For instance Airlines Industry is a multi-market Industry wherein the prices are similar, but If the computers comes up with a promotion, others would swiftly respond.

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Resource similarity on the other hand, refers to how the each of the firms’ resources both tangible and intangible can be compared. For instance, Sony and Samsung both are market leaders In LCD and LED manufacturing. Both have exceptional Intangible resources In terms of designing products and their level of know and technological expertise are strikingly similar. Since, Samsung and Sony have similar type of tangible and intangible resources, they would tend to have similar weaknesses, strengths and strategies. Now given the case study, Google has three direct competitors Yahoo Inc. , Microsoft

Corp. and Apple Inc. Google Is Involved In different markets, different geographic locations and with different products markets hence it’s a MultiMate company. Google being an internet company, the area which they serve virtually encompasses the entire globe. This means that, the same product of theirs say Gamma is accessible by their customers In USA and Australia, Europe and China. Google’s markets Includes End- customers, Enterprises and Institutions. Broadly, three Google’s key products include the Search Engine ‘Google. Com” which is also localized in several countries and regions.

The APS market which includes Gamma, Google Docs, Google Calendar and other miscellaneous APS like Picas, Google Maps, Resort, Reader, Sketch up, Talk and Youth. Lastly, their venture In the Mobile world, firstly by creating mobile APS such as Youth, Google Maps and then by starting the Open Handset Alliance by persuading 71 technology companies which included Memo’s and Communication companies and lastly by developing Android the first open-source mobile operating system which would go on to become the most popular mobile operating system In the world. Y delivering personalized and meaningful internet experiences. Yahoo is as well primarily a software company having many internet based products. Just like Google, Yahoo also operates in different geographic boundaries and have different products in their portfolio. Yahoo’s market includes end customers. Some of the key products of Yahoo are, first the Yahoo! Search Engine, second their personalized experiences such as My Yahoo! Yahoo Toolbar! , Yahoo Local and Yahoo Homepage. Third APS which includes Flicker, Yahoo! Mail, Yahoo Messenger, Yahoo Groups and Yahoo Answers.

A fourth category of products is their media products which includes mostly sews and informative sites such as Yahoo Movies, Music, Games, Sports, Travel, Jobs, Car etc. Among others. Google and Yahoo are quite fierce competitors. They have a striking market commonality in multiple products and their markets. First of all, Yahoo has a search engine open to all, similar to Google’s search engine which is their primary breadwinner. Next, Yahoo! Mail is a web based email application Just like Google and provides nearly similar features and operates in the same geographic boundaries as that of Google.

Flicker a popular photo sharing application is a direct competitor to the Google’s Picas. So, in essence, Yahoo is a multi-market competitor of Google and their competition does not end there. Their tangible and intangible resources are also comparable. For instance, both Yahoo and Google have high powered servers and large data centers that backup and power their various online applications. Both have more than two decades of experience in consumer level applications and services. Both have garnered a strong goodwill and are among the most popular internet companies in the world.

Since both of their customers are online and consumers of services such as search engine and emails, their imputation would fierce in this respect and would naturally get intense as they release new products to encompass new users in their online ecosystem. Microsoft operates in many geographic locations around the world and are behind the world’s most popular desktop operating system in the world. Microsoft is primarily a software company but have flexed their arms into internet services and are behind certain products in consumer market which is directly against Google.

Microsoft’s market includes end-customers, enterprises and institutions Just like Google. Some of the key Microsoft products are Binge which is a search engine Just eke Google. Com and Microsoft ad center which is a direct competitor to Google’s Disease. Under APS, Microsoft has a number of tools such as Windows and various enterprise grade tools such as Azure, Dynamics, Visual studio, Silversmith etc. Among others. Microsoft also competes with Google primarily in the online space.

Microsoft’s expertise has always been into software’s, it’s the world’s biggest and renowned software company. They’ve over four decades of experience in making software’s, this makes them more than capable of anticipating user needs and coming up with the exact kind of software the user needs. Their search engine is the direct competitor of Google. Com and among the top three most popular search engines in the world today. They also compete with them in online application such as Google Docs with MS Office Web APS and Gamma with Hotmail.

Yet another key competing product is the Microsoft Decanter which competes directly with Google’s Ad sense which is at competitor of Google as throughout their existence, they’ve gradually manage to come up with several products that go head to head with each other targeting the same market and geographic boundaries. This makes them the biggest competitor of Google and any sudden move by Microsoft in the market in which they both operate, is more than likely to get an aggravated response by Google. Apple is mainly a hardware company and has presence in about 105 different companies and regions.

However they have also built exceptional software’s and their operating system is second most popular in the world today for desktops. They also are behind the most popular smartened and tablet in the world today. They are primarily a mass consumer company however their products are very well accepted in the enterprise world as well as several educational and government based institutions. Apple’s product lineup includes hardware products such as: phone, Mac, pad and several other related products. Under APS, they have various application such for creation and edition of music, video and photos.

Web services includes tunes, Apple Care services, and third party application sales services. While Apple’s expertise has always in designing excellent hardware products, their recent foray into the software field has also made them one of the biggest software companies in the world. Apple primarily competes with Google in the Mobile world through Apple’s own sis. While, phone was the primary reason behind how successful the company got in recent years and thereby earn the title of the most valuable Technology Company in the world as of 2010 speaks itself the significance of this product segment.

Apple is oldest company among the three main rivals of Google. They are backed by exceptional financial resources, marketing knowledge, great retail presence and a strong pool of talented top level executives that have never let down the company or caused to fail a single product in the last decade of their existence. 2. Conduct a competitor analysis and prepare an anticipated response profile for ACH major rival. What I am looking for with your competitor analysis is for you to identify the future objectives, strategies, likely assumptions and capabilities of Google’s three main competitors based on the information in the case.

Although Yahoo primarily started as a search engine and guide to internet, however when it’s search engine was defeated by Google, they diversified into other things. Now, Yahoo’s forte is into personalized content and web media related services. They are a large corporations and own a number of assets ranging from news and information sites to entertainment. They believe in power of content and their goal is to steadily grow large enough to become the center of people’s online lives.

Their strategies has always been delivering superior and personalized content, it has never been at the forefront of technological innovations and perhaps would never be, this is exactly why they have partnered with Microsoft to power their search engine. Their combined partnership has resulted them to encompass a market share of up to 30% against Google. This implies, Yahoo to not be a direct competitor, but indirectly, it’s Microsoft’s is Google’s most fierce competitor.

Throughout their history of operation, they’ve known to defeat several competitions and if they are not able to defeat their competition, they don’t make it easier either for their competitors. They’re into a MultiMate competition with Google. Microsoft’s strength lies into software development. Their Windows operating system has become a household name and is nearly present on 90% of the Desktop computers throughout the world. Apart from that, they have a strong enterprise background and supply software products and solutions to many of the fortune 500 companies and many of the other enterprises in the world.

Some of their products are considered to be industry standard and beyond that they’ve the ability to maintain that reputation in the market every time they come up with a new product. Their aim is to diversify their product offerings, and become a leader in both consumer as well as enterprise market and encompass their users into their ecosystem which they’re heavily bent on growing further meaningful consisting of products right from the operating system to various online services which includes services such as email, search engines and office applications.

As they command an exceptionally large market share for operating yester and since Microsoft now knows that they key for retaining them is to enlist them in other services and products, they will not stop at doing so as once users are deep into their ecosystem, it would be hard for Google to get them out. Apple is another competitor of Google who has yet another ecosystem of their own. Apple is primarily a hardware company but off recently, their venture into software business has been more than fruitful. Apple is known to pull off creative marketing strategies and position their product such that it is highly effective for their target arrest.

This is one of the reasons why, all of the products that they’ve introduced in the last decade and most of them being new which the company has never done before has resulted into a massive success for them. They also have strong research and development team which is one of the biggest reasons why their recent product have never fail. Their future objective is to make Mac the hub for the digital lifestyle of their customers and empower them various powerful and essential digital tools such as Smartened and Tablet.

Their strategy has always been to design a minimal reduce that can has limited capability but works exceptionally well and tie with it a creative marketing strategy and also enable their hundreds of retail outlets push the sales. Apple may not be a multi-market competitor for Google, but it does stand along the way of Android with its phone and it is its biggest competitor which is supposed to be the next big thing for Google. 3. Considering Google’s external and internal environmental conditions, does a SOOT analysis reveal any insights to enhance the company’s efforts to compete or improve performance?

Internal factor affecting Google: ND original. This makes their project’s scope to be very large and also making it more long term in comparison to other companies. It is complete with respect to the goal in a sense that it not only organizes information but also makes it useful and accessible. 2 Financial analysis – Google gets its 97% of revenue from their advertising business. It offers many of its products free online. Most of these products are superior or on par with competitor products, even and stand up to their paid offerings.

Google usually, does not charge the end consumer anything and purport them by text ads displayed in line with the interface. 3 Value chain analysis – The primary activities of Google mostly depends on the administration’s human activities and resources I. E. Human efforts. It has always hired highly qualified and skilled individuals which makes sure that it rises at the new heights of research and development in field of Technology and systems. External factors affecting Google: 1 Google is free from any boundary of geographic dependence. This is so because internet search is applicable to all cultures.

It has around 20 offices in United States ND spread its business in more than 30 countries. It’s working on sales, research and marketing. Web applications of Google now come with low-cost Linux systems. 2 Demographics – Google is positioned well as it has sound young base of users. Hence it has relatively low chances of being getting affected by Baby Boomers as compare to other companies which are dependent on much senior aged user base. 3 Technology – Google is continuously improving it technology by taking major steps so as to keep everything in place.

For example: Google can use cheap computer parts so that even f they fail, there will be a possibility of gaining them back. 4 Coloratura – Since the boundaries are shrinking as more and more people are being connected to each other via internet, Google gives navigation to internet. As people use more and more internet, they are becoming increasingly dependent on internet search. Strengths 1 Google Inc. Is one of the largest multinational public corporation having huge investment in web search, advertising, APS and mobile. 2 It is the leading search engine in United States and many other countries around the world with around 65. % market share. They have launched a series of new products, acquire new companies and come into partnerships once it reaches they’ve reached a high growth rate. 4 Google’s partnership with other firms did not misguide it from its goal. 5 Google builds its own servers. It makes efficient computing resources on a very unimaginable scale. 6 Google maintains the storage of data by adopting a low-price and high-redundancy model. 7 Most of the Google’s technology is cloud based, thus users have the chance to experience most of their products independent of any strict hardware and software requirements.

Weaknesses It has become obvious that not only the mechanical and software algorithms but does not entertain user on privacy content. There has been a huge information leakage, system attacks and data spills. 3 Google does not inform websites that it uses their contents. 4 Though few, but Google has privacy violations, Most noticeable were issues caused by Google buzz and Wi-If eavesdropping. 5 Google is still fighting with spam world. Opportunities 1 Cloud computing is still new and although Google is harnessing this technology, there is still a lot more which can be done. There’s a growing trend of people rifting away from TV to Youth for entertainment purposes. This could potentially open the doors for highly profitable media industry. 3 There is still millions of users in the enterprise world who use Gamma alternatives. Enterprise is still largely untapped by Google and with a careful strategy Gamma and other Google APS can just be the entry point for Google in the enterprise market. Threats 1 The image of the company has been tarnished by company’s inability to handle censorship, privacy and copyright issues. 2 Google still has a long way to go in managing growth of Android.

It still has no way to appease wireless providers because of tremendous growth in wireless computing. 3 Since cost of entering the markets requires almost no investment which means barriers are low. 4 Google is facing indirect competitors in the emerging markets like China. Baud stands a big obstacle in its strategy towards business in China. What can Google do to enhance their competence and improve their performance? Google search has been growing by leaps and bounds and it is getting intelligent by the day by understanding the user’s needs and delivering better results.

However, I live, Google is still not harnessing the large amount of data that they’ve amassed. They’re able to learn about their users from lots of their products and services which includes Android, Gamma, Docs, and Youth and so on. By understanding, what the user needs or in other words, identifying his personality they can deliver much meaningful experience across their products such as Youth and Google. Google search is massive, however, is still lacks the real-time search ability. Google Search is able to search up to the last hour, but what about up to the last minute or for that eater up to the last second.

Twitter on the other hand, would be able to deliver information up to the last minute of wide variety of topics and searches. But Google, which has been in the market for a decade longer than Twitter would not be able to do so. This is beneficial in a number of ways. For instance, if there has been a major incident, people can Just search and get to know what’s happening in real-time. Their video platform Youth is the most popular video sharing network on the internet. More and more people are watching news and various shows on Youth ND most importantly, this has been a growing trend in recent years.

Google should make a move quickly and tap this market and explore its full potential before anyone else by partnering with various news and TV broadcast companies to have their enable Youth to be a global broadcasting network within the reach of every big and small content producer. Conclusion Google is the largest internet company. They operate the world’s largest search engine which crawls billions of pages on the internet. It can be rightly said, nobody understands internet better than they do. Throughout their history of operation,

Google has launched an almost equal number of products which had failed and which had been successful. But what’s important about them, is they don’t let the failed product affect them and they shut it down swiftly focusing their attention on to their other assets. However, the products which does well, they put in lots of efforts to make it the best in that category. Google Docs, Gamma and Android are some of those examples. Above that, they continue to innovate and improve their products and do so regularly. Gamma has had a number of updates and so does Google Docs and Android.