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This Is my first Speech Day as Headmaster of Ridings Primary School having almost employed my first 10 months In this role. I regard the opportunity to lead this fine school as a great honor and privilege. I wish to thank the school community for the way you have welcomed me as Headmaster and also welcomed my family into the school community this year. As I have journeyed through the experiences of my first period, I have reflected often on the qualities and distinguishing features of this school.

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Of course, you will all have your own view on this depending on the opportunities and experiences your children have enjoyed and In particular the area of the school In which they belong. Broadly however, the distinguishing features include our size and the fact that this allows staff, students and parents to get to know each other very well. ; It means knowing everyone In your class, with friendships and strong mentoring developed across each year through playing sport, reading, sharing a meal together and learning through each other’s experiences. It means music ensembles and drama productions with pupils spread right across a range of classes like we have all witnessed In this year’s Cinderella Production from our seniors and Snow-white from our infants department hosted here in our very own ‘TATE Hall’ * It means getting each child to learn from grade O up to grade 7, assisting and supporting these young to become better adults. * It includes providing quality care and attention from the staff and a real ability to get the very best out of our pupils In a wide range of school experiences.

It means a tremendous sense of school pride and a healthy understanding of how to define success not in simple win and loss ratios but more in terms of effort, improvement and an ability to keep trying to the end rather than giving up when it gets too hard. It means parents partnering with schools to come up with the Ideal child. Meaning that schools as well as parents co create life for our children, we collaborate with each other and learn together. School.

Time demands that I focus on a few things – I wish that I could talk about the progress the grade O have made, or remind you of more brilliant moments of music and drama, or to tell you of the acts of kindness, generosity and helpfulness which occur every day at Ridings School as your children respond of their own accord to the atmosphere and character of the school. But this is where I will leave you: you ill find schools with greater resources and with grander facilities, but Judge Ridings School by the inner qualities of which I have spoken today and you will Judge us fairly.

Parents be proud of your children today, and in being so be proud of the school which they represent. Our children are going to find increasing competition in the Global world for talent. If you think about the vast number of talented people in the world, then it will be evident that each of us has to find our own unique way to shine by discovering how we can add value. In our connected world the playing fields have been flattened, enabling people around the globe to operate from the platform offering a similar array of goods and services.

This is why who you are and how you do things is becoming more important than what you do. We have stood out, and have done things in a highly unique and effective way this year, And not only that we have reinvented ourselves and reengineering the way we do things Our aim being to develop an individual child holistically, not Just on training them to perform in tests, we do not prepare the children for Just in case when they need something they will go out and get it.

There is much to be learnt here as you will see by the very many accolades children will receive today. I might be tempting fate by saying this, but in my opinion, we are very fortunate to have had the privilege of working with a grade 7 group which can boast a number of top academics who are as good as any we have had in the past. 23 students all wrote entrance exams at the schools of their 1st choice in July and I am happy to mention that all of these children are going to those schools.

We posted pleasing CHI’S Shown and Computer results with a 100% pass rate in both Shown and Computers Chi’s this ear. We earned 4 Distinctions 14 Credits and 5 passes in Shown and 7 Distinctions 13 Credits and 2 passes in Computers. We have not yet received the Seismic results and we are all anticipating that the current grade as will all make us proud this year. They are remarkable for their spirit, the support they have given each other and the manner in which they have conducted themselves this year.

The school has not relented in working towards achieving the goals of Primary School Education, a lot has been introduced this year for instance the Spelling Bee, to allow children to learn ND spell words correctly, General knowledge as a subject for easier understanding of what is around them, an emphasis in Problem solving in Math’s as well Content subjects mainly Religious and Moral Education, Science and Social Studies for all grades, holiday tutoring a week before schools open for our grade 6 and 7 children which has to a larger extent enhanced children’s understanding of concepts and a students work hard.

We also extended our curricula by reemphasizing the need to actively participate and compete with some of the top schools in the country which eave us the much needed exposure and experience. Not only did we participate in sport we also entered musical and literary festivals and these I should say opened our horizons and allowed us to refocus on our goals in the future.

On the Cultural side of things, we entered 4 participants in the Allied Arts Recorders Solo competition in the 1st term and the following Pearl Mandalay, Taken Chairing, Zane Emblem, Samuel Manhunt attained 2nd grade plus results from their performances We would like to thank Mr. Gaunter our Music Teacher for working with the children ND preparing them well In the 2nd Term we had 108 entries from grade O right up to grade 7 in the Visual Arts Competition: The analysis is as follows 12 attained 3rd grades, 43 attained second grades, 19 attained 2nd grade plus, 21 attained 1st grades and 13 had 1st grade plus.

I would like to thank Mr. Matisse, Mrs. Nell and entire staff for working tirelessly to have all the pieces ready.

In Prose and Poetry, I would like to congratulate the following pupils for their achievements * And Emblem * Attacked Maneuver * Laura Chino * Joyless Chairing * Returned McKay Rosebud Kankakee and Taiwanese Chivies for attaining 1st grades Spills Kuaka Atop Matisse Madeline Moisakos and Sylvia Unengaged for attaining 1st grade plus Out of the 51 pupils who entered this competition 13 attained 2nd grade, 6 had 2nd grade plus, 19 attained 3rd grade plus and the rest are the ones I have Just mentioned In the Choral Speaking Competition which was held at the Hare International School, Grades 1 to 4 got 3rd grades, Grade as attained a 2nd grade and grade 6 a 1st grade. The performing arts at Ridings School seem to grow only from strength to strength. Earlier in the year we had a variety show, where all classes performed and show cased their talents. It was indeed a huge success. Well done to all of you who organized that event.

The Play ‘Cinderella’ thrilled many and left us longing for more. Mrs. Denies, the two co producers Mr. Matisse and Mr. Gaunter all did a remarkable job in making sure that it was a success. Thank you so much for that. The infants play entitled ‘Snow White’ was again a resounding success complete with special effects. I found it both enchanting and entertaining. To the infants’ staff Mrs. Hartman, Mrs. Echidna and Mrs. Nell who have worked exceedingly hard all year Thank you so much for everything you have done to ensure that our young ones have got a sound base. We have much enjoyed the choir this year with an improved performance at Languid were we came 2nd out of 5 schools in the Cultural Festival.

Thanks to Mr. Gaunter and Mrs. Denies for this wonderful achievement. Our Christian mission is something that is also very important in this school. Every both on Sunday and Fridays at Assembly by staff who have a personal faith and relationship with Christ. We encourage students to think about the truth of God’s usage. I wish to acknowledge the work done by Mr. Gaunter and his team who teach Christian Studies and the support of the Living Waters Church in providing people to take classes with our pupils. Of course, our Christian experience must be more than Just the Gospel message. It must be real and lived daily through the way we treat each other.

The Christian values on which the school is founded are central – faith, hope and love’ need to be modeled and practiced in our attitude and actions towards each other on a daily basis, in the classroom and in activities outside of the classroom. Our students undertook some Educational Tours and excursions this year. Among others, were the grade 7 Trip to Cape Town, The Grade 5 trip to Victoria Falls, The grade as Kari trip, The On the Farm trip undertaken by grade 00/0, The grade 3 trip to Akimbo Shirr and the grade 1 and 2 trip to Hare. These enabled our children to learn about the many aspects that our Country Zanzibar holds and would like to sincerely thank the parents for facilitating these.

Having said that, we also adopted “Sport for Life” as a theme for the school, we actively encouraged pupils to commit to sport every week of the year. We did not expect all to achieve representation, but we hoped all can develop an appreciation for a healthy life-style for life so that whether it is hockey or tennis or swimming, exercise becomes a life habit. Our Sporting Calendar was a busy one indeed, with athletics and cross country taking much of the 1st term. We participated in each and every athletic event across Zanzibar and the highlight of the moment was at the Inter Schools Athletics Meeting at Languid were we came 2nd out of the 6 schools.

Thank you to the boys and girls in the respective teams for putting up a splendid performance and to Mr. Kingdom, Mr. Maguire, Mrs. Burr, Mr. Gaunter, and Mr. Mayans and the entire team. In the 2nd term our hockey and Rugby teams made us proud. Our boys played their hearts out, won and lost with pride. Our girls’ 1st Team hockey side barely lost a match this season. Throughout the season the coaches concentrated on developing the players individual and team skills, the results of which were evident in the improved performance of our teams during the season. Overall, considering the size of our school we have again performed well in all competition though this is not fleeted in the results.

All teams enjoyed solid wins when placed against teams of a similar skill level Thanks to the vision and determination of the coaches Mr. Maguire, Mrs. Burr and Mr. Mayans. Congratulations to Tanned Nadia for being selected into the Mishandled West Rugby team. Our Colts teams under the guidance of Mr. Kingdom and Mr. Matisse did not disappoint either. We would sincerely like to thank them for all their hard work, especially in the development of grade 3 rugby which saw many of our grade twos taking to the field and holding their own against other opponents. To round of the year, we had Cricket, Tennis and Swimming, highly technical areas that required a lot of expertise. In Tennis our senior girls’ team only lost to Languid at home. They played exceptionally well. In cricket our boys did fairly well.

Well done boys and do keep up the spirited performance. We came 3rd in the Division 4 Swimming Gala held at Louisiana and would like to thank Mrs. Burr, Mrs. necessary skills they required. I am confident to say that the Academic curricular, Cultural and Co-curricular activities of the school were successfully accomplished in the academic year under review. I would like to use this opportunity to express my sincere thanks to the many people who have helped to ensure that 2012 remained a year to remember. This has required a great deal of dedication and energy on the part of the entire staff, and it is to this group of individuals that I address my first vote of thanks.

To my Deputy Mrs. Richardson, all the members of Management team who have taken on huge additional responsibilities, to the teachers, the coaches on the sports fields, the admit staff and the ground staff, I express my gratitude for the quality of your service in the interests of Ridings School. We are very fortunate to have a dedicated staff at Ridings School. I wish to acknowledge and thank them for the enormous amount of work done behind the scenes for the benefit of our students, often unheralded. Thank you to the office staff throughout the school, school assistants, cleaning staff, grounds and maintenance staff, Health Clinic staff, Kitchen Staff, our residential boarding staff and visiting staff to the school.

Thank you also to the teaching staff who give a great deal of time and effort in the class room, in the co-curricular program and willingly take students on excursions which invariably involve long days of travel with an early departure time. I wish to acknowledge the support and constant encouragement of the Administrator Mr. Mutandis and his wise stewardship of the school finances To my Secretary, Ms Hormonal, thank you for your hard work, positive encouragement, advice and Just making sure I know where I have to be next and what I have to do. I also express my sincere appreciation to Mr. Motorola for taking on the huge responsibility of chairing the Governing Body, and to the selfless work done by all members of our Governing Body and the various sub-committees.

They are men and women with profound skills which they devote willingly to the school in so many different ways. This year there were several very difficult issues to deal with regarding financial, legal matters and staff appointments. The immense role that Mr. Motorola and the Governing Body played in those issues was a great source of support to me. All of these people have busy careers of their own, yet they devote an incredible amount of energy and resources to the School. For that I am most grateful. I also wish to acknowledge the tremendous support of the school community with the ark of The Parents Assembly led by Mrs. Emblem and her team. Thank you for being supportive to the needs of our school.

I also express my appreciation to the Ministry of Education Sports, Arts and Culture under the guidance of our acting District Education Officer Mr. Detect, all the other Town Secretary Mr. Agitation, The H. R. D. C and many others whom I have not mentioned for your unwavering support to this school. To the Class of 2012 who will be leaving us at the end of this year I also think that most of you understand the need for a disciplined mind. The disciplined mind is one which can focus, think independently and creatively, and deal systematically with a lot of information. This gives you a big advantage in succeeding in a very competitive world today.

Here I must compliment our top academic achievers on their work ethic, and most of our top sportsmen who have proved the maxim that busy and committed people have the necessary focus to get things done. By now you should also understand the need to act ethically and respectfully. That has been a major focus at Ridings School, both inside and outside the classroom. There is no school in this oral where you will work in isolation. You will be dealing with a wide variety of people. Ethical conduct, integrity and mutual respect will be essential if you want to be successful. In this regard, I must compliment those of you who have demonstrated this to us in your daily lives.

I have seen some of you assisting others, and I have seen many of you directing activities and giving willingly of your time in the many outreach and support service activities of the School. Please do take with you this quote from 1902 by Canon James Butt, the founder of Michael House Books. His words are still elevate today and He said: ‘A child’s connection with his school is not severed when he leaves, but lasts throughout life. His whole tone, moral and spiritual, as well as intellectual, is largely determined for life by his school; and to his dying day he will be different from what he would have been if he had been at any other school. I expect that in the years to come you will reflect back on the value and direction that this School has added to your life. Many of you will also look back with pride at the value that you added and personal legacy that you left here too. Remember that your future success is not about how good you are. It is about how good you want to be. I trust that you will live the life you wish for yourself and that, like everyone else, you too will not shrink from your purpose. Finally, I wish to thank the most important people in my life, my wife Kudzu and my children Rumbaing, Rubidium and Joana CNR. Thank you for your support this year. You have coped with the change incredibly well.