TAG cinema Marketing

The location accessibility is very convenient for customers as its outlets can be found at most shopping centers. The distribution channel TAG had used is through internet and retail. Customers can purchase TAG cinemas ticket through the official website of TAG or at any TAG cinema outlets. But only customer age older than 18 years old can purchase its movie tickets online. People

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The staffs who sell ticket are required to be able to speak in English and Bases Malaysia. Besides that, staffs of TAG cinema are required to wear a red uniform that is provided by them. They are also required to have a minimum education level of SUM. Training will be provided for the employees from TAG. Staffs of TAG cinema are also approachable, welcoming and helpful. The Job scope of the employees is to sell TAG cinema tickets face to face. Customer Service Hotlist of TAG operates from am to pm. TAG offers email feedback when it is outside those office hours so that customers can contact them anytime.

TAG also has a official Backbone account to interact with its customers to inform them the latest news and to receive feedback from them. Process Customer is required to purchase the service either at TAG cinema or through online. If the customer purchases the TAG cinema ticket at the outlet, he or she can immediately get the ticket on the spot. If the customer purchases the TAG cinema tickets through online, he or she is required to print out the transaction receipt to use it as TAG cinema ticket. Then, the customer can enjoy their service which is to watch movie in the cinema after showing the ticket to the staff at the entrance.

Physical Evidence TAG cinema offers comfortable seats that are sofa-like. Besides that, TAG cinema displays high definition movies and provides good sound surrounding system. The seats in the TAG cinema are red in color. It also provides good air cooling system in the cinema.