Marketing Coca-Cola Company

The Coca-Cola company is being very strategic as to who it markets each of its products. For the most part, they do not overlap on who they market each product to; instead they are trying to create a brand that can be easily identifiable with one market. The first product primarily uses gender segmentation, Diet Coke is for the most part marketed to women who are trying to watch or lose weight. The next product, Coke Zero also uses gender segmentation as it is marketed towards the male population.

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Two products Coca-Cola produces is Diet Coke Plus and Coca-Cola Blab, ACH of these products uses cryptographic segmentation. Instead of marketing to a gender they are marketing to lifestyles. Diet Coke Plus is marketed to those that are concerned about vitamins and nutrients, while Coca-Cola Blab is market to those that are more sophisticated. Finally, Full Throttle Blue Demon is an energy drink that uses gender and ethnic segmentation as its target market is Hispanic males. ) Diet Coke, original Coca-Cola, and finally Diet Coke Plus are the products that are most likely to lose customers to Coke Zero. First, Coke Zero is going to take customers way from Diet Coke because it is more appealing to male consumers. Additionally, Original Coke will lose customers that are interested in a zero calorie drink but did not want to sacrifice taste.

Finally, Diet Coke Plus will also lose customers to Coke Zero because of the original-like taste it brings to the table. ) I believe that the hidden-camera videos were an effective way to reach Coke Zero’s target market because the videos were unscripted and showed natural reactions to the product. Often, commercial advertisements are scripted and “fake” while these videos appeared natural and real. I believe that a similar marketing strategy would e effective to Diet Coke Plush’s target market. 4) I personally believe that Diet Coke could not have been repositioned to change consumer’s perception of it.

Once a perception is made about a product it is extremely hard to alter that perception. Therefore, since Diet Coke is viewed as a product primarily for women, it would be difficult to convince men that it is not solely a product for woman. I feel that Coke did the right thing by creating a new product for men as it will attract consumers that Coke might have lost because men did not want to consume