Marketing activities

A global leader in imaging technologies, Canon is a developer and manufacturer of photographic equipment, business machines, optical and other products. Canon’s origin dates back to 1937 as a camera and optical company with a passion to develop the world’s best camera. A world-renowned camera maker, Canon has, over the last 60 years ventured into new grounds of product development. With its commitment in Research and Technology, Canon products today include personal products, business equipment and industrial products.

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Canon products are aimed at improving the lives of people at work and at play. This report is performed to bring a professional approach to marketing activities and, in particular, successfully launch these exciting new products in Vietnam (both “SELPHY ES3 & ES30” and “Laser Printer”). Marketing is the art and science of choosing target markets and getting, keeping, and growing customers through creating, delivering, and communicating superior customer value.

This definition focuses on choosing target markets and getting, keeping, and growing customers. Although there are a few differences between the definitions, all of them describe a same thing: a management process with many steps (planning, analysis, control, etc… ) to create an exchange between customer and company, it must satisfy customer needs and maximize company’s profits. So, how to satisfy customer needs and maximize company’s profits is exactly a good definition for marketing.

The main characteristics of a marketing orientated organization for Canon Based on the definitions of Marketing, it leads to five types of organization: : the sales orientated, the marketing orientated, the production orientated, the product orientated and the societal marketing orientated. marketing orientation and sales orientation are contrast. According to Theodore Levitt, selling focuses on the needs of seller; marketing focused on the needs of buyer.

Selling is preoccupied with the seller’s need to convert his product into cash; marketing preoccupied with the idea of satisfying the needs of the customer by means of the product and the whole cluster of things associated with creating, delivering and finally consuming it. From the above figure, we can see that marketing orientated organization must focus on the customer. A market orientated organization will have: A commitment to meeting the needs of customer more successfully than the competition. (BPP Professional Education’s Marketing course book p.

12) Canon has met the printing needs of SOHO (Small Office/Home office) users and family users when they decided to lauch the new products (both “SELPHY ES3 & ES30” and “Laser Printer”) in Vietnam. Canon made a true decision. A structure and processes of operation which are designed to achieve this aim. All the company’s activities must be co-ordinated around the needs of the customer when making decisions about what to produce and, subsequently, how and where the product or service is to be made available. (BPP Professional Education’s Marketing course book p. 12) .

In order to achieve successful launching the new products (both “SELPHY ES3 & ES30” and “Laser Printer”) in Vietnam, Canon set up a bubble jet production facility in Hanoi and two representative offices in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. The two representative offices operate under the guidance and support of Canon Singapore Pte. Ltd. , which is the regional marketing headquarter for Canon’s South ; Southeast Asia region. Based on researching the needs of the market, Canon introduced the new products to Vietnam market, especially in Ha Noi and Ho Chi Minh city, which are the two biggest and most developed cities.

Canon knows what to produce, how and where the product or service is to be made available in Vietnam. So, we can see that Canon is a marketing orientated organization. The various elements of the marketing concept In the marketing concept, there are three elements: customer orientation, co-ordination of market led activities and profit orientation. In customer orientation, customer’s needs and satisfaction are on the top priority of the company. Customer is placed in the centre of the company’ activities. The way leads to company’s success is satisfying customer’s needs.

For example, understanding the needs of the latest, greatest and fastest equipment for printing need of the SOHO users and the amazingly intelligent functions, attractive looking figures, convenience, quality, versatility, unique lifestyle photo printers of the family users, Canon Vietnam decides to launch launch the new products (“SELPHY ES3 & ES30” premium compact photo printers, Laser Printer LBP3250 and colour laser printer LBP5050). In co-ordination of market led activities, achieving company’s goals is not the task of any single departments. The whole company must work together to get the final success.

As we can see the picture above, Marketing department must co-operate with other departments like R&D, Finance, Accounting… etc. The task will be done in the most effective way with co-operation between departments in the company. In Canon, marketing department will research the market for the information. Then, R&D department will use the information to research and develop a new model of products and this project will be continued by manufacturing department… etc. This strong conection between the departments makes Canon become the world leading image solution provider.

Besides that, profit is one of the key objectives of organizations, if not in the short term then in the longer term. The strong conection between the departments and the company’s success in satisfying customer’s needs will be meaningless if they can’t make profits for the company. This is profit orientation. For example,Canon continued to step up sales promotions in countries and regions recording strong growth, such as China, India and Vietnam. In Asia and Oceania, sales climbed 4. 5% year on year to i?? 729. 9 billion, accounting for 17. 8% of consolidated net sales. So, Canon made profit from its marketing.