Marketing communication process and tool

Examine process of marketing communications Consider role of marketing communications in strategic mix Discuss range of tools available Some Basic Definitions Marketing: Management process which anticipates, identifies and satisfies customer requirements profitably or effectively >marketing mix Marketing Communications: Use of communications towards consumers, customers and prospects with the explicit purpose of influencing these groups

Corporate Communications: The management of communications between an organization and all its stakeholders/publics > sphere of PR Marketing Communications: Key Dimensions Management process via which an organization engages with its various marketing communication process and tool By yawn_he Audiences are encouraged to offer (desired) behavioral and attitudinal responses Understanding of each audience is required to tailor the marketing communications in terms of message and tool Increasingly an integrated approach is adopted Role of Marketing Communications DRIP FRAMEWORK Differentiate Reinforce/Remind Inform

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Inform: Virgin Persuade: Mike Marketing Communications Mix: Traditional Advertising Direct marketing Ta regret Sales promotion Audience Personal selling Public relations Above-and below-the-line communications (Fill 2009) Above The Line Communications TTL term has evolved as a result of historical development of advertising agencies and how they charge for services Used to identify communications which employ scheduled media from which agencies receive a commission Applied most frequently to mass media ammunitions such as TV advertising 4 Examples Product placement Point of purchase Sponsorship Mobile Websites Product Placement Key Characteristics of Traditional Tools ADVERTISING A paid, mediated form of non-personal, mass communication from an identifiable source >High reach >almanac >High cost >Low credibility? Difficult to measure effects 5 SALES PROMOTION Seeks to offer additional value as an inducement to generate an immediate sale >Tactical and short term tool >High control >Measurable >Moderate cost >Use throughout channel >almanac on brand Key Characteristics of Tools PERSONAL SELLING Involves a face to face illegal between two persons or by one person and a group >eliminate feedback >Tailored message >Builds relationships Suitable where message is complex DIRECT MARKETING Uses media to create a personal and direct dialogue with customers >Precision of targeting >Personalized message >High cost per contact 6 PUBLIC RELATIONS Aims to influence the attitudes and opinions held by stakeholders bout an organization >High credibility >Generates trust >Low(ere) cost >Flexible >Measurement >Stand-out Selection Criteria ACS Framework: Degree of control required over delivery Financial resources available (cost) Level of credibility

Ability to deliver message (communications) Noise Source Encoding Message Decoding Receiver 7 Features of The Communications Process Sender: company, organization, brand, CEO, Agency Receiver: consumer, customer, public, government, intermediary, supplier Encoding: Use of signals (words, symbols, pictures, music) to create a message that can be understood Decoding: Understanding the message as it was intended Noise: Cognitive barriers or physical distractions One To Many Communications One-step model of communication.