Marketing decisions within a travel and tourism organisation

Analyses the marketing decisions within a travel and tourism organization in relation to the marketing mix influencing factors. BY grammar Disneyland Paris marketing decisions should be looked at thoroughly before agreeing that they should start operating a new system as it is a large and successful company their objective is to reach their target market. In order for Disneyland Paris to keep running successfully, it has to look at the main factors that can affect its business. The main factors should be analyses by the developing company to be more aware of how to manage their target market.

Disneyland Paris has many target markets which the main one is “Disney family’ so they need to think through what kind of products that they have to offer to this type of customers and how they’re going to market it. This type of customers “Disney family’ is a really important because it’s such a large target market and so therefore the market team needs to be more aware of how they’re going to take advantage of this large market. Looking at the word “Disney family’ it simply means family. Families can only spend more time together when everyone has a time off school, work and other occupation that they may have.

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Mostly t is during the summer holidays as it’s the longest holiday in the year and the weather is amicable. Disneyland Paris can use this opportunity to introduce seasonal pricing and which the summer season prices will have to be higher than the other seasons of the year. By raising the holiday prices and promoting the resort before the summer holiday, this means that this marketing strategy will be successful as they’re not only going to promote their products but also events and theme parks Just before the holiday therefore the main target market will book their holiday in advance.

Disneyland Paris pricing scheme also seems to work well. By introducing innovative packages to meet different segments of each market, this means that each guest would be able to design their own holiday which needs to meet their budget for example packages for students need to be at a very reasonable price as their budget is completely different from families. As it is known that Disneyland Paris is a massive organization, their way of promoting also must big to stand out from competitors. After the target markets have been analyses by the marketing team, promotion must start taking place to speak to its target.

Disneyland Paris promotes its products wrought various ways such as: media, brochures from preferred tour operators, leaflets in travel agencies, billboards, local buses and on the internet. Their main way of promoting their resort is by having different events each season of the year and they do that every year. The different types of events they hold are: Halloween, Christmas, New Year, Easter and summer events. During these times, Disney land Paris really invests on their promotion to attract local people and visitors all over the world. This technique makes them stand out from their competitors and make Disneyland Paris a magical place.

Paris was the chosen place where the European Disneyland decided to bring in their product after the success they had in countries such as Belgium, Germany and the I-J. It was built to attract visitors from Europe. Disneyland Paris being one of the largest organizations and gardens, in travel and tourism, it has to assure that their guests are in a safe environment. Therefore more than 100 gardeners are employed permanently to take a really good care of the garden. Disneyland Paris is environmentally friendly because it believes in the wonders of nature and uses natural resources wisely and conserving non- renewable resources.

They transform kitchen waste into bio methane and then to electricity. They have a programmer that is based on recycling glass, paper, plastic and other waste. This is a huge responsibility that Disneyland Paris has taken to show their customers that there won’t be anything to harm them. These factors and influences really have impacts on marketing decisions of Disneyland Paris. That’s why they have to always look at their factors and their influences are affecting the company before making any marketing decisions. This marketing mix helps them to bring in new marketing schemes which can work and meet their target markets.