Marketing Management

Discuss the types of marketing value you would get from purchasing and using this product offering (8 marks) b) Discuss what is meant by the following marketing terms a. The production concept b. Marketing concept c. Societal marketing concept (6 marks) c) Why are marketing relationships becoming more important for sellers? Identify and briefly explain 2 ways by which a seller can generate customer loyalty. (6 marks) Question 2 (10 marks) Marketing is a social and managerial process by which individuals and organizations obtain what they need and want through creating and exchanging value with others” (Kettle, Brown, Burton, Deans & Armstrong). ) Explain what types of value are created in a typical marketing transaction; (2 marks) b) How these values might change (become enhanced) if a marketing relationship develops between the buyer and seller; (3 marks) c) Discuss the advantages of relationship marketing for both buyers and sellers and society at large. (5 marks) Question 3 Pricing strategy a) Identify and explain the 3 main drivers of pricing strategy for a business. 9 marks) b) How do these drivers affect discounting practices in business? 9 marks) c) Discuss the view that marketers are better advised to differentiate a product offering in the market by focusing on non-price factors as opposed to differentiating a product offering solely on price. (7 marks) Question 4 – Distribution strategy a) Explain what is meant by intensive and selective distribution. What is the justification for using intensive distribution for convenience products and selective distribution for shopping products? (12. 5 marks) b) Dell computers and Air New Zealand adopt dual distribution channels to market heir product offerings.

What is meant dual distribution channel and when is it Question 5 – Promotional strategy a) A senior manager in a company interviewing you for a marketing position in the company says “marketing is Just advertising”. Discuss why you disagree with this comment. B) The marketing communications-mix is influenced by whether a company chooses a push or pull strategy. Explain what is meant by a push and pull approach for promotional strategy. (7. 5 marks) c) Discuss why companies spend a larger proportion of the promotional budget on personal selling in BIB markets.

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