Marketing Plan

These glass fabrics are used in busy areas, such as residential buildings, hospitals, nursing homes, public buildings, community facilities, office buildings, schools, nursery schools, museums, hotels, restaurants, wellness centers, shopping malls, train stations, airports, army barracks and in the housing industry. SYSTEMS by Vitally stands for a traditional company founded in 1921 and is a product “Made in Germany’. With more than 320 employees, Vitally is big enough to meet all global requirements, and is still down-to-earth enough to know its customers.

Specialties Self-glue fiber glass protective wall fabrics, Glass wall fabrics, Fiber glass protective wall covering. Situation Analysis: 1. Customer: Vitally has entered India for the first time. It has tied up with a leading Building Solutions provider I. E. Space Global Ventures as an Indo-German Joint Venture named as Vitally Textile Glass Space Global Pet. Ltd. (VITTLES). This group already has good reputation in market dealing with Architects and Designers. There major customers will be the Construction companies, real-estate, Interior Designers and Builders. . Competitor: Vitally Knows that there are some existing wall Paper manufacturing industries in India like Worldwide Pet Ltd, Unblock International, Crystal Composites etc.. , they came up with a new concept of Glass Fabric Textile (Systems). Systems is made with Glass fabric it is very flexible to use, Fire resistant, Green product. 3. Company: The new Indo German Joint Venture is called as Vitally Textile Glass Space Global Pet. Ltd. ,(VITTLES). WIGGLES is planning to set up the sales and technical operations across India starting July 2012.

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With the headquarters at Bangor and having a central warehouse of holding the entire range of stocks, the company intends to have the sales and technical team built to have the network spread across the country. All the major cities and towns will be covered by the sales team. The target customers ill be Architects and Designers (specifying the product), Developers and Builders (who may buy the product for their projects), Interior Contracting companies (to use the product in their interior fit out projects) and Direct Dealers.

All the orders will be routed through the direct dealers who will have exclusive sales and technical team. 4. Context: Considering the fast growing cities in India and development in the real-estate industries, Fire accidents taking place in Hospitals and hotels, Life style of the people made Vitally think in an innovative way. People want to change themselves according to the society and present them as one of the best in the market. For such kind of people this is the best product. Architects and designers can present there designs according to the peoples whish using vitally.

This may add more profits to scow ANALYSIS OF VITALLY GLASSES STRENGTHS: Vitally glasses are highly innovative and creative of coming up with a wall paper that is made of glass material rather than the normal material of paper which is of high safety standards with certified fire resistance which the normal wallpaper lacks and they are also disinfectants. These characters and the added safety could attract customers who are concerned about their home safety. WEAKNESS: Vitally glasses may fail to attract customers of certain classes mainly in Indian markets who still prefer to use paints over wallpaper.

This could may be a disadvantage to the company to flourish in the markets, however they could take this as a challenge to attract these class of customers. OPPORTUNITIES: As customers are getting to be more open to exploring new tastes, wants, demands and likes. The trend, style and preferences also keep changing on daily basis. This helps the company to gain the customers attention in large numbers to style up their homes and also enjoy the added benefit of it being the fire resistant and easy to use and thereby create a want for the product in the market. CHALLENGES: MR…

Michael Gephardt, the General Manager of the Research and Development was quoted as saying “Our strongest motivating factors are the challenges of the construction industry that architects, facility managers, painters and decorators face everyday’. The company is very open to challenges as they take it as a motivation factor, forever it is a tuff competition that could be given by the competitors as they could also come up with the same idea of using the glass material to make the wall papers, hence they should strongly work towards being more innovative, creative and keeping their standards to keep their brand flourishing in the markets. Customer focus with operational efficiency and customer intimacy. ; The tie-up with a local brand would give a competitive advantage over the others in the market (also considering the FED and the share prices of the two companies here). ; Value-for-money brand building in the long run will be the prime goal of the organization. ; Here to invest a huge amount and plans of starting a production plant which would cut the cost indeed resulting in helping the company cater more customers. ; Given the price of their product, certainly they would be targeting upper-middle class and the luxury class customers at first. Once the local production gets going in full fledge, they can increase their target market and hence-forth take over the market as a leader. NOTE: The market leader has its own advantage in pricing. Marketing Mix: Product: Stating with Glass Fabric vitally thought of improving in all the aspects of ailing material and interior designing products. Price: As vitally is starting its operations for the first time in India, we want to provide the product with reasonable price which all the people can afford and make their walls look Beautiful.

Place: Initially vitally has started in Bangor as a head office and gradually started if operations all over India. It covered all the major cities like Iambi, Kola, Delhi, Pun and Bangor. For packing. This can be done only by the experts. The companies like space global Venture has thought twice to take a decision regarding the packaging and its brand rendition. Guaranteed good The TГњV NOR Institute tested SYSTEMS during many independent examinations.

The result: SYSTEMS Premium and SYSTEMS Active ASS wall coverings are especially stable and long-lived, work against tears and are perfect if you’re looking for a hygienic, active-breathing solution which is completely harmless to health. Based on numerous TГњV examinations, the manufacturer Vitally Textile Glass Gumbo located in 95509 Monarchists guarantees that SYSTEMS Premium and SYSTEMS Active ASS wall coverings will retain all outstanding functional and ecological characteristics dated in the guarantee document for a period of 30 years beginning with the date of manufacture.

Impact and perforation resistance Tear resistant and crack bridging Resistance to disinfectants and cleaning agents* Water vapor-permeable Resistance to fire Non-toxic and food-safe Suitable for allergy sufferers Coke-Tex certified CE declaration of conformity *in combination with the corresponding coating systems. Pays for itself in the long run Traditional wellsprings are cheaper in the short run but, if heavily used, must be redone every 2 to 5 years. Considering the 30-year lifespan, long intervals between innovations and low maintenance costs, SYSTEMS breaks even in a cost comparison after Just five years.

Facts The Vitally Group generates an annual turnover of ca. 70 millions euros. Under the umbrella of the holding company Vitally International Gumbo, CEO Peter Cord’s, are grouped: Vitally Textile Glass Gumbo Products: Wall and ceiling coverings woven from glass yarn Headquarters: Monarchists / Bavaria Management: Friendlessness’s, Florien Jerome, Michael Gephardt Vitally Technical Textiles Gumbo Products: Reinforcing fabrics and mesh for construction Headquarters: Overland am Orenstein / Thrusting

Holdings: Vitally 000, Moscow (100%) Fallibleness’s GAG, Latvia (36%) Vitally International Gumbo is both shareholder and supplier of the subsidiaries and has key functions, e. G. Controlling and IT. As a group we are independent, forward-looking and decision-making is fast. Prudent entrepreneurship and financial solidarity will continue to determine the future scope and speed of our strategic development and willingness to take risks. Vitally is to remain independent in its further successful development.