Marketing plan

Project Management Scope Statement Please provide guidance on how to develop a 5 to 7 paragraphs that will allow me to determine the marketing deliverables for this project and provide resources. I’m attaching the original scenario. Your help is greatly appreciated You are developing the scope statement for the project, and now you are up to the marketing deliverables. You have met with the director of Sales and Marketing and have a general sense of what marketing will be needed to effectively launch the upgraded product.

There will be a series of newsletters sent to the global customer base announcing the upgraded product. There will also be advertisements in the “usual” publications that will highlight the new features. The marketing team will attend an annual trade show and feature the upgraded product. Other marketing activities, such as updated collateral and press releases, are yet to be determined. You have a follow-up meeting with the director next week. At that time, you will review a detailed write-up of the scope that describes what is included, as well as hat is excluded.

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Project Scope: AREA: Marketing: Marketing objectives The objective of marketing is to communicate product improvement, product functionality upgrades and product safety features to improve customer use and product experience. Project Marketing Deliverables 1. 1 Create and implement a marketing plan The Marketing Plan will detail actions necessary to meet the above listed marketing objectives. This marketing plan will be for a product line and will be an annual marketing plan. The plan will follow solid marketing strategy. The marketing plan would be sound as a sound plan is the key to the success off business.

The plan should include market research, internal and external environmental factors, demographics, PROVISION’s competition, market positioning and product price, selling points, advertising and promotions that will be utilized. This tool will help assess PROVISION’s strengths and weaknesses. This plan will: marketing plan By Isobaric results c. Detail actions needed to meet the objectives d. Identify resources e. Create a method for monitoring resources and results and a plan for adjusting the Lana when needed For this project, the Marketing plan will be for the upgrade of the medical wand.

This plan should include budgets, performance analysis and the marketing strategy. Effective marketing, planning and promotion begins with current information about the marketplace. Visit your local library, talk to customers, study the advertising of other businesses. The plan will recognize that customers and prospects are vital to the organization with coordinated efforts on sales promotion, selling, advertising and publicity, resenting a single image for the product and company that appeals to those customers and prospects.

Setting of objectives of Communication To effectively communicate the benefits of upgrade of our software. Highly Targeted Annual Media Planning Customer tastes change and so do sales cycles and interest levels. With continued monitoring, our marketing program will be cost-effective media buys and implement the most-effective promotional programs. Maximize Technology to make marketing better Using Internet and wireless technologies to know what the customers want. Our e Commerce Marketing program will be as per new product marketing strategy.

Selecting the proper media vehicle For communicating the message goes a long way in the success of any kind of advertising. Each media vehicle has its positive and negative points, with a different reach and impact. Therefore, a company has to be very clear about its target audience. Choices available are Internet, television, newspapers, magazines, trade shows, direct mails, radio and hoarding. Every one of this has its advantages and disadvantages. Companies often go in for a media mix, I. E. They select more than one of the available choices.

Timing is of greatest significance here. In our case it can be Internet , newspapers, direct mails, radio and trademarks selectively will also Decision about the content of advertising message. The message, that company wants to convey, should be put in a manner that will arouse interest. Moreover it should convincingly highlight upon the product’s USPS. What is said is definitely important but what is more important is how it is said. The tone should be appealing. Words used should be catchy and retentive (memorable).

These days both electronic as well as print media are overflowing with ads. People have no time to read or see them, and therefore they have to be attractive enough to catch the target audience’s attention. This is the Job of message. PUBLIC RELATIONS It must also take Public relations proactively. Organizations also have relationships– within their “family” of employees and with communities, governments, consumers, investors, and the media. Organizational theorists call these groups’ strategic constituencies.

Public relations theorists call them stakeholders or publics. Strategic constituencies or publics make up the environment of an organization. These publics can support or oppose the goals of an organization. They also want organizations to pursue goals that are important to them but not necessarily to the organization–such as Jobs for workers, safe products, less pollution, and a safe community. Publics have a stake in organizations, and they attempt to influence the missions and goals of these organizations.

Organizations are effective, therefore, when they choose and achieve goals that are important to their self-interest as well as to the interests of strategic publics in the environment. Public relations departments help organizations become more effective by building relationships with publics that affect the organizations or are affected by the organization’s activities.