Marketing Plan

Although this a company for profit, the owner of this shop does not care about profit very much . What he cares about is paving fun working with pets and giving pets the best they deserve. The owner also owns a breeding workshop all puppies sold super star shop are from that breeding workshop. The workshop and the pet store are connected . Customers who are not satisfied with puppies in pet shop can go to the workshop and choose their favorite ones. Customers who went to the workshop first to get their puppies are potential customers of the pet store because they need pet supplies. 1. Location Super star pet shop is located in 18605 E Gale eave. #168,City of Industry, CA 91748. Where is very close to the Rowland Heights Plaza shopping center. Rowland Heights has a population of 48,993 people where a lot of Chinese people are staying there. The 99 Ranch Market and several Chinese restaurants are in the shopping center. Several bars and one karaoke are nearby. A lot students choose there to get together. A lot of office buildings are in the same area . Office workers always wander around for food .. Super star pet shop is in a good spot with a lot of potential customers .

Super star pet shop has a lot of parking space at least 15 parking lots because a hospital is in the same building . The size of Super star pet shop is about 00 square meters and being divided into the out space and the inner space in half and half. The out space is for putting pet supplies including toys,food and clothe etc. A reception desk is standing in front of the door where receptionist can take care of incoming customers and the inner space is for pet parenting and pet grooming. The out space and the inner space are isolated with a glass wall considering the hair of pets might fly out.

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Customers can see through the glass wall to get the views of those lovely puppies in the showing case and there are around 10 showing case attached to the glass wall in the inner space. The whole area is clean and it used glass door and several glass windows which makes the sunlight come through easily even make the place look cleaner customers would feel all pets come from this place is healthy. 1. 3 Service offered Super star pet shop provides mainly 3 kinds of service, in the first place, they sell pure genuine puppies whose parents are medal winning champions from Taiwan with certificates.

Secondly, they provide pet parenting and pet grooming for the customers. The last one is offering pet supplies including food and clothes etc. Pomeranian The Pomeranian is a compact little dog with a cocky and extroverted personality. They can come in many colors, patterns and variations, among those red and orange are common. The superstar pet shop import a snow-white Pomeranian breed which is extremely beautiful and special in the U. S. Market, which also are the superstars of the superstar pet shop.

Miniature poodle Miniature poodle is an animated, Joyful companion dog whose coat is either curly or corded. They can come in many colors including black, gray, cream, red, brown and so on. The size of miniature poodle offered in the superstar pet shop is strictly commanded, 11-15 inches in height and 15-17 pounds in weight, which are very standard breeds. Labrador The Labrador is a popular family friend which is even-tempered and well-behaved, especially loved by young children and the elderly, also often are trained to aid blind and autistic people.

Golden retriever Golden retriever is a large-sized breed of dog regarded by someone as the best dog in the world, with highly loyalty, they are considered to be the most reliable friend of human beings. Pug The pug is a toy dog with a wrinkled face and curled tail, who walks like a boxer. They are active and charming, but greedy and less tolerant to heat. Pugs are all over the world and especially favored by elderly ladies. 1. 3. Parenting and grooming service Parenting is for customers who have no time to take care of their pets. Customers can put their pets in the pet shop where pet attendant will take care of them.

Grooming service is to wash pets first and groom them in order to make pets look better. 1. 3. 3 Pet supplies Generally , pet supplies offered in superstar pet store can be divided into food , clothing , appliance and washing. 1) Dog food plays an essential part to life of dogs, and now most people have realized the importance to feed dog with dogs’ food with rational nutrients proportion. Dog food can be divided into wet and dry ones. . Dry dog food is what we normally see in pet store in the form of granular. B. Wet dog food include canned dog food , fresh package and so on.

These foods can be used to adjust the dog ‘s taste, as a supplementary food consumption. 2) Snacks have a wide range of types, the more common are chicken breast , dog chews , cleaning teeth bone and so on . 3) Toys are popular among dogs Just like among children. Pet toys are variety including spherical toy, plush toys, toys with sounds, etc. 4) Nutrition supplements for dogs also have many types , such as trace elements, coat care products, dog milk and so on. 5) Daily appliances . Dog leash is a dog control tool used to carry dogs out everyday, mainly divided into neck sleeve and chest sleeve. Kennel , if the dog sleep on the floor, they can be sick. 6) Washing products are offered in pet shop in a selection of different kinds toward dogs , or snow-white lovely friend. 7) Disinfection supplies can remove pet odor and fecal odor, and sterilize their living environment. 8) Pet clothing are offered in superstar pet shop, the dog lovers have a wide variety to select in colors also in styles. 1. 4 Industry Analysis Pets In developed countries as an industry have one to two hundred years of history, which come into being the whole industrial chain of pet breeding, training, supplies, appliances, medical services, medicine and trade.

Not only the regulations are rigorous, and the responsibilities are specific in the management system, but also the government and pet organizations coordinate mutually, which lead to the pet industry development in a serious of systematic and standardized operation, have been a part of the national economy. In Western countries, “pet economy” is a huge industry. In Sweden, even 57% of dog owners buy pet insurance for their lovely friends; in German, 17% of the annual income are from the dogs industry; in Australia, the pet industry has more than 30,000 employees, and create nearly 6% of GAP.

Americans now spend $41 billion a year on their pets–more than the gross domestic product of all but 64 countries in the world. About 63% of U. S. Households, or 71 million homes, now own at least one pet, up from 64 million Just five years ago. Without any doubt, since the U. S. Pet market has matured, keeping pets have become a sign of the country’s economic strength and social development. Pet economy’s blossom will also drive the development of the related industries, and gradually mom into normalization, standardization and internationalization.

The number of pets is increasing rapidly, which will also benefit the pet economy. People are getting to more and more spoil their pets, therefore the pet services and pet supplies industry will grow gradually, also other emerging industries are increasingly vigorous. Pet market has become progressively strong. Take pet food as an example, the United States is the largest region of all pet food consumer market, and occupies most of the sales of pets, which particularly stand out in the world pet economy. 2. 0 Business mission The Superstar Pet Shop is a pet shop that sells dogs which parent-dogs owned champion in Taiwan.

The shop’s owner opened this shop because he loves dog very much, so this pet shop is an interest of his. On the other hand, as the pet shop locates in City of Industry, where is known as a little China Town, its target of customer are mainly Chinese. This shop focuses on selling dogs while provides services for dogs at the same time. Refer to the mission of superstar pet shop, we have to mention why the customers want a dog. As mentioned in the preceding paragraph, most customers of this shop are Chinese, who live alone and far away room homeland. When they feel lonely or homesick, it will be much better if they have a pet play around them.

So, superstar pet shop will offer you an opportunity to pick such a companion with good origins. That’s their main mission. Moreover, the Superstar Pet Shop can also comfort lives of your pets. Because of the accommodate of pet grooming, and other supplies for customers who already have a dog, store, and get food, toiletries, toys and kennels. The Superstar Pet Shop also has a website that provides pet owners convenient online access to a wide variety of pet supplies possible delivered conveniently to customers’ door. It is a group of pet loving individuals that simply enjoy making their customers and their pets happy.

It hopes that website helps customers find what they need quickly and efficiently so that they can spend more time with their beloved pets. 3. 0 Marketing Objectives During the last two years of business, the store still lose money, the annual net income was negative. They want to increase their net income and stop losing money. To achieve this goal of net income increasing, we would make our marketing objectives as follows: First, achieve the popularity by 80% among Chinese students in University of La Verne, which means try to let 80% of university students know about Superstar Pet Shop.

Second, achieve the popularity by 50% among customers of Macy’s shopping mall, which means try to let 50% of university’s students know about Superstar Pet Shop. Third, attract about 2 or 3 more customers each business day. Last, increase the net income of this store and stop them losing money. 4. 0 Situation analysis 4. 1 Industry analysis In modern society, people are more and more easily to feel lonely and stressed. Different people choose different ways to let off steam, some people listen to rock USIA, some people do some crazy shopping, and some choose to keep pets to accompany them.

Thus why there are more and more pet shops and hospitals in cities. One group of people that easy to feel lonely is foreigners, because they leave their hometowns and live alone in strange countries. We all know it’s hard to make friends with people from other countries, on account of the different cultures and environment they grow up with, so, they are more likely to buy pets. I think that’s why Rowland Heights and City of Industry, where known as China towns in California, United States, have lots of pet shops. Figure 4-1 .

Locations of Pet Shops We can see from figure 4-1 that there are more than 10 pet shops near Superstar pet shop within 1. 5 miles, and they are the most likely competitors to Superstar pet shop. Also, in these years, reports about abandoned pets are always be heard from TV or newspapers, animal protection society and animals lovers strongly against with these actions and they appeal people to adopt pets instead of buying them, because they think these homeless animals need more love than cute “for sale” dogs and cats.

As a result, adopting instead of buying pets becomes a new trend, which I think is also a throng competitor to Superstar pet shop. Figure 4-2. A+ Pet and Grooming A+ Pet and Grooming locates in 18246 E Gale Eave Industry, Just 0. Miles away from Superstar pet shop. Based on the information from Yelp, it provides services as listed: Specialized in the sale of pure-bred toy/teacup class pets Sale of dog food and other dog products Dog grooming Dog boarding It has 4. 5 stars on Yelp, and as one of their customers reviewed “The owner is friendly and professional and all the workers are very polite.

The store also has a good variety of products and the prices for grooming are fair. As far as service, they are efficient ND professional, but what I really appreciate is that they really care about your pet and care enough to voice issues they notice to you instead of letting them slip by. ” Almost all customers said that’s the nicest pet shop they have ever been to. Shines Pet Grooming Figure 4-3. Shines Pet Grooming Shines Pet Grooming locates in 19142 E Walnut Drive North Rowland Heights, 0. 7 miles away from Superstar Pet shop.

As we can informed from their shop name, they only provide pet grooming and maybe pet supplies. One of reviews about this shop from Yelp said she has been a regular customer here for over 10 years, and she was always pretty happy with the owner’s service. Apple Pet Food Figure 4-4. Apple Pet Food Apple Pet Food is a bit far from Superstar Pet Shop compared with those two stores listed above, its location is 17402 Claim Rd Rowland Heights, distance between it and Superstar Pet Shop is 1. 7 miles. Apple Pet Food provides a wide range of pet food and supplies throughout the Rowland Heights, CA area at an affordable price. We are dedicated to give you and your pet quality products and services that you deserve. Our friendly staff will be glad to attend to your needs. ” As they said on their website. It also has 4. 5 stars on Yelp. They carry great QUALITY pet food. If they do not have it on the shelves they will order it for you. Price is very reasonable and friendly staff. Only minus is that they do not really have any solid knowledge of the products they carry but the prices and their willingness to order brands they do not carry makes up for it. That’s one of their reviews on Yelp. Store Superstar Pet Shop A+ Pet and Grooming Shines Pet Grooming 18605 E Gale Eave set 168 Industry 18246 E Gale Eave Industry 19142 E Walnut Drive North Rowland Heights 17402 Claim Rd Rowland Heights Services puppies, pet supplies, and in-store grooming ere-bred toy/teacup class pets, dog supplies, dog grooming, dog boarding pet grooming pet food and supplies Reviews on Yelp 1. 5 stars 4. 5 stars 3 stars Table 4-1 . Comparison of Four Pet Shops 4. SOOT analysts Strengths Dogs have good origins Good location Unique dog clothes Weaknesses High Prices Advertising is not enough Reviews on Yelp are bad Opportunities People are willing to have a dog More Chinese students are coming Threats Other pet shops and adoption agencies Table 4-2. SOOT analysis of Superstar Pet Shop 4. 2. 1 Strengths Our dogs have good origins and the parents-dogs are champion dogs which have ratifications and medals. Gene is also a very important thing to a dog. Just as human being, gene and environment are two most important things that can influence a dogs character.

Suppose you want to raise a dog, which one will you choose, a dog whose parents are ferocious and cruel, and extremely hard to train, or a dog whose parents are docile and smart? Absolutely the second one is a better choice. A good origin cannot guarantee that a dog is easy to train or obedient, but it really increases the possibility. Moreover, the dogs sold by Superstar Pet Shop are not only have good origins, but also are scientifically supported and well trained when they grow up in professional breeders to deliver and take care of baby-dogs. Good Location Figure 4-5.

Location of Superstar Pet Shop We can see from figure 4-5 that Superstar Pet Shop locates in City of Industry, and there has lots of shopping centers, markets, restaurants and churches nearby. So our location is convenient for people to hang out and look around. Maybe when people drive by to have dinner with friends, they catch sight of the striking shop sign, they will be interested to walk into the shop. Or when people Just finished shopping, they ill be willing to take a break and play with puppies for a while before going home. In short, a good location is very important too business.

Unique dog clothes Superstar Pet shop imports a lot of unique dog clothes from China, which you cannot find in other pet shops in America. In addition, these clothes are bought from Taboo, the most popular shopping website in China, where you can get almost everything you want in very low prices. That also helps the pet shop saving its investment. 4. 2. 2 Weakness Just like every coin has two sides, the strength that dogs have good origins also brings a side effect: high prices. Reason one is because the parent-dogs are champions, they may worth more than one million, which is really a high investment.

And as we all know, the more precious dogs are, the more difficult to raise them up. The fact that baby-dogs are delicate makes Superstar Pet shop has to put more money and energy to take care of them. And as cultivations of dogs are expensive, lose one baby-dog means lose money. That is another reason why dogs are sold in such high prices in Superstar Pet Shop. The third reason is the cost of import fees. Because the parent-dogs are imported from Taiwan, the pet shop need to do a lot of reoccurred before they finally arrived in America.

For example, parents-dogs have to living in bureau of import and export inspection and quarantine for at least three months to make sure they don’t have diseases or virus, which costs a lot. Advertising is not enough Even Superstar Pet Shop has its own website, the assistant told us it’s been a long time since their last effort to manage the web page. It means that the advertising of Superstar Pet Shop is not enough. Based on the research, lots of people live in that area or students studying in neighboring colleges even did not hear of this shop. Superstar Pet Shop only has 3 reviews and 1. 5 rating stars on Yelp.

In recent years, people are more and more likely to trust and even rely on Yelp. They will choose restaurants based on the reviews they can find on Yelp, they read about comments about restaurants’ environment, taste and service. And the same thing will happen again when they want to get a pet or buy some pet food. That means the Yelp of Superstar Pet Shop can be a total disaster. As mentioned in industry analysis, people are easily feel lonely in modern society, more and more people choose to have a pet accompany with them to relieve their manliness and stress, while they will need to buy pet food and supplies after they get a dog.

So actually it is easy to run a pet shop, because it provide what people want. According to the assistant, Chinese students are one kind of main customers of the pet shop. Take University of La Verne as an example. In these years leaders of University of La Verne are trying to develop our University better. They began to focus on Chinese market, for example, last year some University leaders went to Beijing, Shanghai and other cities to introduce University of La Verne to Chinese students. And also, University of La Verne has cooperated with lots of agents, who are doing the business of helping Chinese students to find Universities.

In this way, more and more Chinese students will come to University of La Verne. These can be future customers of Superstar Pet Shop . 4. 2. 4 Threats Other pet shops and adoption agencies We listed three pet shops that are seated near Superstar Pet Shop in industry analysis, and all of them have better reviews on Yelp than Superstar Pet Shop. They are main competitors and big threats to Superstar pet Shop. Besides, more and more people choose to adopt pets in adoption agencies, where they can also find some good-origin and good-mannered dogs, and get them in far more low prices at the same time.

Not to mention the sense of achievement and happiness when they feel they are helping these poor, homeless animals. 5. 0 Target Market Strategy 5. 1 Current Target Market Surprisingly, as a pet shop, Superstar Pet Shop currently targeted market is local residents. This segment of customers is upper class Americans and Chinese who really like pets especially dog, wanted or interested in keeping dogs, and have enough time to take care about their pet. For their pet food, Superstar Pet Shop target market would be people who live and work close to the store so that they do not have to drive or walk far away from their offices.

First of all, some people who live close to the store can actually walk there. For example, it takes Just 6 min for people who live on Greenery Dry. And Heather Eave to get there. If people live a little bit far away, they can drive there and it is very easy to find parking. Second, as mentioned before, Superstar Pet Shop locate in City of industry, it means there are so many people work close to the store. They can also take a short time to get there if they want. For example, workers from East West Bank, or the home loans department of Bank of America next door. The following picture shows the specific location of Superstar Pet Shop.

Figure 5-1 Picture of specific location The future target market for this store would be students in University of La Verne and householders who like shopping in nearby Macy’s shopping mall. Firstly, for the Macy’s shopping mall, it is Just 2. 5 miles from Superstar Pet Shop. Based on our primary research, as we know, almost women like shopping, especially rich women ND rich households, they have more time and more money for shopping, they also have enough time to take care of their pet, Based on our second research, according the data from the Census Bureau, there are currently 4. Million households that earn over $200,000 per year, which is roughly 3. 8% of all households in the country. In the California, the number of total households is 12,200,672.