Marketing Plan

Marketing l. Introduction Philippine Airlines was founded in February 26, 1941. It is Sais’s oldest carrier and still operates under its original name. The airline commenced service in March 1941, but it suspended operations due to World War II. The airline resumed service in 1946. European service began only two years in 1948. PAL entered the Jet age in the sass with the Boeing 707. The airline over expanded in the sass and was bankrupt by June 1998. The airline shed unprofitable planes and routes and reestablished service as a smaller carrier.

Philippine Airlines currently operates out of two hubs at McCann-Zebu International Airport and atoning Aquinas International Airport. The airline flies to over 40 destinations in 12 countries. Philippine Airlines has icosahedra agreements with numerous airlines, including Emirates, Qatar Airways, Cutaway Pacific and Vietnam Airlines. PAL is not part of an international airline alliance. Philippine Airlines has been involved in 68 incidents and accidents since its founding.

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Most of these accidents, however, did not occur in the last 20 years and involved only small propeller planes, not large Jets. The most notable PAL incident occurred in December, 1994, when al-Qaeda bombed Philippine Airlines Flight 434. There was only one fatality from the incident. II. Environmental Analysis Ill. Target Market The target audiences of Philippine Airlines are the business travelers because they are more likely to travel several times throughout the year and they tend to purchase the upgraded services that have higher margins for the airline.

But, such company re also targeting the Broad C market because they believe that PAL is not only for the upper people but its services caters also to the lower class. There are a lot of promos that these people can avail for their benefits and good services will also be provided for the customer’s satisfactory needs. Product – the Company’s products and services is the core company’s strength since these are what they mainly offer and, in return, where the company generates its profit.

The Philippines Airlines offers services at reasonable, competitive prices, and t the highest level of quality consistent with such prices. It meets the needs of the public for moving people, goods, information, and in particular for safe and reliable travel, transport, communication, distribution, and related services. This company uses excellent service to satisfy customers in order for them to avail the service next time. Price – The Philippines Airlines offers services at reasonable, competitive prices, and Marketing Plan By Cabled travel, transport, communication, distribution, and related services. Place –