Marketing Plan

1. Financial Department:Responsible for Budget and settlement business, tax declaration. accuracy and completeness of financial and management accounting records and make close relation with third party company or bank. 2. Planning Department: The core department for strategy planning. Mainly responsible for establishing strategic direction for company development .Cooperate with Marketing Department to explore new market area, development new project, services, dishes and relative new products.

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3. HR Department: Responsible for Staff recruitment, training and salary management 4. Operation Department(Public Department):responsible for the restaurant service, service management . improve the service quality and make cooperation with other company and established good relations of with them. 5. Purchase and logistic Department: Responsible for the purchase of food, tableware….responsible for equipment maintenance and purchasing,also responsible for property management

6. Marketing Departure: The main duty for marketing department is to capture instant information of restaurant market and make market development, market research and get timely feedback from customer about the needs and wants. Do research and make analysis about relative customer group and make responsible for E-marketing duty and maintain.

1. EVALUATION AND CONTROL MECHANISMS 8.1 Cost and Revenue 8.1.1 Cost Forecast In order to take control on financial consumption. It vital to make cost forecast and budget evaluation.According to the organization structure and operation needed,The cost may incurred from following catalogues: 1. fixed investments: Including the restaurant renting or purchasing ,Mortgage fee, restaurant building and decoration, kitchen ware and other equipment purchasing, Warehouse renting fee, computing system and software permission, transport tools that for logistic and food purchasing.

2. Operating and management investment: Including advertising and general publicity expenses, Business operation expenditure(energy consumption fee),Office expenditure, employee wage,salary and warfare and other unexceptable fee. 3. Flow capital investment: Including all food,beverage purchasing ,such as raw materials procurement,accessory purchasing,drinks,alcohol purchasing and other Disposable Tableware cost 8.1.2 Revenue Predict According to MacDaniel(2006)The final goal of marketing is to Optimization operation index.From narrow senses, The value why one business is to create profit continually.However, The necessity for getting profit is business indicators combination.

For example: Profit=Occupancy×Seating Capacity×Capital consumption(gross margin-expenses rate) Therefore, The revenue and benefit can be predict based on formula above and can be divided into 3 catalogues: 1. Profit Index:including practical Occupancy,seating capacity and capital consumption 2. Customer Satisfactory index: May have no direct relation to current profit, but will be influence future profit, which including consumption frequency and new customer generation. 3. Brand index: May have no direct relation to current profit,,but will have influence in brand reputation, brand awareness,competitive intensity and comprehensive impression