Marketing Plan

Second a person that wants to communicate with MIMIC O Marketing Plan By shakiness Emily or stay Unhitch Witt their business personals trot their homeland by . Third or purchased a smart phone to take back to their country. The goal is to sell weekly or monthly cellular telephone plans and also sell smart phones for them to keep on them for their personal and business use. When a visitor visits the U. S they purchase a cellular phone and a plan from me ranging from $19. 00 to $60 a month depending on data usage.

The key factor and benefits of purchasing a plan is convenience they have the capability to call back to their native country for free, depending on the services plan purchased. These plans are great for small business and personal usage. The customer don’t have to purchase a phone card, find a phone booth or get charged ridicules charges for using hotel telephone. They will have 2417 access ability off cellular phone which will be very handy for them. This will save them time and money and peace of mind that they have 2417 access to a cellular phone 2417 days a week when they are visiting here in the U. S.

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Product description The product that I will be selling is cellular phones, cellular phone accessories and cellular plans. The plans will range from $19 to $60. 0 a month calling to over 70 countries globally for free, depending on the customer needs and wants. The sale of the smart phones will 60 and the plans they selected will will be EAI additional revenue and additional revenue selling the accessories for the cellular phone. Audio Visual Rentals & Services, Inc. Focusing on selling cellular phones and plans, besides from their primary industry of providing audio visual services for corporate events. Website: wry. Princesses. Com Section 2: targeting customers The business customer and the general population is a market that I will be targeting. These clients are budget conscience and want to get more bangs for their dollars. Also great for a family house hold of five or more. Demographic profile The demographic interest will be the general population that lives in the area of Miramar and Hollywood area and visitors visiting the U. S. In Miramar, FL. The Jamaican, Haitian and Hispanics makes are the majority. In the United States, African American subculture represents 12. 6 percent of the population (Pride and Farrell).

As for the Bandsman’s visitors, visiting the U. S. Many of them comes for business and vacationing and they spend millions of Lars in goods to take back to their native home land. Cryptographic profile Due to the economy everyone is on a budget or looking in some form or another to spend less money but want more value. It’s great for families with five or more members within a household. PROFESSION These client profession ranges from the average Joe flipping burgers to the CEO of small business owner. My profession will be to inform and sell these plans, as a sales director to the average person to small and medium size companies. Geographic LOCATION My central office and store front will be located in 6276 Miramar FL, 33023, phone umber 754-244-2642. Due to the store central location at the Dade ‘Broad County line we are able to service both counties. According to Miami Dade Visitors Bureau, millions of visitors visit Miami for shopping, vacationing and business purposes (wry. Indeterminacies. Com). Wants and needs Customers buys because they need or want a product or services (Farrell, O. C. And Pride, W. M. ) Precise wants and needs as they relate to the products and / or services you offer.

The precise need of the customer is that everyone has a cellular phone either for personal or business. Cellular phone is a Billion dollar industry; technology has made it possible communicate with people around the world in a matter of seconds. The need will be to stay in touch and communicate with family, friends and business associates and clients and their vendors here in U. S. And also globally. Section 3′ Unique Selling Proposition My unique selling proposition will be pricing, with the $19 a month plan or five lines $95 is a huge eye opener. In the U. S there are cellular outlets stations at almost every block. The market in the U.

S has become over saturated with these outlets, with different hypes of carriers everyone is competing for customers. The $19 plan t and services is a great using a well-known network carrier. In comparing to other networks and their pricing this company plans and a service beats them all on pricing, while not compromising on products and services. The average consumer is very knowledgeable about the cellular plans so they are demanding more for their money. The great news and the advantage about this plan is that the customer doesn’t have to commit to two years, or a sign contract. In 2013 T-Mobile ditched the contact completely (www. Net. Com). These contracts would bind the consumers for years, while they are left behind when a new technology advances every six months. These plans are now a fixed cost the customers know what their bill is going to be for the next months. Comparing to previous contracts it was very unpredictable and costly. My advantage would be that I’m open to whoever wants a great plan without breaking the bank. Second, my customers have a personal relationship with me. I give them my cell number to call me at any time so I can take care to their complaints, even when I’m closed, I stop to take care to their problem.

Compare to other cellular outlets when they are closed they are closed for the day, but I’m never closed, I’m open and available for my customers 24/7/365 days a year. I’m like the concierge of the cellular network. When a customer comes to my store, I would offer them a bottle water to drink if they choose so. I have seen a rise in activation, because current clients are referring their friends and family and colleagues to my store because of the one on one and personal attention that I provide for my customers. One of my segmented markets will be the tourist industry.

This segmentation of this market is untapped, these consumers are currently not been target. My company would be different from other companies that are targeting the tourist market. I will be pioneering the way to only target tourist and provide them with cellular plan services. According to Miami-airport. Com website, there is no cellular vendor currently stationed at the airport. With this information it is a huge market ready for servicing. Unique selling proposition (USPS) My unique selling proposition would be low monthly plans. The master dealer has come up with a great marketing tool to reel in the cost budget consumer.

These plans are also great for implies with children; everyone can get a cellular phone plan for under $20 a month unlimited talk, TEX with IAMB of Data on a T-Mobile network. This plan also covers some international calling for free to select countries. The cellular phones that I will be selling will be quality products ranging from no name brand to very popular brand cellular phones, such as Blue, LAG, Samsung and ‘Phones. These plans that T-Mobile is offering does not compromised on their network capability nor does it disable or slow them down in services. Racketing objectives The market that I intend to service is two markets the primary and secondary. First, the Primary market, they are customers that do not care about Data on the internet with their cellular phones. These consumers only want unlimited talk and TEX and occasionally check their emails and not a lot of Data. The secondary market will be consumers that are has family members in their native land and wants to keep in touch by not paying high long distance cost. I can service these customers better that my competitor’s because; customers are always looking for a better deal.

The location of the store is in a prime location and it is key to its success. The store is located on he main street of Miramar Parkway and it’s in the center of activities. I will be working from this location, such as promotion and sales event. I will be bundling cellular phone and plans together. For example, a person who NAS their own phone can get $19 a month plan with $25 activation fee. The total cost for the customer is only $45, comparing to the plan they currently have such as paying $45 to $60 a month. By switching to my plan they are saving more than 50% on their monthly cellular bill.

I believed my business will be more successful than my competitor’s is because I listen to what the customer needs and wants. Second I inform and educate and treat my customer with respect. Third, I add a personal customer services touch to my customer they have my cellular phone. They have access to me at any time if they have any question or concerns. Section 4: Pricing and Distribution Strategy strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SOOT) The key strength of my company would be it is small, not too many employee, not too many overhead expense, no board of directors, and I doesn’t have to purchase bulk inventory.

Because I’m a small company there is no payroll expense, utilities are kept to a bare minimum. The size of my store allows me to quickly adapt to the customer’s needs and wants in moments noticed. The customer enjoys the one on one attention that my store provides for them. My strength will also be that I developed a customer friendly atmosphere in the store. On the weakness is so it will the business, it is a one man operation. I’m new on the block take time for customers to know my location. The opportunity for the business is to capture the average consumer that doesn’t want lots of Data on their cellular phone.

Second, the opportunity to capture the consumer that was n a long term contract. And finally customers that is not happy with their current cellular phone providers. The threats could be that if other carriers catch on and offer the same plans and deals. Second, the cellular networks are always compete ting for better and lower rate. T- Mobile must be able to lower their rates and plan if the competition is doing so. Supply-chain and operational system I get great discounts from the master dealers at whole sale price. If I placed an order I get the shipment within three days via UPS.

All order has to be over $20 to eligible for free shipping. All cellular hones and accessories are sold at whole pricing to me. All services plans will be sold in-house, vendors will only be contacted only to purchase cellular phone products. Pricing strategy The company pricing strategy is solemnly based on the fixed pricing and discount the master dealer passes down to the retail stores. The pricing objective is also based on the master dealer’s competitors’ pricing also. My pricing objective is based on the master dealer, sales promotion and monthly plans. Apart trot selling cell phone plans I will also sell phones and accessories.

The major internal factors that could potentially affect the rising are limited because of the master dealers fixed plan. The major external factors that could potentially affect the pricing of the products would be rates and discounts that the master dealer passes on to the retailers. I plan to bundle the cellular plan with the cellular phone for one low affordable price. The cellular phone accessories are based on what I can charge, which the master dealer cannot control. Section 5: Distribution Plan and Promotions Strategy distribution strategy The distribution strategy relative to my market would be one central store front location.

Second, I will also be mobile, for example go where there is a fair or social function. For the time being I cannot afford a sales team so all of the selling will be done by me. The master dealers provide me with promotion items such as unlimited pamphlets, brochures and banners etc. I currently don’t have a sales team nor, will I be selling door to door. The customer has to basically see my store and walk in and inquire about the plans and products. Three strategy options that I will use in order to get my product out to my base, would be at networking events, social events and at my store front location. Marketing goals