Marketing Plan Apple

Current market situation of phones: * ‘pre-orders of phone AS have topped one million in a single day, surpassing the previous single day pre-order record of 600,000 held by phone 4’. * AT & T says the demand for phone AS has made it most successful phone launch of the * According to telecommunications giant, 200,000 prouder for the phone company. AS within 12 hours they started taking orders. * Phone AS accounted 42. 8 percent Marketing Plan Apple By assassinating Apple in Future: Now it’s time for phones which is sixth generation of an phone and Apple will start asking its pre-orders on September 14, 2012. Leaked photos and videos already created very high expectations on phones in terms of design, features and we are expecting more number of pre-orders than previous phone versions.

Targeted segments of phones: Phones targeted segments are: * Primary customer targets are Middle upper class income professionals. * Secondary targets are young students from high school, college and graduate students followed by professionals, corporate users, and entrepreneurs. The following table gives information about targeted segment, consumer need and corresponding feature. Consumer needs varies for each targeted segment. Middle upper class income professionals: Target segment I Consumer need I Corresponding feature I Middle upper class income professionals * They need portable device to coordinate their busy schedules * They want to communicate with colleagues, friends and family. * Write information when they have nothing handy.

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I mail, messaging, notes I Young students: Young students I * Students always prefer portable multifunction device. They will replace pod and cell phone with phone. * Give importance to brands. I Pod, phone, Internet, Video chat. Apple brand I Corporate users: Corporate Users I * Save and access critical data I * Notes and record keeping. Entrepreneurs: Entrepreneurs I * Schedule details I * Access to calendar and check appointments and contacts to reduce paperwork. I Context for Marketing Strategies: In order to achieve increasing sales and achieve competitive advantage we are following marketing strategies listed below: * Product strategy: Apple maintains same duration of phone product cycle. Price strategy: phone 5 price will be based on storage capacity and will be released with two contract. Efferent competitive price with contract and without second tool is personal selling. * Positioning strategy: Due to the brand value of Apple, the image of having phones is more important than the price. * Place strategy: phone 5 will be released worldwide and available at all apple stores, service providers, online websites, and retailers. * Communication strategy: information about phone 5 will be available on apple. Com, social media sites, blobs etc. * Market research strategy: in order to find target group we will conduct surveys by email, online applications and interview people.