Marketing plan coca-cola

Her proper guidance & helpful attitude help us to make this report in the most informative and suitable manner possible. Also we would like to thank Greenwich university and its staff for providing us with the environment and learning to enable us to achieve our goals. More than a billion times everyday, thirsty people around the world reach for beverages for refreshment. All around the world, drinking beverage is like an entertainment for people. Soft drinks are considered as consumer products. All round the world we can see a different marketing phase used by the beverage producing companies but in Pakistan it is a little different. The companies do not directly sell their products to the end consumers.

Companies such as Soft Drinks (Coca-Cola, Pepsi, etc), Mineral waters (Nestle, Aquifer and etc), Juices (Nestle, Sheehan, etc) are dependents on the distribution channels for making their products reach the final consumers. As the companies are not making the people aware about their beverage through directly selling it to them, they use other media and means to make its customers know about their products. They use the advertisements as one of the most important promotional tools. Along with advertisement they also use there promotional tools. We have done a study on Coca-Cola Company with the aim to learn about the different marketing prospects in Pakistan and our selected product is Coca- Cola. Like always the company is doing quite well although at the current moment Pepsi is dominating the market a little more than Coca-Cola.

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Still Coca-Cola has more market share than its competitors. Coca-Cola has an effective marketing and advertising campaign. As the company does not have that skillful village distributor they cannot reach out to a lot of people. There are lots of recommendations which are provided or the improvement of the functionality in the marketing sector The company’s investment in local communities in over 200 countries totals billions of dollars in Jobs, facilities, marketing, purchase of local goods and services and most importantly the local business partnership. Beginning of the project We are students of GMT 201 “Principles of Marketing”. Our teacher Mrs..

Read Hashish, has assigned to us this report writing as a part of our course study. We are sincerely thankful to her for assigning or group such type of a project work. Preface In the past we had only two foreign companies in the production of beverages. One is Coca-Cola Company and the other Pepsi. In the recent years there is a change that we all can see. Some newer companies have entered into this market. Still Coca- Cola is holding on to its position in terms of its market share and market position. Like always it has got the same tremendous response from the people in Pakistan. Previously it used to dominate a little more than what it does today.

After the introduction of newer beverage companies they have seen a little down fall in their market share. As people are getting more choices, many of Coca-Cola’s customers have diverted. Still with the company’s ever attracting advertise they have been able to hold on to most of its customers. They also serve to their customers the best quality beverage. Company Overview History The first company that conducted its operation in the soft drink industry was Coca-Cola. They brought a new revolution in the history of the world. Coca-Cola was established in May 1886 when a pharmacist Dry. John Sty PHENOMENON first produced syrup in a three-legged brass pot in Atlanta, Georgia backyard. Coca-Cola first bottled in 1894.

Large scale bottling was only possible in 1899. They marketed ND distributed the product in specific territories. Respect for labor and a human right is the fundamental to Coca-Cola Company’s principles for conducting business around the world. We treat our employees in more that 200 countries in which we do business in fairness, dignity with respect. Or bottling partners and we operate in accordance with local laws and contribute to the communities. Ultimately, a company’s identity is measured by how it connects with people and with the world around it. That is why The Coca-Cola Company’s mission is articulated as a promise. The Coca-Cola Company exists to

Benefit and refresh everyone it touches. All of our success, both past and future, is a product of this promise. Our growth hinges upon our ability to build and nature relationship-with consumers, customers, bottling partners, suppliers, government agencies, communities, employees and share holders. Further, as we help to build thriving communities all around the world, we seek to ensure a healthy and sustainable marketplace for our beverages- today, and far into the future. Through out the history of the world’s most popular soft drink, advertising for Coca-Cola has followed the trends of time. Coca-Cola’s advertising slogans are memorable and create lasting impressions.

Since the first slogan was introduced in 1886 ‘Delicious and refreshing. The overall theme has been refreshment- one of the pleasant things in life, distinctive and available nearly everywhere. Motto followed the lead to make Coca-Cola the best known soft drink in the world. Today, motto for Coca-Cola and the company’s other products are carefully aimed towards individual tastes while understanding the universal appeal of refreshment. And very appropriately, the company has globally launched its new motto Theme -“Enjoy Coca- Cola”. ‘Coca-Cola motto’, the world’s best-known consumer product demands the talents of professionals in many different areas.

Strategic Goals Short term To create Quality, Service, Cleanliness and Value in their current product” Long term To acquire the position as a market leader of the beverage industry in Pakistan by producing & serving high-quality and high value-added soft drink. Situational Analysis Product Definition Coca-Cola is consumer product because final consumer for personal consumption buys it. It also falls under the category of Convenience product, which requires very title planning, Little Comparison, low customer involvement, low price. It widespread distribution at convenient place makes it easier for the consumer to purchase the product. Coca-Cola has different sizes. Coca-Cola has mall plastic and mall glass. In addition, they also have 1. 5 liter of pet bottle and in the recent past they introduced into the market 2. 5 liter pet bottle coke. It has also mall of can coke. Brand Name of Coca-Cola Coca-Cola Has become one of the most popular and widely known Brand product in the world It has high brand equity, and because of its high brand loyalty, name wariness, Perceived quality, strong brand association and other assets such as patent trademark and channel relationship. The Coca-Cola brand is value at $ 70 Brand Building Efforts Relationship Building Effort As the world’s largest bottler of liquid, nonalcoholic refreshment, we operate in markets with dramatically different consumer preferences, product delivery systems, economic conditions, and marketplace opportunities.

Despite these variables, Coca-Cola Enterprises meets the needs of local customers and communities throughout its diverse territories with a strong commitment to local, community- eased marketing and superior marketplace execution. These concepts, combined with our firm belief in a decentralized operating structure that places responsibility and accountability as close as possible to the customer, clearly distinguishes Coca- Cola Enterprises from other bottlers. Building Values The people of Coca-Cola Enterprises are the heart and soul of our business, building relationships with our customers and our consumers in the communities we serve. By putting people first, we hope to create value for everyone touched by our Company.

We strive for an atmosphere in which all employees are comfortable being homeless – offering ideas, making suggestions, expressing views, and appreciating our shared and unshared differences – regardless of their age, race, gender, nationality, ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation. Target Market From the above table we can see that Coca-Cola Company’s main target audience is the teenage people (16-20). They aim their advertisement mostly at them. Then they target the age group of 11-15. They are also quite a significant consumer of Coca-Cola products. They hardly target the aged people. Their target is between the ranges of 11-35 years old population.

SOOT Analysts Strengths Research & Development 2. High market share Brand image 3. 1. Do not sell on account 2. Less motivation down stream 3. Insufficient advertisement 4. Not skillful distributor 5. Over confidence on their product Opportunities 1. High growth rate 2. Huge local market 3. Acceptance of pet bottles is higher than 4. Bottles 5. Good relation with distribution channel 6. Good relation Gobo. Threats 1. Other existing company 2. Good taste of competitor 3. Political stability 4. Better professional promotion of other 5. Competitor Table 3: SOOT Analysts Critical Success Factors Patent is most important and powerful strength of Coca-Cola Company.

It’s an intangible asset for the company. Coca-Cola Company is a very well established group not only in Pakistan but also all through out the world. They have a strong brand image all over the world and the same follows in Pakistan. First half of the Coca-Cola Company is trade marked as “Coca”, so nobody can use this name. Patent is their powerful strength because its carries their image as one of the most reputed producers of beverage in the whole world. Research & Development: They have well-established research & development department where they search over their existing product concentration & try to develop it. They also do researching on different taste of their products.

They have highly qualified employees for their research & development dept. High market share: They are the most prominent among all the beverage companies in Pakistan. They have higher market share than their competitors. Coca-Cola captures a market share of 26% where as the other products of Coca-Cola Company has very little share only 19%. This shows that Coca-Cola Company has a high market share. Brand image: They have the most dominant brand name all over the world; they made their mage for their brand name “Coca-Cola”. Whenever people think about soft drinks, the first name that comes into their mind is Coke. This shows how popular they are and how strong is their brand image.

Weakness Don’t sell on account: Coca-Cola Company doesn’t sell on account, whereas other companies like selling on account to their dealers. For not selling on account their profit margin tends to go down. Also, they are loosing their dealers and distributors. Other companies are attracting those distributors and as distribution channel is the only way that the many can use to reach its final consumers they are facing serious problems. Less motivation down stream: They are very steady flow motivators for their product. They motivate but not so strictly, mean not maintaining the time period……… [Need more] Insufficient advertisement: In our country, Coca-Cola does not have enough advertisement promotion.

Thus their competitors are professionally more advanced than them. Their customers are not properly informed. They think that their brand name would always do the trick for them. Due to less advertisement promotion they are behind their competitor. We hardly can find any advertisement of Coca-Cola in villages. So, many of the customers of that parts of Pakistan are not having Coca-Cola. Not skillful village distributor: Coca-Cola does not have a good and skillful village distributor. Coca-Cola products can hardly be seen in village areas. Their advertisements are also hardly seen in those areas. The distributors are not promoting Coca-Cola products in villages, which their competitors are.

Their distributors do not have outlets or any other such facilities, which could be promotional for the company’s products. Overconfidence in their product: Just from the point mentioned above we can know that the company has overconfidence over their product. As they are the first beverage producers in the world and has a very strong brand image and patent, the company thinks that they will be able to sell their products without too any promotional activities. Coca-Cola does not have too much advertisement and are also not willing to sell their products on account to their dealers. As such they do not have that good distribution channel outside to rural areas. They think people would buy their products because of its