Marketing Plan Final

We need to put David back in the minds of our customer base and when someone needs to purchase a product of this kind it will reach for our product David over others of the same kind. By utilizing the 4 As of marketing in the correct way we can remarked this product to regain the longstanding faith that we need to have for David. Situational Analysis for David Strengths Loyal Brand Name Doctor Recommended Weaknesses Other Products Comparable in Generic High Priced in Comparison Opportunities It Proves to Provide Fast Relief Can be sold Over-the-counter Threats There are Cheaper Medications of this Form Produced Daily Doctors Can

Prescribe Prescription Forms I feel that it is very important that the attributes of a brand as well as the personality be a good match for the customer market that is being targeted. The main reason that this is true is because if they do not match up with your desired target market then your whole marketing campaign will fail and become worthless. When I look at my target market for David if I was trying to market this product for children then it would miss the mark all together since I really need to be targeting adults and children should not even be able to purchase this medication.

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I need a resonantly match for my target, such as that for David since I am targeting adults if I were to put a personality such as Barney the adults may not take this as serious as I want and I will totally miss my mark in my marketing campaign. My draft slogan that I came up with that I feel will match my target market is that David is the Superman drug for pain. This can show that it works fast, efficient, and it is strong enough to tackle any kind of pain. Adults know and have loved Superman for a long time so incorporating this in will aid in putting a real sense of liking to the product I feel as well.

Product Positioning Strategy be targeting the people that are in dire need of pain relief that is safe, fast, and efficient. People view this product as a status for others in this market. Customers rated this product as 9. 5 out of 10 in an independent study that was done. In addition to this David has shown to give the fastest form of pain relief of any of the others of its kind in these studies as well. This relies back to our personality of Superman. In this we find that if you are in the need for this kind of help that only Superman can give when you are crying out for help then David is your product.

We eave to remember this is the one thing that can aid Superman in his time of need and if it is good enough, fast enough, and safe enough for him then it is for us to. David and Superman are so reliable when we need immediate aid and we all need to remember this the next time we are in pain. Customer Profile for David I will be choosing two customer segments for the brand known as David. For the first customer segment the name that I have chosen will be the Cramping Crusaders. For the second customer segment I have chosen the name of the Irritated Inflammations.

I feel that these segments will both fit the product of David and be DOD choices for the customer targets. The primary market for David is the “Cramping Crusaders”. These customers come in every month to buy a new bottle of David for muscle aches and pains. Most of these customers have daily aches and pains and need this medicine in order to be able to make it through their day and night in a pain free manor. The secondary market for David is known as the “Irritated Inflammations”.

The customers in this segment utilize this medicine about two to three times a week when they are having swelling due to various types of inflammations due to different illnesses. They rely on this medicine in times of flares ND are a great customer base for David. When we look at the demographics and chirography’s for the customer segment known as the “Cramping Crusaders” you can find that they fall into the age range of 35-50. The income level for this group is $35,000+ and the geographic location is in smaller town throughout the United States.

The lifestyle of this group is that they work hard all week and like to do outdoor activities on the weekends. When we look at that of the “Irritated Inflammations” we can find that the age range is between 50-65 years old. The income level for this group is $55,000+ and the geographic location is in large cities wrought the United States. The lifestyle of this group is that they are mostly retired and spend lots of their free time in REV parks and kicking back and enjoying life. Vacationing is one of their favorite activities to do. Marketing Communications for David “David… He go to medicine for pain” is my slogan. This targets people that have any kind of pain going on within their bodies and that want relief fast. This is suggesting that when you are in pain and you want the best and fastest relief that you choose David because you know that this product will deliver. This is good for my argent market because these people do not have time to waste on hurting and being in bed due to aches and pains they are having. They have busy lives and are constantly on the go where bring down Just is not an option.

An advertisement for the “Cramping Crusaders” will feature everyday small town people much like themselves in small towns showing how David helps them in their daily lives. It will incorporate testimonials on how David has made the world of difference to them. Some of these testimonials can come from teachers, waitresses, and men hunting. I feel this can best relate to this target segment. A few ways that e will advertise for this include television commercials and radio ads. I feel these are the best ways to gain the attention of this customer segment.

We can do this on all major television channels and during the times of the news. An advertisement for the “Irritated Inflammations” will feature retirees and how it aids them in keeping up with everyday life and enables them in regaining their freedom from some of the chronic ailments that have held them back for so long. In this advertisement it will show segments of their active lifestyles and how much fun they are able to have now. We can show some people in this segment doing the things hey enjoy doing again such as vacationing, riding in their Revs, and even water skiing.