Marketing Plan for Bag

Conducted a survey in India, based on the survey it was found that the people still prefer carrying food from home despite of the changing life style. People would like to have fresh food. That’s were the use of our product comes, a container which keeps the temperature of the food intact. 2. 0 Situation analysis 2. Market survey Existing market contain either one of the product Improving the efficiently of the existing product It also has a unique value proposition Target Markets People who carry food from home. 2. 1. 1 Market Demographics Geographies Million plus population cities, tourist destination, pilgrim centers Demographics Students, travelers, professionals, athletes Behavior markets Traditional food, homely food A middle aged person is not fancy about having food from outside.

They prefer homely food and tend to spend less 2. 1. 2 Market needs Based on the target market we have selected the polar bags have needs in the following segment Students : to promote the eating habit in children by providing hem fresh food Professionals : rather than skipping food from the lack of time or from work pressures providing a quick food or snacks which sooth them Travelers : rather than getting down in the midst of the Journey and searching for restaurants, carry food along with them. 2. 1. Market trends The younger generation prefer having fast food, professionals have a light meal from standing restaurants and cafes , moreover large number of restaurants are concentrating near office spaces around and campuses. Large amount of people skip their meals Marketing Plan for Bag By animated % of current market share

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