Marketing Plan for New Drink

Assignment 2 Name: Jimmy cue words: 1800 Develop a marketing plan for a new non alcoholic drink A business actually need a plan to develop, especially to a new product is particular important that is pivotal step in developing future marketing. A new non alcoholic drink which named Sups-F (super-fit) is targeting the Junior high school or a subgroup market, let us suppose that the new coming Juice which is 20% made of vegetables and 10% made of fruits and 70% water. The vegetable contains cabbage, carrot, Opium graveness and tomato.

The fruit contains apple and orange. The reasons why we decide to make the Sups-F (super-fit) are because 1. The young people group in Australia are known that didn’t eat enough vegetables and fruit 2. The young people group in Australia didn’t pay attention to their health very much. 3. They always have fast food and BBC stuffs which can’t be assimilated easily. 4. There’s not many firms produce the same product. Thus, we choose to produce teethes-F. SOOT Analysts * Strength analysis is an internal factor to business.

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Below are the strengths of our product Sups-F. 1. As we know, it’s a new and creative product to market. So it will attract more buyers because of people is curious about it and have not tries it before. Hopefully it will cause encourage sales. 2. There are not many drinks like our Super-F so it’s not real competitor in the market. We are really first enter to seize the market share. When our market has been formed, the other drinks that as similar as it will be difficult seize ours. 3. There’s no doubt that Sups-F is most healthy drinks currently on the market.

It’s made of vegetables and fruit which is recognized healthy food. This can give us a competitive edge. With the development of world as it will in the future, we see more and more people are concerned about their health, it’s our a ajar advantage and will help us encourage sales. * Weaknesses analysis is also an internal factor to business. Blew are the weaknesses of our product Sups-F. 1. The drinks market in today’s world is quite established. A new product without popular brand is hard to enter into it.

Coke has already controlled mostly market and most popular in the world. Their finance, human resources and so on are unmatched. The most important thing is they have fixed consumer groups. 2. In most people’s impression Vegetable Juices is not good taste so we add fruit in it called Super-fit. Hopefully it will improve the bad impression in your mind. 3. Our work team create the first product to market although everyone is very experienced in our company but this is our first time working together and lack in communication, it will not effect too much. Opportunity analysis is an external factor to business. Blew are opportunities of our product Sups-F. 1. We believe that more and more people will attach importance to health with economic development in the future, especially for Marketing Plan for New Drink By Jimmying we only offer one flavor of Sups-F for young people, if company is successful in racketing, we will consider to produce different kinds flavor of Sups-F which is appropriate for children and old people to enter into the market. Hopefully increasing sales and profit. Threats analysis is also an external factor to business. Blew are threats of our product Sups-F. 1. As we have targeted consumer groups, there’s still space let other similar Juice to our market to instead of it so it could bring loss of profit. 2. Drinking company’s survival depends on the strength of its brand in the future, we are too late to enter into market so it’s overwhelmed by other companies easily which have built up significant economic. . Probably the consumer groups don’t like our new product this is out of our control so it’s one of the threats.

PEST Analysts * Political-government legislation is very significant influence for company such as stable political is helpful for marketing and encourage sales. If government has signed with other trade agreements, our product will enter into overseas market easily. * Economic-The state of the economy in which business operate is determined by four key variables: inflation, unemployment, economic growth and international trade. The rapid growth of the national economy is continuing increase n income and consumptive level will help to impel consumer demand always in the fast-growing stage.

Our product is also growing faster. * Social-our product is sell to young people, most of them are students so we need to be friendly with them when we propagandist in the social especially the advertisement should be accepted quickly. Sell to overseas the language also our problem. * Technological -The Sups- F is created product so no- skilful in technology. It will effect our sales, we need improve the technology to reduce the cost of product and service. Offer more and more new product to consumers. Established market objectives Our company understand that we have to satisfy the people’s need.

Then increase our market share and expend our production. Taking this into account, we come up with following objective for our product: Sups-F 1 . At the first year, we hope that let our Super-F take market share form 0% to 5% gradually, and most them know it’s healthy drink. Thought well, next to Increase in advertising investment, strive for taking market share from 5% to 30% in three years. 2. Over two years, we try to create new flavor for old people also into the Super-F brand. This will expend our reduce range. Making us more money. 3.

Then our company hope that we can enter into world, sell our product to Europe, US and Asia in order to expend existing market. Describe target market At present time, our product sell to young people aged between 11-18, most of them are student so we can boost in the school. By targeted them, we are able to use “l healthy I happy’ for our advertisement, they will be loyal to our brand as they grow the future we believe our target market have to expend, therefore can give publicity to old people as children’s parents and grandparents at the same time.

When they know our product is healthy for their children, they must buy it for children. It’s helpful for our market. Develop Marketing Strategies Our company makes marketing strategies of price, promotion, place, product and packaging for our product. * Price We should be careful of our price, setting high prices will lost consumers to competitors, if the prices are too low it will damage the image and give the impression that the quality of the product is inferior. The aim of doing business is profit, so the prices have to be impartial. In the early stage the price can be a little bit owe with high quality, high services.

Fist we have a mark up per mall bottle of $1. 8 then after half year raise to per mall $2. 00, we believe our price is reasonable in any supermarkets. In any time we need healthy so cost $2. 00 for your healthy is worth. * Promotion Our company will use different ways to publicize the new product Super-F in order to encourage sales. Advertising include television, radio and magazines which we decide to use. Television is important medium, there’s TV in each family we’d like to show advertising before the TV shows which are the children most likely. Radio is useful as many young people like listening radio.

However the only problem is the radio can’t display the image of our brand Super-F. Magazines are popular with young people, they can be in color and paint picture also describe with language, but they still have a problem is not immediate. The other ways of promotions: packaging displaying our business name and logo, eye-catching window displays, bus displays and so on. * Place In order to sell our product to consumers our company needs a chain of distribution. Once the goods are produced and packaged, they are going to be sent to the striation department in our company who will deal with the wholesalers and also supermarket.

Well, the wholesalers sell to retailer and little supersets to sell consumers. As more and more wholesalers and distributes exist, the chain of distribution could be wider, so that there will be a lot more consumers buying our products. But another problem we are facing is the transportation problem. As more wholesalers needing our product, we have to make sure that every wholesaler could get our products. So we decide to have some small distribution department in other areas, but this would increase our cost. So we need to sell more products in order to make equilibrium. Product As the new product need an image to get the support and trust through consumers. Which give them a good impression and make them a loyalty to our product it could encourage sales. Make our product higher quality cause the good impression into strengthened. We can promote a promotion activity with our product like people buy one Super-F with added awards of chance to win. In this way, it will encourage people to buy especially for young people. * Packaging Packaging is very important for one product in modern world, because when nonuser buys our product the packaging will be seen at the first sight.

So we will use the favorite color with Cartoon characters in an attempt to attract attention. The Super-F is our brand and name of our product so it’s also very important. We will use bright color to through whole packaging. We would like to let people know it is green and healthy drink from the packaging. So we will draw some vegetable and fruit which is ingredients of Super-F. Compare with many other similar products. Social and Ethical Responsibilities Though the promotion activity, it’s our responsibility to make sure our promotions are rue and reliable.

We will be truthful all the time during our promotions of Sups-F. The other thing is we have to collect the recyclable plastic bottle. In the 21st century everywhere attach importance to the environmental protection. Consumers will know what we are doing. Price Discrimination is also social and ethical problem, we will do best to prohibit the price in different location. We propagandist that $2. 00 in supermarket and $2. Inn little store is our official price in order to keep everyone happy who buy our product. * Bibliography B business text book Marketing plan for beau’s floral studio