Marketing Plan of GIRL Generation

Taiwan Thailand Bedding Fashion Figure Singapore Malaysia Vietnam Evolution – from a “band” to a “brand” Launch – starting from perfume, take the advantage of the fame that Girls Generations has developed which appealed to the media and let the people cast their limelight on the new star to born – “GIRL” . Powered Ascent – Upsurge of the awareness which broadly accepted by the public, so the image of global top tier brand of luxury and style is achieved.

Surfing in the orbit – “GIRL” as they detached from the band, will surf along her way and deeply rooted in people’s heart and daily life. Evolution – like a spaceship launched in the 1st stage; ordered ascent by the popularity of the band in the beginning stages; as people getting used to the products in their daily life, the association to the band will by then be detached and finally “GIRL” will surf smoothly along her fly. GIRL” Flagship Store Differentiation & Independence Though it is necessary to use the band as a boost of promotion vehicle in the beginning of the product launch, the impact of the band should be diluted whence more products categories are developed GIRL” will depend on near parents at the time she is given birth and becomes independent when she grows up. Using fresh look teen-girls model to pave road for the grow up path An international top-tier standard approach Special Edition Event Create events to invite teen-girls to participate – GIRL HOOK; GIRL China…

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Dilute the influence of the band in a long term effect by means of natural beauty contest Cross over with other renown designers such as Michael Koru, Marc Jacobs, Alexander Vans, Main. , etc to enhance the brand awareness As more items of different categories added to the shopping list, independence of the brand is confirmed Marketing Strategy Market Scope Strategy Concentration of efforts in a single segment – Serve the market wholeheartedly despite initial difficulties – Avoid competition with established firms.

Market Entry Strategy – Willingness and ability to take risks – Variety competence – Strive to stay ahead – Heavy promotion – Create primary demand – Carefully evaluate strengths Product Strategy – Various kind of products will be developed to cater for the market that GIRL De Perfume as the first launch. – Successful management of a SINGLE BRAND requires positioning the brand in the market so that it can stand competition from the toughest rival and maintaining its unique position by creating the aura of a distinctive product.

Promotion Strategy – Special Edition Event Marketing – Pop-up shop – Intensive outdoor advertising – Magazine – You-tube advertising – Backbone advertising Distribution Strategy – Shops Distribution – Franchisee (when more categories are available) Pricing Strategy – Setting a relatively high price during the initial stage of a product’s life. – To serve customers who are not price conscious while the market is at the upper end of the demand curve. – One price strategy to simplify pricing decisions and o maintain goodwill among customers.

Prospect will be responsible for the one-off Royalty Fees in order to have the exclusive right of the brand and carrying out marketing and distribution in the region. The Korean counterparts will be responsible for the provision of basic materials and product development. Arranger will be responsible for liaison and communication between two counterparts. All merchandise consigned and purchased will be settled in Hong Kong. Instead of taking all risk for one side, it is important to get all parties in the same boat and determined to grow with the brand.

Profit sharing will be the fair game model to all parties and only a fully cooperated and mutually trusted operation can make more money for all parties. The JP will need to perform and optimize the sales revenue as much as it has to be and target for PIP main board in the HOOK Stock Exchange whereas exit strategy is open. This model will pretty much ensure all parties work for the same direction toward the success of the brand and allow all parties to be awarded handsomely. For sure, all parties are making more money eventually. As more items added, flagship store will be the next… Your Marketing Plan