Marketing Plan of VW

Volkswagen has three cars in the top 10 list of best-selling cars of all time compiled by the website 2417 Wall SST: the Volkswagen Golf, the Volkswagen Beetle, ND the Volkswagen Pasta. With these three cars, Volkswagen has the most cars of any automobile manufacturer in the list that are still being manufactured. Volkswagen ranks first in spending the most money of any automaker on research and development as of 2011. Situation of VOW in Malaysia The Volkswagen brand is no stranger to Malaysian.

Generations of Malaysian have grown up with their own or someone else’s Volkswagen Beetle occupying a place of affection in their hearts and life stories. Till today, this hallmark of the Volkswagen brand’s lasting quality and distinct character continues to enjoy a faithful following even as newer models trot Volkswagen nave started to spark off their own groups to fans in the country. Volkswagen Group Malaysia was officially launched in Malaysia on 16 February 2006, with the Corporate Headquarters situated in Wigwams Volkswagen, Bananas.

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From here, it will control marketing, sales and after sales to cater and fulfill the Malaysian customer’s wishes for individual mobility in all situations of life. Malaysia National Automotive (PROTON, 5304) and Germany’s Volkswagen will Jointly develop new automotive market, and work together to enter the non-automotive fields such as financial services. Two companies on October 26, 004 in Wolfhound, Germany signed the document, an agreement. PROTON in a statement that the company can not only use the alliance to expand its market share and reduce costs, but also the use of mass distribution network into new markets.

Under the agreement, Volkswagen will assist PROTON transformation engine and transmission, and use of technical resources PROTON design and development of new models, PROTON will need to be produced locally and exported Volkswagen to SEAN and distribution of locally assembled and ready to import Volkswagen. However, Volkswagen is not optimistic about sales in Malaysia. Marketing Environment Macro Analysis By Volkswagen to analyze the conditions that can help Volkswagen grasp the overall environment for economic development, policy development environment, social environment for the development and financial development environment.

Volkswagen is conducive to adjusting their development strategies, changing direction, then increase industry influence. Economic Environment 1 . Malaysia is in a period of stable development, economic development is changing the way. 2. People’s income is increasing, and consumption is also rising. 3. Malaysia’s consumption structure is becoming more diverse, increasingly high reapportion of personal consumption. Political Environment 1 . In order to expand auto consumption market, Malaysia implemented a policy of active consumer loans, provided an opportunity for the Volkswagen. . Malaysia’s give strong support to automotive industry in the development and progress. 3. Although Malaysia is to increase the production of automobile companies, parts of the subsidy policy, but the key parts of the production scale has not yet enjoy the financial subsidy concessions, Volkswagen is not conducive to improving the core technology, increase brand value. Social Environment 1 . Because of unbalanced regional economic development, each region different capacities on car consumption.

According to this feature, Volkswagen should implement “regional sales hierarchy,” to differentiated sales. 2. In the present market, young consumers are more concerned about the overall Volkswagen personalized styling, comfort and entertainment equipment, and middle-aged consumers are more concerned about Volkswagens engine technology, displacement, service and security. Meanwhile, the existing dynamic style, timely drive SUB is also popular throughout the automotive market. Therefore, Volkswagen according to different consumer psychology and consumer habits to adjust. . Although Malaysia’s arbitration continues to accelerate, but the city is very inadequate road infrastructure, road passenger transport network structure and the structure is irrational, these factors make urban traffic pressure. In addition, the major cities do not have a full range of parking facilities, parking management level is not strong, the car is parked more confusion. These are restricting the development of the Volkswagen. Financial environment 1 . In the automotive market, the emergence of new purchase delivery – car loan.

Volkswagen can utilize the advantages of a Joint venture, relying on powerful strength, to the state for this business. Have such a right, Volkswagen can sell their products more convenient, and then expand the market. 2. With the improvement of personal credit system, Volkswagen should also cooperate with major banking system, expanding automobile purchase delivery method. Microanalysis Currently, Volkswagen and other car companies, still lag behind in the organizational structure.

Volkswagen institutions still exist more chaotic phenomenon, and various sector linkages low, concentration is also low, which affected the company’s elaboration capabilities. To increase the company’s management system reform, is one of the tasks of Volkswagen. SOOT Strength 1 . Volkswagen has strong brand influence. 2. Good service, to create a good corporate image. 3. High level of production technology,at the leading position. Weakness 1. Product design lacks personality. 2. High manufacturing costs, the lack of price advantage. 3. Poor investment of new products, the lack of the spirit of innovation.

Opportunity 1 . Automobile demand, a broad consumer market 2. Volkswagen adjust its product mix, improve core competitiveness. 3. Increasing racket demand for women. Threat Competition, more similar products 2. Rising oil prices, driving costs 3. Financial crisis, consumer spending. 4. Influence national policy. Design Strategy: Fashion design, comfortable internal structure Production and development strategy: The development of new products, establish a green brand. Research and development with security, energy efficiency, hygiene products. Many middle and low running car and SUB.

And an increasing number of female market demand, production collections “a key positioning and navigation” and “feeding seat” and other performance cars. Pricing Strategy: Depending on the market position, develop different pricing strategies, product pricing is based on corporate brand strategy, focus on improving the value of the brand. Advertising strategy: Through television, magazines, newspapers, networks, conferences, events, internal magazine, blob, leader of speech, corporate culture and corporate books and other channels, soft spread, ensuring corporate brand communication.

Personnel strategy: Hiring qualified salesman. Sales promotion strategy: Cash discounts, free test drive, lottery sales, gift vouchers; Middlemen promotion methods are: Purchase discounts, allowances, subsidies, racketing incentives, free consulting services for dealer training salespeople, exhibition. Channel strategy: To launch a new network marketing situation, develop new markets and developing e-commerce; establish and improve the information network system, and online trading activities formalized.

Reduction strategy: Select the appropriate time to adjust the price to attract more customers, holidays, season appropriate price, to achieve more profitable. Conclusion Low-grade car is a major automotive consumer market demand. Middle-aged men aged 30 to 50 is the major consumer markets of Volkswagen, meanwhile, women are also increasing demand for cars. Whether consumption structure and consumption psychological or economic strength, the middle-aged are the main force Volkswagen to expand the middle-aged consumer groups for enterprises of great significance.

The report to Malaysian auto market survey-based, aimed at Volkswagen market situation and future prospects for the current market characteristics and needs of automobile consumption diversification surveys to develop a complete marketing p am For the low-end car-based consumer market tort precise positioning, reasonable adjustment models and prices to expand market share, increase service, improve customer satisfaction, stable market share, increase publicity efforts in leading newspapers and magazines, television media advertising, increase brand awareness and influence.