Marketing Plan on ‘Grameen Danone’

The main concern of Shoots Doi is to provide nutrition to the poor children of Bangladesh which can able to fulfill their nutritional requirements. As they started their business, they have faced lots of obstacles such as the lack of proper distribution, non-standardized management along with localization problem. Also, the distribution through women raised the fact of cultural barriers. The unplanned product and overstated pricing strategy also become a fact of their market loss.

Situation Analysis Grahame and Deanne Group went into a Joint venture to create a yogurt fortified with Marketing Plan on By heyyou666 micro & macro-nutrients to decrease malnutrition tort the chi Eider to Bangladesh The yogurt is produced with solar and bio gas energy and is served in environmentally friendly packaging. The first plant started production in late 2006, to provide children with many of the key nutrients that are typically missing from their diet in rural Bangladesh. The company is run on ‘No loss, No dividend’ basis.

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Market Summary Grahame Deanne Company produces yogurt called Shoots Doi which is aimed to fill nutritional deficits of people all across in Bangladesh. This company created this yogurt for customers and built strong relationship with customers, in order to bring daily healthy nutrition to low income nutritionally deprived populations in Bangladesh and alleviate poverty through the implementation of a community based business model in return. Thus company possesses good information about the market and knows a great deal about the common attributes of the most customers.

Market Segmentation The profile for the typical Shoots+ Doi customer consists of the following geographic and demographic factors of segmentation, not the other two sorts of segmentation, below are the two major types of segmentation followed by Shoots Dot: Geographic ; Grahame Deanne first target area to sell Shoots+ Doi on the area around their factory; Bogart District, north of Dacha. Shoots Doi is available to both urban and rural consumers in Bangladesh. ; The urban consumers subsidize rural consumers, and the cross-subordination pricing model is important for maintaining the yogurt’s affordability for the targeted rural consumers.

Demographics ; There is an almost equal ratio between male and female users. ; Shoots+ Doi is primarily intended for children. ; It is also appropriate for adults, for example, university students, working group, and also for the aged group, since Shoots+ Doi helps to boost energy. Market Needs Grahame Deanne is providing the community Shoots Doi to alleviate the malnutrition, ability to fight diseases, and reduce the hampers of children’s physical and mental development. Good health is, after all, a basic human right. Thus, company seeks to fulfill the following benefits that are important to its customers: ; Taste.

Customer spends their money on such food products, which is good in taste. Shoots+ Dot’s tastes quite similar to traditional Bangladesh yogurt. ; Remove malnutrition. Market need is to remove malnutrition from country. Shoots+ Doi containing protein, vitamins, iron, calcium, zinc and other microinstructions to fill nutritional deficits of people in Bangladesh. ; Hygienic product. There are lots of local yogurts in market but many to them are made by unhygienic ways. Grahame Deanne producing, packaging, and delivering Shoots+ Doi in a hygienic way.

Market Growth The price of Shoots+ Doi varies among location because it is following segmented pricing strategy in order to survive in the market. Although sales also might increase if the company promoting Shoots+ Doi through advertising, campaign, quiz contests, providing price packs (buy 1 get 1 free) in both rural and urban areas. Therefore, by using pricing strategy and promotional strategy, the market of Shoots+ Doi might steady growth throughout the country. SOOT Analysts The following SOOT analysis shows the strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats of Shoots+ Doi. Strengths ; Its price is affordable for the target market. It’s mainly focuses on eradicating malnutrition among the people. ; It has less competition in the market as other sweet manufacturing companies offer curd as only a sweet dish but Grahame Deanne is offering their product as a nutritious food item. ; As Dry. Yuan’s is associated with the product, it has got a unique brand value. Weaknesses ; It has high production cost as the company is adding many nutritious ingredients to the product. Their target market is the rural people as they are not health conscious and they consider curd as a sweet dish rather than a nutritious food. Opportunities ; It’s has many growth opportunities. It has opportunities to reduce its production cost as it can get financial support from various local and international social communities because of Grahame bank unique recognition and reputation all over the world. ; They have locative opportunities to expand the market internationally. Threats ; During the event of inflation, production cost can get higher as well as the selling price resulting is fall in demand. Competition Although Grahame Deanne is offering curd with unique features, but still other curd manufacturing companies and individuals who sell curd can get in competition.

However, the leading sweet manufacturing companies can be their main competitor in urban areas. Grahame Daemon’s competitors include: ; Premium Sweets. At present time, it is the leading sweet shop and it can be great threat for the company. ; Central Sweets. It is another leading brand which can be a strong competitor for their product.. Product Offering ; Currently Grahame Deanne is offering their product in a hygienic plastic container. However, the company is planning to reintroduce their product with layer of biscuit and they will cover the whole product. They are offering different flavors like strawberry, mango and the usual flavor. Grahame Deanne can plan to launch a new chocolate flavored curd. ; Grahame Deanne can also offer new family pack. Keys to Success The keys to success for Shoots Doi is to bring daily health nutrition to the nutritionally deprived population of the country, especially children and as a result alleviate poverty through the implementation of a unique proximity based business model. In edition, Shoots+ Doi must ensure total customer satisfaction. Also provide a nutritious and cheap food for poor children.

If these keys to success are achieved, it will become a good social business enterprise and also a sustainable company. Critical Issues Shoots Doi is currently in the introduction stages in Product Life Cycle (PL). The critical issues for Shoots Doi are shown below: ; Establish itself as a profit making company. ; Constantly monitor customer satisfaction, ensuring that the growth strategy will never compromise service and satisfaction levels. ; Increase in average price of milk, uh to global economic crisis or financial crisis. And milk is the main ingredients in Shoots+ Dot.

Marketing Strategy Grahame Deanne focuses on the food value by adding nutrients in their product. They want to create awareness among the rural people. They have also targeted the urban people. Their marketing strategy is different for each segment. Grahame Deanne is trying to attract people by offering Shoots Doi in each segment in a different way. Mission Grahame Daemon’s mission is to provide the customer with daily healthy nutrition. They do not focus on their profit, rather they want social welfare of the people. Their main aim is to provide children with high nutrients value.

Marketing Objectives To offer a product with high nutrition value. To improve living condition of the poor. To achieve a steady increase in market penetration. To be profitable to ensure economic sustainability. To extend sales network. Target Market Grahame Daemon’s target markets are both the urban and rural children. It wants to increase the nutrition level among the children. Their main target is the rural children who can hardly manage their food. Many rural children suffer from malnutrition in Bangladesh. Shoots Doi is able to provide them with nutrition at a low rice.

Grahame Deanne can target the adult people as well. It can mainly target the school and college students. Grahame Deanne should increase advertising to promote their product and attract target markets. It has segmented its target market on location base. It has different pricing policy between urban and rural. Positioning Grahame Deanne positioned Shoots+ Doi in the mind of the customer with its high nutrition level. It has competitive advantage of selling at low cost than its competitors. It sells Shoots+ Doi in rural areas of Bangladesh where competitors never thought of selling their product.

Surely in near future it will get position in the customers mind by delivering customer value and innovative product relative to competing products. Strategies Grahame Deanne can create marketing strategy in different ways. Firstly they have to create customer awareness concerning the offered products and services and delivering a relevant and attractive message to consumers. Their main objective is to position Shoots Doi as a dairy product and serve the domestic market. The message that Shoots Doi will seek to communicate is that it offers micro and macro nutrients.

This message will be communicated through a variety of methods. Grahame Deanne can use posters or banners and radio station which will reach the rural regions. And in urban region, the company can communicate through radio station. Advertise in colorful magazines to show different colors of different flavors. Develop a well- designed web site. And finally, campaigning around the city; informing the benefits of having it. Marketing Program Grahame Daemon’s marketing program is comprised of the following approaches: pricing, distribution, advertising and promotion. Pricing: Grahame Deanne have come up with segmented pricing strategy for Shoots+ Dot. Existing Price Categories Mango Plain+ Protein (Septet’09) Plain, Mango & Strawberry pouch (Mayo 0) price on BIT) 6 8 15 5 Selling Areas Rural, Ranging, North & West Bad Dacha slums, Dacha, Chitchatting, Sylphs Rural Quantity (GM) New Price Offering Plain Plain, Mango, Strawberry & Chocolate Family Pack Quantity gym gym smog ; Distribution: On the rural regions, small shops are available where some modern trade takes place.

Grahame Deanne can provide them with fridge or insulated boxes to store. They can also provide their own mini paddle vans, which will go around the villages to deliver Shoots+ Doi over the schools, playgrounds and homes. On the urban areas, the company can supply Shoots+ Doi on the education institutions; where they can capture huge young customers, on the business place’s cafe, hospitals, small and large retailers and grocery shops. On the other hand, the company can supply the family pack to the sweet shops over the city around the metropolitan cities. Advertising and Promotion: On the rural area, Grahame Deanne can set up a full day campaign. Providing children and parents with Shoots+ Doi for free and informing them the qualities and benefits of consuming it and also in reduced price. Again on the urban area, the company can set up a one day program n the schools and universities, giving Shoots+ Doi for free. On the TV, the company can inform that they have come up with new chocolate flavor, which is children’s favorite. And family pack which contains increased amount or micro and macro nutrients for the elder people.

Marketing Research Grahame Deanne should be more focused on their segmented market as their previous marketing strategy were a bit narrow and obvious. Moreover, they are only focusing on rural areas which led them down in terms of competing with the global issues such as cost rising of the raw materials; therefore, cities should be targeted as ell and for that, the new packaging and pricing policies are needed to be introduced in order to capture the market share in the cities through social business model. Financial In reality, Grahame Deanne is still loss-making and the amount of loss has been growing every year so far.

However Grahame Deanne intends to reach the break even in the year 2013. ‘Shoots Doi’ (which means ‘strength yoghurt’) is primarily intended for children. Shoots is a yogurt made with cow’s milk, date molasses and sugar. Originally, the price of each egg cup was set at 5 Take, (c. Euro 0. 05 or IIS$O. 07). Dry. Yuan’s claims that the global food crisis beginning in 2006, made price adjustments necessary. In 2010, a egg cup sold for 6 Take in rural markets. An egg cup sold for 8 Take in local city stores and 15 Take in Dacha, Bangladesh largest city.