Marketing Techniques

Analyses 3 marketing techniques of non-profit organization A non-profit organization is an establishment run in a business-like manner but without profit being the major objective. They aim to provide services or to promote special causes. Non-profit organization need to focus on building their brand mission, vision and value into the market. Using social media to share what your organization is doing. This is the most common technique; a recent study shows that 89% of non-profit organizations are sing some of the social media.

Social media is the best way to show the public your mission and to collect donation from individuals and organizations to support the causes or services that benefit the society. Moreover, using social media like Faceable, Twitter, Youth and other websites can spread the message more wildly which can attract more potential donors and volunteers. Also, open an online donation would be easier for some donors to donate money. Furthermore, non-profit organization need to sticks to their mission and they need to think like the donors.

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Using viral program to raise more awareness about the organization, using social media to promote the causes by user to replicate the message or carry out the action and promote others to do the same. It’s a good method that helps users share information and mission about the organization. Be consistent and timely to promote the organization, consistency helps users to build trust and believe in the organization, refresh the news and information more frequently for making users trust that the organization non-profit is active and working well and on track.