MBA in Entrepreneurship

To my surprise, I scored quite high on all the tests measuring entrepreneurial tendencies. GET-2 (highly entrepreneurial), Entrepreneur next door (78), and the entrepreneurial self assessment (37/50). I have discovered that I get easily bored working on routine jobs, so my end goal is to start up a Management consultancy firm. I believe the skills I have acquired in business management and the networks I have built offer a very sound footing to make plans. I believe the internationally recognized MBA is definitely a step in the right direction.

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My network from previous work experience and my ability to network effectively will afford me an unending client base and referrals.. My usual style is intuitive (Richardson and Clarke (1993) but I will be combinigs an incremental approach towards realising my goal. I have had previous experience in Marketing and business management, and I focussed my MBA on strategy to provide me with a wider job market option. I plan to gain more work experience in a management consulting firm so I can learn and increase my knowledge.

From the results of the test and feedback I received from friends I scored well on drive, leadership, communication, resilience. All these are attributes I consider to be important in my entrepreneurial endeavours, and I plan to further develop these skills. My weaknesses are another matter, I don’t seem to manage my time well and I cant seem to relax and enjoy life. I took up Time management as one of the soft skills I would like to develop in my Personal development module and I am working on it. My propensity to work too hard have had negative impact on my health in time past and I realize I need to take a break from time to time.

I recently developed a plan to take a holiday at least one weekend every month. After 3 months I found this not to be effective because I constantly was busy working or reading even while on my purported holiday. I am yet to find a way to overcome this but I hope getting into a relationship and eventually getting married will put this responsibility on my spouse! I believe the knowledge and experiences shared on the Entrepreneurship module will help me in the successful implementation of my plan to start a management consultancy.

While I continue to gain more valuable work experience, I will begin to scout for likely partners with similar drives but other area of specialty which I can partner with. I also have reactivated my relationship with my mentor whom I had not gotten in touch with. I have shared my dream with him and I believe his mentorship, experience and contacts will be valuable assets in the future. I was initially sceptical about entrepreneurial tests and their measure of entrepreneurial capabilities but I was shocked to have them confirm the things I guessed about myself.

It sure does help to have a scientific measure which can serve as a guide in assessing entrepreneurial tendencies. They are a welcome complement to other measures such as feedback from friends, experience, and colleagues in assessing entrepreneurial capabilities. In my own case, they actually are serving as a trigger to embarking on my entrepreneurial journey. I must however sound a note of caution that the tests should be used only as guides and they are not predictive, self reflection along with other measures I stated earlier will provide a more holistic measure of entrepreneurial ability.


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