Me and My Future Plans of Studies and Career

Few years ago, a chubby small boy used to watch after school students completed their school life with such awe. How they celebrate their last day of school made him felt very impatient to celebrate his day someday. However, at that time he did not realize, as it was only an end to the priceless moments of his entire life or even everyone’s life – childhood, teen hood and schooldays! Now he realizes that it was also the beginning of his harsh and challenging life as a man.

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This means a life, which requires intelligence, knowledge, professionalism, endurance, independence and it is the survival of the fittest. The boy was me, Adam Smith who was born in Colorado, America on 26 March 1970. I live in a housing area in the suburb of my nation’s capitol city since I was a toddler. My first education was from an international school and then I continued with my secondary school at a boardings school after I obtained good results in primary school examination.

At secondary school was where I found myself as an active and energetic person who likes to explore new experiences, quite a shy person but a very friendly one when he got close to someone, a good companion but sometimes troubled himself just to lend a hand and a very observant person. I studied in the school for five years and I bet it is a very long time for my schoolmates and I. Well, I performed quite well in my school as I obtained excellent grades in school examination and I actively involved in co-curricular activities.

In return, I received the all rounded students award and also the best student award in my school. I believed that experience is the best teacher of all and what people see of my success is only one percent of it because the other 99 percent is my failure. I aspired to be a doctor, perhaps a surgeon or a neurosurgeon. Actually, I like to help people, especially the one I know. To me, working as doctor is doing a noble job as same as being a teacher. Furthermore, our country had insufficient doctors.

Hopefully, if I get to study medicine abroad, I would like to go overseas in one of the best medicine school. With God’s will, after my first degree, I planned to continue with the postgraduate course in surgery or a neurosurgery. Then I would come back to my home country to bring back the expertise I had learned. Why do I want to study in foreign country? Well, I would like to gain the experiences of living, studying and working over there as my father once said that it is a beyond price experience to study overseas because we could learn other country’s studying and working attitude.

Moreover, I believe there is something worth learning from there. Well, education has no ending to me. Even tough if I successfully become a specialist, I would not want to spend my life being waged with monthly salary and then finish my retirement days with an absolute waste. Suitable with my qualities to experience new things, I would not stop from studying medicine only, instead I also planned to pursue knowledge in business. Like my father, a lecturer of IT who turned to enter the business arena, I am planning to do likely the same thing – from medicine to business.

Perhaps by starting my own clinic, I could someday build my own medicine or health-related corporation or even a hospital! Above all, we human can no more than make plans and work for it. Only God could resolve the outcome of our hard work. However, in any good efforts, no matter how the outcome will be, I have faith in accepting it optimistically because there must be a bright side of it. Maybe I sounded like building a castle in the skies. Nevertheless, it is my dream. Everyone has dreams just as I do and dreams could be true if we work hard and pray to God.