Media assignment The Analytical Task

My choice is ‘TVXQ’ which is a boy pop music band from Korea started in 2003. TVXQ is Under SM Corporation and is the most popular group in Asia. On February 2010 with the release of TVXQ’s first Japanese compilation album which sold around 413,000 copies on the first week of its release, TVXQ set the record for the highest first-week sales by a foreign group, which was last set by Bon Jovi in 1995 for 379,000 copies. In 2008, TVXQ made it into the Guinness World Records for having the world’s largest official fan club.

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Cassiopeia, the band’s official fan club, claims to have more than 800,000 official members just in South Korea. They also made the Guinness World Records a second time in 2009. Aside from the world’s largest fan club, the group was also listed in the world record book as the most photographed celebrities in the world. The type of this music video ‘Why do I love you that much’ is narrative, which is telling a story during the music video. The video is talking about a love story.

A young man has loved a girl since student age, the girl was also loving this young man but she didn’t tell the man and is waiting for the man to tell he love her. By the end, the girl got married with the man she doesn’t love, the man leaves quietly. The construct of the video is mainly telling a love story and a song which matches to the story. The song style is a slow typical pop love song but using extraordinary musical instruments such as ‘Harp’ to present more romance and the theme of the video is mainly love.

Five members are wearing pure white and the camera is close up to their eyes and makes them present more expression. The thing I learned in this video is “If you love someone, don’t be shy and tell it quick. ” My chosen article appeared in the famous Japanese magazine ‘SM’. This magazine always introduces popular pop stars and makes them become more popular by detailed influential. This article was clearly engaging young audiences, ages between 15~25. Whatever boys or girl, the fashion that ‘TVXQ’ are wearing, and their styles will always become the fashion direction for the new generation.

The top of the article has the name of the group ‘TVXQ’ with pure white print style that make the readers clearly see and easily recognise that the article is about the group ‘TVXQ’. On the top right of the article a note says ‘The playing music fantasy of 5 people’ which becomes the title of the article, means these five boys are not just dancing or good looking, they also enjoy creating lovely music. The background of the article is like in an old fashioned palace, it looks rich and luxurious.

There are blood red curtains behind the group, with candelabra light under the old fashioned mysterious clock. Underneath that note there is a stuffed deer head hanging on the curtains. The curtains make folds and drapes make the background more abundant and more dramatic. The five boys are wearing black and grey smart and fashionable suits and four of them are sitting on the chair and floor looking serious. One of them is standing behind the chair and putting his hand onto the back of the chair.

Their faces look confident and sexy; they look like this because they want to appeal to young girls and promoting their new single ‘MIROTIC’ (magic word) makes them mysterious and dynamic during their dancing. They all have fashionable hair styles and clean faces and light make up. Look at their eyes, those eyes bring out some kind of strong emotion and all look different, which represents their five different characters and personality. There are some candles burning behind them, means their power and the fire inside their heart will always be alight between them.

The language this article uses is obviously Japanese, because it is produced by a Japanese magazine. Underneath the group name it tells the readers who took this picture for the group and what the group has been doing during the last few years. On the top right of the article a note says ‘The playing music fantasy of 5 people’, attractive language used which lets the reader thinks more and want to find out more about the group. The five members were wearing slightly the same style in the article as they wearing in the music video.

The clothing appeals to young audiences, from country such as China, Tai wan, Japan, Korea and the other of Asia countries. Age between 15~25 is their main target audiences, they are young with passion, the way TVXQ dances, the way they sing, were always becomes the copy direction of the young people. The video provides gratification for the audience because the audiences are able to watch their favourite artist. And the centre motif of the video is mainly talking about love; this is the most effective topic what people will easily accept.

So the video is really fascinating, especially to a young audience. The article and the music video are effective because their style is acceptable to the audience of Asian countries. The fashions, the music of their songs are following the mainstream of what the audience like. Because there are five members in the group, each of them has a different quality and personality, different members of the group will have their markets and attracts different sorts of fans.

The band’s finances come from their artist management company ‘SM Corporation’; they paid for the videos and the articles. The video was released in 2009 and displayed on the music channel (JPP) and also in their live show. The magazine article released in 2009 and was in a famous Japanese magazine. The video is very high quality and expensive because they had a sponsor ‘APPLE’. People can watch their video and the article on the website, magazine, music channel and TV adverts.