Media Coursework: Advertising

Advertising is a way of telling the public people that a new product is out. It tells the audience the name of the product, and how it is useful to the customer. Advertising has been around for many years. The first ever T. V advert was broadcast in 1st July 1941. So it has been around for over 60 years. Back then, the advertising guy only paid $4 (roughly 2) for 10 second to advertise. Now days advertising is about $3 million, for just 30 seconds. That’s  1. 5 million for 30 seconds. The name of my after shave bottle is called Revolver.

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I chose this name because it was the first thing that came into my mind. It is not an original name, because now days people don’t usually use revolvers, they use hand guns and pistols. My aftershave bottle name does not have positive connotations as it is the name if a gun. The points that turned up in the answers to my questionnaire were that most people would spend about  10-20 on their aftershave/perfume bottle. The name that Revolver made people think is gun, excitement and strong. This is exactly what I wanted the audience to think.

Most people buy their aftershave/perfume from Duty Free shops at the airports. The number of aftershave/perfume bottles that most people buy every four months is around three to four. There were many favourite aftershave/perfumes bottle, including CK, Hugo Boss and Fantasy Britney Spears. The shape of the aftershave bottle that my audience would prefer to have is a round or cylinder type bottle. The most famous person that my audience would like to have on the advert is mainly a footballer or someone very pretty. Some of them even chose Spiderman and Barney.

My audience would like the colour of the liquid to be a very light pink colour. The colour of the bottle my audience would prefer is clear, so basically no colour. Most of the people I questioned said that they normally wear their aftershave/perfume in the morning and then evening when they are going to a party. My product is mainly aimed at working men, with good income. They would probably be living in the urban area, maybe like the city. They would probably be about 20-35 years old, and don’t have a wife or children. They are probably looking for a date.

My advert will be shown at about 6:30 in the evening, as that’s what most people are watching television at, and that’s roughly when working men get home at. My advert will be played on Channel 4. I have chosen this channel to advertise on because it seems very popular. There is going to be quiet a few characters, but only one main character. The person who is the main character is James Bond. The setting is going to be in a dark area. There is going to be a man (James Bond) walking up to some cars that have crashed and are on fire. Then as James Bond is walking up to the cars, two other man with big shotguns in their hands.

They come up to him and ask James Bond what he is doing here. James Bond automatically knows that they are the bad men, and then so there is lots of action, where James Bond is jumping over cars and things like that. The audience will not be able to see James Bond’s face until the end of the advert. At the end of my advert, James Bond will take out something from his inside tuxedo pocket, and the audience will think that it will be a gun, but it is really a bottle of aftershave. This may then make the audience want to buy a bottle of the aftershave.