Momentus – Business plan

Momentus is a startup, currently in implementation at market level, providing consultancy on planning and organization of thematic weddings and other events. The company mission as been define as: “To help create the moment of your dreams through a vast range of quality services, oriented by senior consultants and top professionals driving to achieve the maximum customer satisfaction possible. ” The values associated are: “Honesty, motivation, know-how, dedication are a strong contribute for the desires, wishes and needs of our customers to have a unique and magical final result”.

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Our Objective is to develop to our potential customers the best customized solutions, allowing all preparations to the event to be easier, interesting and providing enough time and space for our customers to dream with it, leaving all concerns and hard work to us. What contingency plans do you have if you or your key personnel are unable to work through illness or injury? With the focus in quality and best service to customers Momentus have been overstaffed for the short term, giving the possibility to the company to be able to develop it’s best practices and to straighten the relations with suppliers.

Anyway this overstaffing as been achieved only trough the company working partners. Passing this period the company will start looking for additional consultants in order to maintain the high standards of costumer care. The store/stores are proposed to be very functional, with a modern classical decoration without forgetting the new technologies. The office should have one room exclusively for meetings, allowing a more private environment with customers when needed. With the high standards it as been proposed that surround music, bar and car parking facilities should be available as well.

With the current services on offer Momentus plans to reach the Medium High and the High Classes of the population because of it is financial resources and, as well, because of the constant lack of time due mainly to professional demands that we all face today. Having decided to have the Thematic Weddings has our core business and accordingly to the recent studies published by the Portuguese Statistics National Institute (http://www. ine. pt/), Momentus can aspire to a market in the Lisbon and Vale do Tejo Region of 400 thousand potential customers above 18 years old.

As for the non-core services, Momentus is expecting to take advantage of the “word of mouth” that a good organization of a wedding can bring. Furthermore, Momentus wants to be a lifetime partner, planning and organizing events for the all family: Anniversaries, Baptize, First Communion, Bachelor party, Wedding, Child Anniversaries… , Wedding anniversaries… What is unique about your particular products and services? Momentus will be the only company operating in the market that will offer the possibility to plan and organize entirely the requested thematic event. Ours competitors only organize, and even so partially, conventional weddings.

All these events, thematic or not, can be always customized to customers needs, desires and dreams. Amusement services (musicians, dancers, strippers… ), Car rentals and Coaches, Beauty services (hairdresser, manicure… ), Invitations cards and Remembrance Gifts, Flowers and other Decoration Artifacts, Photos and Video services, Goldsmith’s services, Hotels and Villas and Ceremony, Honeymoon and other traveling and finally Ceremonial and Thematic Dresses and Suits. Who are the alternatives? The suppliers described have been chosen by the proven quality of it is products and services.

Currently, Momentus believes that there are no alternatives on the market that guarantee quality and customer service to the levels demanded by Momentus. Anyway, we have been able to identify several suppliers for each type of product/service and furthermore we are constantly monitoring the market, hoping to improve and or increase the range of products and services offered to our customers. Five companies have been identified as direct competitors of Momentus. Three of these companies operate in the Lisbon region, a fourth one in the Porto region and the fifth one in the Coimbra region.

In the indirect competitors hundreds of companies have been identified throughout the country, Villas and Catering Companies. What are the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors? The services these direct competitors offer include only wedding events consultancy. Additionally, they are very focus only in the organization of the installations, the catering and the animation for the party. Their main strength originates from their current market implementation and the potential flexibility to easily copy new concepts like Momentus.

The main problem the customers have when they decide for these solutions is that they will need to organize the event themselves and step by step. It’s very time demanding and they will not be able to avoid all the stress and anxiety that the planning and organization will cause. Is the market static, declining, growing, seasonal and why? As described previously the target market of the core business has 400 thousand potential customers in the Lisbon Region.

Additionally, the Portuguese Statistics National Institute (http://www. figures have confirmed that the number of weddings ceremonies celebrated in 2002 had dropped 3. 3%, confirming the declining tendency of the previous years. However, Momentus is confident with the future because accordingly to the study performed by Ecorex (http://www. ecorex. pt/) the market value will continue to increase from the current 1% till a maximum of 3. 5% of the Portuguese PIB and at a rate of 15% to 20% per year. This would represent over 2600 millions pounds in the medium long term which combined with a solid market position it would guarantee Momentus existence for the near long-term.