Month Development Assessment

At 12 months, she has begun to babble, and she Is ;malting new words. Unnaturally, we are struggling with adaptation to new foods and surroundings. At 18 months, she has begun to pretend during play and is attempting to potty train. She Is also beginning to assert herself by saying no and throwing temper tantrums. During each of these stages. We are modeling the actions and behaviors we Wish to enforce in our daughter. She is using assimilation when she begins to crawl and develops a scheme regarding this new found freedom.

Then he oilcans for accommodation when she begins to walk which changes her original scheme and allows her to adapt to the new information acquired. Analyze your baby’s temperament in more detail at 18 months than you did at 8 months. How would you describe your baby in terms of the five aspects of temperament utilized by the Virtual Child program (activity, sociability, emotionality. Aggressiveness vs.. Cooperativeness, and self control)? Has @NAME’s temperament been stable over the first 18 months?

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A blurb defining and providing examples of the five aspects Of impermanent is provided at 12 months, button should seek Out further explanations Of temperament from your textbook. Explain how the concept Of goodness Of fit (also discussed in the blurb on infant temperament) applies to your interactions With your Chili I perceive Lexis as a typical B month CHOICE She is generally calm and friendly; however, she does seek stability and consistency in her surroundings. She is very active and loves to engage in social settings.

Recently, she has begun stretching her wings and asserting herself more with the occasional reply of “No” when asked to do omitting. Overall, she is an extremely cooperative child. Her temperament has remained stable as she has grown. She is generally a happy child, but does exhibit moments of irritability. In regards to the concept of goodness of fit, I believe that by maintaining a calm and steady response to her moments of Irritability, I am encouraging the development to a secure attachment. Were you surprised by anything in the developmental assessment at 19 months?

That is, does your perception of your child’s physical. Cognitive, language and social placement dieter trot that to the developmental examiner? Give specific examples. If you were not surprised, write instead about some aspects of your child’s development that need the most work. I was not surprised by Lexis’s development assessment. That being said, I think it would be beneficial to work more on her social skills in regards to sharing. Additionally, we will begin working on her ability to follow directions. We will start with a simple one step direction and gradually increase the complexity of the tasks.