Muffins Company

Mommy-May I Muffins Company, Inc. will develop the recipes, market the products, and assist its distributors in establishing new accounts. They will not directly participate in production of muffins. Muffins will be manufactured by third-party co-packers / bakeries who specialize in private label production. Mommy-May I Muffins will participate in R&D (recipe development), and oversee the quality of the packaging. All ingredients will be sourced and inventories maintained by co-packers.

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Product will then be shipped from the bakeries to regional distribution centers. It has yet to be determined who will manage the transportation of product to the distributors. The management will, however, maintain some inventory of the product to use as samples while establishing new retail accounts. a. Existing and Potential competitors At this time, there is no known competition in this specific market. Thee are several large corporate food manufacturers in the market who mass-produce muffins that contain artificial colors, artificial flavors, and preservatives. The proper placement of Mommy-May I Muffins in the specialty foods marketplace will be critical in separating our product from what could be the perceived competition of these large companies.

Web Plan Summary will be utilized as an electronic business card for the company as well as vehicle to increase community awareness and participation. We will run coupon specials on our website, as well as potentially have a section for children’s online gaming. We will also include a current event page, describing where our products can be purchased and any special promotions we will be taking part in.

Mommy-May I Muffins Company, Inc. online will also feature a store where customers can purchase logo apparel and collectables. At this time there are no immediate plans to sell our muffins via the Internet, but that option may be explored at a later time. Management Summary Mommy-May I Muffins Company, Inc. is owned and operated by its founders Jean-Richard Ch�ry and Cherelle Cargill. It is a small company with minimum command hierarchy and a maximum of community spirit and cooperation. There are no plans to hire additional personnel other than a driver until 2009, or when the company exceeds $400,000 in annual sales, at which time the company’s needs will be re-examined

Personnel Plan As the following table shows, salary and compensation increases are projected in line with growth in sales and profits. Salary increases are roughly similar to growth of the company and cost of living. There are only plans for two salaried employees in 2008 (those being the principal managers), and there will be no salaries prior to that time by the management. Additional payroll will be included for transporting product to the distributors. Nearly every other service (art, legal, accounting, marketing, etc.) is outsourced.