My careers analysis

I will investigate my strengths and weakness as well as my likes and dislikes, and show these in a table so I can easily tell what interests of mine have career implications. I will also look over recent exam results to find out what type of person I am and what fields of employment I should consider. I will show evidence of this in a table I will create. I will find out which subjects are needed for which jobs and which subjects I need to work harder on to get a well paid job. I will present my achievements and hobbies in a table and see if any of them could nudge me into a certain career.

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I will also analyse myself in a program called pathfinder which will, after I answer some questions on my personality and characteristics, will show me a set of jobs which I may be suited to. I will also use a self analysis spreadsheet, which my teacher created which is similar to Pathfinder and will ask me many questions on which subjects I am good at etc. it will produce a graph which I can easily read which will remind me of my likes and dislikes and subjects I am good at which will help me to decide which careers I should consider and which I should stay clear of. Careers Analysis

I will thoroughly research the four jobs I mentioned in my hypothesis. I will look at the positive and negative points for both jobs, e. g. pay, working conditions such as tight spaces or whether they will be indoors o outdoors, availability, qualifications needed. I will use databases such as C. I. D. or Odyssey to help me find these points about them. I may also attempt to contact a recruiting agency for information pamphlets on these jobs. Another thing I will try to find out is work experience on these jobs, as it would be a good idea to know if in 6th form if it would be easy for me to get on the site experience in these jobs.

Conclusion Once I have finished my self analysis and my careers analysis I will then compare the two to find out which of the jobs that I have investigated in my careers analysis are suited to the information on myself, which I have put into my self analysis. It would be ideal if I could eliminate at least one or two of the four jobs, to find out which job I should be considering a path in the future. Stage Self-Analysis Careers Analysis Conclusions Description Information about my strengths, weaknesses as well as my interests and hobbies.

Information I have found out about the four jobs in my hypothesis including their advantages and disadvantages. What I have concluded about what jobs I should consider after I have compared my self analysis to my careers analysis. Proposed completion Date 1. 11. 06 1. 12. 06 3. 3. 07 Actual completion date Presentation Methods I will use bar charts for the self analysis spreadsheet and have it represent my answers to the questions I will ask. It will help me to easily identify what my characteristics are, and therefore what jobs I will be suited to.

I will use tables to show my recent exam results and what subjects I am good at, which will give me an idea of what jobs I shouldn’t take, or what subjects I need to study harder for. I will employ the use of flow diagrams, to graphically represent my route to getting a particular job. Progress Checking I am going to check my progress with the things I intend to do with for my project. I will propose dates that I plan to have it done for, as well as the actual date that it is done for. I will comment on the reasons if it is late, and how I felt about it.

Self analysis spreadsheet Pathfinder exercise Exam results analysis Phase 2 Action Self Analysis I am going to complete a self analysis spreadsheet to find out what my strengths and weaknesses are which will help me investigate whether I am suited to the four jobs I have chosen. After completion I have been given three sets of data entitled The Real Me, What are my Abilities and what sort of person am I? I have been given the data in graph form as well as tabular form. The graphs can be viewed in my appendix. Below are the results I that I got from the Real Me section of the self analysis spreadsheet.

THE REAL ME Independent 10 Attention Seeking 7 Organising 11 Mixing 14 Needing 17 Helping 18 According to these results I am not very independent with a score of ten out of twenty-five which I feel is incorrect as I think of myself as being fairly independent. The result for my attention seeking is seven out of twenty five which I feel is quite accurate as I am fairly shy. I feel this is quite a good thing as I wouldn’t really want a high score for attention seeking. I feel that the score given for my organisational skill is slightly too low as I feel that I am quite an organised person.

My mixing skill was given as begin fourteen out of twenty five which I feel is quite accurate as I feel I am quite good at mixing in with others, this is a good thing especially when it comes to work, as the ability to mix with others is quite important. I feel my needing skill; seventeen out of twenty five is quite inaccurate as I don’t depend on others that much. I do feel my Helping skill is correct however as I do try to be as helpful as I can to others. Next is the table of results for what are My Abilities?

Understanding 53 Artistic 34 Social 49 Influencing 42 Clerical 49 I believe that the results above are quite accurate as they do reflect my abilities. I like to think of myself as quite an understanding person, and the result above is 53/80 which is quite high. My artistic result is 34/80 which is representative of my artistic abilities as I tend to not be very artistic unless I am quite focused on what I am doing. Also I feel I am quite shy which reflects in my social mark, which was 49/80. This is just over the halfway mark, suggesting I am quite social.

However according to the spreadsheet my influencing score is 42/80 which means I am not very influential on others, which I do feel to be quite true. This could limit my job opportunities as jobs such as salesmen require to be quite influencing. My clerical score was 49/80 which suggests I would be quite suited to an office job; however I don’t think I would enjoy a job in this field. My manual score was 41/80 I feel is quite accurate as I don’t believe I would enjoy a job focused on manual labour. The final set of data created by the spread sheet was “What sort of person am I”. The table below shows these results.