My chosen business

This module will look at the importance and contribution of different groups of people in a business. The report is on a theme park. The purpose for the report is to explain and outline the role of stakeholders, customer service, protection of customers, job roles, working arrangements, recruitment, training and employee right and responsibilities within my chosen business. This report is mainly based on our account of the visit we made to the park.

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The research I’ve carried out in term of completing this report was made possible by the use of website, class notes, teacher and library resource such as books. Situated within 506 acres of land in Stafford shire countryside, Alton Towers is currently UK’s most favorable theme park. The theme park receives 2. 7 million guests a year. It has over 1,500 rides and attraction since 1993. It offers enhancing career opportunities as well as a genius life experience to its local community.

As a result Alton towers won the Tony campaign present award as Britain’s top theme park for families with children. In 1997, it won the top award in the tourist attraction category, which is well known as EASE (Ease of Access Services ; Employment)-(this organization is closely organized for Queen Elizabeth’ s foundation for disable people. ) Like many theme parks, the Tussauds group owns Alton towers. Recently Alton tower has invested 2. 5 million to introduce two more new rides and toy land rides. The theme park has it on hotel and Water Park. It provides training venues for it staff.

As a result the safety record of the park are second to none and they are way over those required by the law. People in business- theme park There are different groups of people who individually contribute to the existence of the theme park. Different people who share a similar set of aims play different roles towards the success of a business. Subsequently the role of people is considered to be the most important factor in the running of the business as businesses rely on providing or serving the goods and services to people so that they may lead a healthy, prosperous and secure life.

Businesses do this by using human skills and tactics to produce improved goods and services. Alton towers, like any other business has a number of stakeholders. Stakeholders are different groups of people who have an interest in the business. Stakeholders of Alton towers include mangers, workers, customers, the government, suppliers and owners that are the shareholders. Below is a diagram to show how different stakeholders have interest in the theme park, thus dividing them into two groups, the internal and external stakeholders.

Customers- their main interest in the theme park is to have a worthwhile time and spend their break in getting a good service at competitive price at Alton Towers. Depending on the experience of their visit at the theme park, satisfied customers are likely to relate their experience to families and friends who will then be interested to pay the theme park a visit. Likewise customers who may have encountered with some problems will be likely to share their experience with others.

This may result for a bad reputation for the theme park. Managers and directors- Within the internal stakeholders- (employees, owners and managers), the managers are the main people. They are also known as the supervisors as they usually give orders and make swift decisions to employees who are less authority to them. They are in charge of the overall activities that are carried out in Alton Towers. Although they may have authority of other employees, they are made responsible for their own actions as well.

Therefore good managers will demonstrate their effective management skills, leadership, good communication to deliver their job for the benefit of customers and employees. They are constantly under pressure to increase the organization’s sales and cut down costs. They are the sole decision makers who make decisions to see if the business could succeed in the long term. Nevertheless they are usually the second person to contact whenever a problem occurs on the grounds of the theme park. Employees-As well as getting good pay, employees will like to see their working conditions improved.

Happy and satisfied employees are likely to carry out job role more effectively and therefore have an influence on the treatment of customers during their time in Alton Towers. If the theme park does not meet the requirements of their employees, employee will have an alternative of working in other theme parks where they ill have good working conditions. Employees in Alton Towers are also known as operatives, who are responsible to their supervisors and leaders of a particular job role.

The majority of operative in the theme park are students who usually cover many of the weekend and evening. A full time operative work up to 37 hours a week. A part time operative will cover 2-6 hours a week. Unlike their supervisors, the operatives are the first people a customer will contact if there I a problem in the theme park. Customers will occasionally see the managers of the theme, as they are usually busy in the making of the decision rather than solving problems with little significance. They managers normally work in the background, that is in offices rather than

Pressure groups-These groups try to influence the way the theme park is run and publicize drawbacks of the park if immediate action to improve matters is not taken. The government, concerned with the 500 acres location of Alton towers, hopes to see the organization grow so that it can create more jobs for the community and be able to contribute to taxes. The governments along with pressure groups such as environmental groups monitor the pollution levels of the theme park. Local community- Enjoy the luxury of having a theme park nearby to spend their time and also get job opportunities

A typical time when the stakeholders of Alton Towers are likely to fall into a conflict is when the theme park fails to undermine the drawbacks of its business activity in the community it is situated. * For instance the local community may see environmental issues like traffic jams during the summer as a problem. To avoid bad reputation due to the traffic problems, the theme park is obliged to take immediate action to avoid stakeholders like environmental groups getting involved to underline the theme park’s drawbacks. So the theme park will have to make the traffic problems caused by their customers, a high priority.

Another situation, which can result in a conflict between the stakeholders, can be seen as when the returns to shareholders were not successfully met by the theme park. The directors will therefore be on pressure in coming up with a strategy that will raise the price of the shares. This may mean that the theme park’s activity may be altered in order to be more successful by introducing new and interesting rides and service to keep a high level of customer loyalty. Equally there will be pressure on the workers to increase productivity and be more efficient.